Wix or wordpress which one is best

Wix Vs WordPress which is better for blogging

Since Wix has launched it has evolved like crazy and now it is true competitor for WordPress.

There are plenty of Website builders out there but, whenever we think of creating a website or a blog we found people preaching either wix or wordpress.

Both of these platforms have ups and downs and none is perfect.

But there are a few essentials things where both of them knock each other down.

We will be comparing both of the platforms on

  • Usability
  • Features
  • WebsiteDesign
  • Customer Support
  • Pricing

Let’s start with the 1st one


Wix – Wix is just amazing when it comes to ease of use. It comes with a user friendly visual builder where all you have to do is drag and drop elements that you want. You can literally drag and drop the elements to any desired location, there are no boundaries.

Wix really makes it easy for anyone to create their own website even when they don’t have any technical skills.

Wix dashbord

(I tried to make a website and literally completed it within an hour)

Wix also have created a AI for designing your website known as Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) which will create a website for you by asking you a few questions regarding what you are exactly looking for (isn’t that amazing).

The reason why I love wix is that they keep things really simple and takes all the major responsibility on their shoulder and lets you focusing on doing what you’re good at like creating content.

WordPress – WordPress is a CMS and because of that it isn’t as great as wix. WordPress allows you do crazy things but only if you know how to code. Even if you want to do some basic changes like add a button, you will have to code it at the exact place where you want it.

Although there are some amazing page builders for wordpress which are as good as wix but you will have to pay for them separately and install them manually and also they are quite expensive.

The page builder which I recommend for wordpress is DIVI which is as good as wix page builder, once installed you won’t have to look for any codes Divi will handle everything.

Comparison – Wix is really user friendly and has the potential to make websites with just a snap of a finger, WordPress is completely relied on custom codes unless there is a Page Builder like DIVI is involved.


Wix – Wix has great features situated in their App Market. They mainly have add ons which are developed by Wix themselves and a few other trusted developers. Due to this the security level of your website is top notch and have less chances of getting your website hacked.

They have Add ons for literally anything, supporting eCommerce, Blogging, Gallery & Forums Free/Paid both.

As for Building your website is concerned they haven’t left any essential option, providing you with the best in class Drag and drop builder, Email Opt-in forms, pop-ups, Chat box, Share buttons, Social media follow icons, SEO Wiz, Sliders, Buttons etc.

They even have their own Video player so if you don’t want to upload your videos to YouTube and make them blog exclusive you don’t have to worry.

WordPress – WordPress was lunched to help bloggers but soon evolved into the most used website builder platform because it’s an open source CMS where anyone can edit their codes and create plugins and themes.

Due to this it became venerable for the people as anyone can create a theme or plugin and enter a malicious code which would help the hacker to gain access to your website if you install that theme or plugin.

There are over 40K plugins for wordpress which are quite a lot and many of them are really awesome which means there is already a plugins for whatever that is you are trying to do with custom codes.

Wordpress plugins

Comparison If we compare wordpress plugins with wix, WordPress knocks wix down because of its large collection of Plugins. But while choosing plugins you have to be careful otherwise you would end up losing your website.

But if we take wix it also has quite a good amount of apps but nothing compared to wordpress. WordPress also has some plugins which are of no use developed by some beginner whereas all the apps in the wix app market are useful and developed by trusted individuals so it is safe and better.

Website Designs

Wix – Wix has Hundreds of beautiful and customizable free template in industries such as Blog (All Blog niches), eCommerce, Design, CV, Portfolio, Business and much more to choose from.

They also provide with one page and blank templates which you could you to build a one page site or a whole website completely from scratch.

All of the Wix templates/themes are undoubtedly beautiful which makes it harder for you to choose which one to use. But there is a drawback to these templates, Once you choose you template there is no going back, you cannot change the template later so be patient and think twice while choosing.

But if you’d ask me there is no point in changing your theme because you can change the look of any theme on your own, it would take a little bit longer to customize but it is possible.

WordPress – wordpress offers the largest themes directory consisting over 10,000 themes in the directory itself and many more paid in other market places like Evanto market or individual sellers.

Although these free themes look beautiful in the demo or the live preview they come out completely different when you install them because when you install the free version they will ask you to buy the full version in order to unlock its full features.

If you want to change the current theme you can totally do that any time (I will need some changes to be done to your website) unlike wix.

Even when you buy the full theme and if you want to do some custom changes you need to know HTML and how to change it.

There are WISWYG (What you see is what you get) page builders for wordpress like DIVI but you’ll have to buy it separately. I personally think Divi and some other page builders are as good as Wix.

Comparison – Although wordpress has a ton of themes but all of them require you to have basic HTML knowledge unless you are using a page builder.

Whereas wix has a few templates when compared to wordpress but all of them are highly customizable and there is no need for and extra HTML as everything is provided to you by wix themselves.

Wix Knocks Down WordPress in terms of website designs.

Customer Support

Wix – There is huge dedicated customer support team for wix, a forum, Lots of editorial Videos, education system known WixEd. There are also pop-ups on how to use when you use a element and also help icon besides every element.

WordPress – There is no support for wordpress however there are huge forums and community of wordpress who would like to help you if you run into some problem. There are also professional wordpress developers who will make the entire website for you for a fee.


Wix – They offer 4 plans in total and all differ from one another you can check them out below.

The most recommended is the unlimited plan which is best and also cheap if you consider what wix is offering.

All the plans shown are monthly but paid yearly. If you go with the Unlimited plan which is 12.50$/month (Could change according to the offers) you would be paying somewhere between 120$-130$ for the whole year (Could cost more if you choose to have some paid apps).

This Includes Hosting, Domain Name, Page builder, Free apps, Premium Support, Unlimited Bandwidth, Lightning fast page load Speed. For one website

WordPress – WordPress CMS is completely free to use but to use it you will need Hosting & Domain Name.

Hosting can range anywhere from 5$/Month all the up to 30$/Month and even more. Domain name could cost you around 10$ for year. So Let’s take the 6$ hosting and 10$ Domain for the whole year that sums up to 82$ for 1 year.

Now as we are comparing it with wix so we need to add a Theme and page builder.

If you are looking for a premium theme you could be looking at something between 25$ to 200$ Depending upon the theme.

If you are looking for a Theme and Page builder (Recommended) like DIVI, It costs 90$ per year for unlimited websites.

While using wordpress you will also need to use plugins and some of them will be paid.

The cost of whole wordpress website (including Themes and pagebuilders) comes up to.

Hosting – 72$/Year (1 Website) or More for Unlimited website

Domain Name – 10$/ year (May come free with your hosting provider)

Premium Theme & Pagebuilder – 25$ to 200$ (DIVI Recommended 90$)

Paid Plugins – Depends on how many you want or need (I personally use 3 paid Plugins worth 50$)

Total – Hosting (72$) + Domain Name (10$) + Premium theme & Page builder (90$) + Plugins (50$) is 220$

Plus you might need to hire a wordpress expert (Optional) that could range from 200$ to 1000$

To Whom Is Wix Best For

Wix is best for the people who don’t want to get into the technical mumbo jumbo of setting up a website.

Who don’t want to take major responsibility on their own shoulders like updating the themes and plugin manually or installing the high quality plugins.

People who are in a budget or just wiggling with the idea of starting a blog.

Who want dedicated support team if they run into any issue.

To Whom Is WordPress Best For

Who are fearless about the idea of taking the major responsibility of handling the whole website and cPanel.

Who would like to learn wordpress and create their website with codes or spend money to buy themes.

Who would like to follow a step by step guide to lunch their own wordpress site 😉


  1. I have been trying to decide which one if these to use. Can you do affiliate marketing with wix? I would like to monetize it eventually.


    1. Author

      Yes you can totally monetize your WIX website with affiliate marketing.

  2. Best for any learn to create your own website or blog will be wix however WordPress is a good working platform that provides you with all the tools you will to complete your website successfully

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