Viraltag Review: Ultimate Social Media Schedular

While Google is the number one source of traffic for most of the businesses Social media comes second and many time it passes Google and becomes number One (At least for me).

But in order to get consistent traffic from social media, you have to be active on the major Social Media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter etc.

That’s just not possible if you are working alone without a team. Even if you have a team posting constantly on social media is just too much work and it takes your attention away from creating actual content.

For me, I post nearly 30 posts per day on social media and it’s just not possible to be posting every single hour so I had to find a better alternative to this.

And I did find an amazing tool which helps me not only in posting content on all of the major social media platforms but also helps me in finding the best time to post by collecting the data from the performance of previously scheduled posts.

I am talking about Viraltag. It’s an amazing social media scheduler with some amazing features which makes bloggers life easier.

I have been using it for a while and decided to write a Viraltag review.

Viraltag Saves Money and Time

Viraltag has so many features that it can save you a ton of money and time. All of the Viraltag’s features are listed below

1. It integrates with 6 social media Platforms

Yeah, that’s 6 social media platforms for the price of one. You can schedule your posts on Instagram, Facebook, Tumbler, Pinterest, Twitter, and Linkedin.

You will get analytics for all of the social media profiles, daily followers growth, Engagement on all of your posts and amount of traffic per social media platform generated.

2. Great User Interface

It has one of the neatest user interfaces I have seen on a social media scheduler.

Scheduling with Viraltag is so much easier. They provide you with a chrome extension which will then highlight a schedule button on the bottom right side on every picture on the web page when you hover your cursor over it.

If you want to schedule that post all you have to do is click on schedule button and the scheduler will pop-up.

You can also click on the Viraltag’s extension which will load up all the available images on the webpage and you can select which image you want to schedule without getting redirected to Viraltag’s site

It’s that easy and it literally takes less than a min to schedule a post using Viraltag Extension and the best part is you can do all this without even going to Viraltag’s website.

3. Fast Customer Support

If you facing a problem you can send them a message with their live chat option and they will get back to you with your solution as soon as they can.

They also have a huge section of FAQs with the solution to most of your problem. You can look in that section first and most of the time you’ll find your solution.

4. Unlimited Posting

This is my favorite one, as most of the social media schedulers impose a limitation on the number of posts one can schedule unless we go for a costlier option.

Viraltag provides you with unlimited scheduling even with their beginner plan.

I have used some of the other Schedulers and I was expected to pay more to schedule more posts once the limit was reached and unlimited scheduling is one of my biggest reasons for switching over to Viraltag.

5. Bulk Scheduling

It is literally a lifesaver as you don’t have to schedule post per day. You can schedule the whole month’s posts on a single sitting with Bulk Scheduling.

This has have given me more free time as I don’t have to schedule posts per day and now I can focus on creating more content for my blogs.


Unique Features Of Viraltag

1. Post Recycling

It saves your posts from getting lost in the dark. If you are like me who writes an article and forgets about it if it doesn’t get attention after posting it then this feature will save that post.

The Evergreen option will recycle your post if it finds an empty slot where no posts are scheduled.

It does 2 things, Posts on the days you have forgotten to do and gives your post another chance to get noticed.

If you don’t want that post to be evergreen then you can simply go in the Evergreen Posts tab and delete it.

2. In-App editing with Canva

If you post on multiple platforms like Pinterest and Facebook at the same time you may know that there is a huge difference in the dimensions of both of these.

Viraltag integrates with Canva which is an amazing free editing tool and lets you edit your posts while you are scheduling them.

It saves a lot of time and effort as without this you would have to go to your editor, edit the image, save it, re-upload it and then schedule it.

3. Smart Posting Schedular

Posting scheduler tells you the exact time slots when you get the most engagement on your posts for the whole week.

You can add your custom time slots to it if you feel a particular time slot is missing.

While scheduling the posts just hit add to queue button and the post will get scheduled to the next best time slot available.

4. Collaboration

If you are working with your team this feature will come handy to you.

Collaboration helps you to interact with your team members and get their suggestion while scheduling without using any other messaging app.

5. Social Inbox

Social inbox makes it very easy to interact with your followers and like, re-tweet, Reply to them using your Facebook and Twitter.

This feature makes Viraltag standout from the rest as no other social media Scheduler has this feature yet.

Viraltag’s Comparison With Other Social Media Management Tools

1. Tailwind

Tailwind is an amazing scheduler but it is limited to the number of social media you can post. It allows you to schedule posts to Pinterest and Instagram and you have to pay for both of them individually.

Whereas you can schedule to 6 of the major social media platforms on with Viraltag.

On the other hand, Tailwind’s Analytics is way deeper than Viraltag’s and provides with actionable data which Viraltag lacks. It also has its own little social media called Tribe where all the users of tailwind can interact with each other’s post and promote them but that’s not included in the plan and you’ll have to pay more for that.

When it comes to Pricing Tailwind costs 15$/ month or 120/Year per social media Platform and Viraltag costs 29$/Month or 288$/Year with 6 Social media scheduler.

2. Buffer

Buffer is one of the first to start Social media Automation Company and has grown remarkably since then.

It offers integration with Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook & Linkedin, you can Link up to 8 profiles with Buffer with its basic plan with 100 posts per social media acc.

Whereas Viraltag offers unlimited posting and also integrates with Tumbler as an added social site.

With Buffer, you can add up to 8 Social profiles whereas with Viraltag you can only add 1 Profile per social media.

Buffers Analytics are amazing which gives you a deep understanding of your social profiles but Viraltag’s Analytics is basic when compared with buffer.

3. Hoot Suite

Hootsuite does offer a variety of features that Viraltag does too but the reason I would not use Hootsuite is because it does not support Pinterest.

I have been working on Pinterest for a few months now and have grown a lot there.

It also does not support Tumbler but it replaces Tumbler and Pinterest with Google+ and Youtube.

You can reply to your comments from every social media under on page on Hootsuite. It’s a great feature if you like being interactive with your audience.

Its user interface is easy to use but looks a bit cluttered and that’s what I don’t like about it.

You can Link 10 social media profiles with unlimited scheduling at a price of 19$/month with Hootsuite. It also does not support the Post recycling feature which is one of the best tools in Viraltag.

4. Social Pilot

Social Pilot is a tough competitor to Viraltag or any other tool like Hootsuite, Tailwind, and Buffer.

It has all of the features which Viraltag offers with some of its own features at a very similar price.

You can Link up to 50 Social media profiles with their basic plan and can schedule up to 200 posts /Day which is way bigger than all the social media tools (Limited) I have tried at this price.

You can even get up to 5 collaborators onboard with you with their basic plan whereas Viraltag charges 10$ per Collaborator.

The social inbox feature is given with the basic plan with Viraltag but you have to get into Small Team plan (which is 50$) to get that feature with Social pilot.

Overall social pilot has a very user-friendly design and supports Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, Linkedin and 3 more.

The only reason that I chose Viraltag over Social pilot is because I use Pinterest as my primary social media platform and Viraltag has all the permission to post on our behalf as they are Pinterest’s Marketing Partner and Social Pilot is not.

If you are using Pinterest as your primary social media marketing platform then you cannot mess with its algorithm as there is always a risk of getting banned if we do not use their preferred sources for scheduling.

Viraltag Review By Users

Anna F. Says

I started using Viraltag hen in the days when they marketed as a promotional Pinterest platform.

I saw no good results… Later I decided to give it another try and I liked what I saw. You can manage your major social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, tumblr) and create a social media editorial calendar using the platform.

You can post and schedule to all of the connected accounts in bulk (which I don’t recommend doing too often). The best part is, you can connect to Google Analytics to import social media referral data and measure your performance.

You can add your RSS feeds to auto-post your blog posts to selected accounts once you update your blog. There are nice posting tools too (right now you can add content using a browser bookmarklet, Google Chrome extension, and an RSS feed)

Chandan S. Says

If you have used other social media tools like Buffer or Hootsuite then you will know the power of being able to post as you browse. ViralTag offers the same kind of fun and ease of visual posting.

All you need to do is add the Chrome or Safari Extension (if you are not using either of these browsers – shame on you!) which can be found directly via My Account (top right) – Browser Extensions.

Then simply install that puppy and you are good to go.

Pros And Cons

Pros: It has all the features a small business needs with a very reasonable price. Due to its bulk scheduling feature, you can schedule posts for weeks and never have to check back again.

With its chrome extension, you can open the scheduler with just one click and schedule the post. Its Exploration tab makes it very easy to curate amazing content to schedule.

You can create a post inside Viratag and schedule it for later which saves a lot of time if you are handling multiple social sites at the same time.

With Social Inbox you can like, reply to your comments and DMs on Twitter without leaving Viraltag.

Its Unlimited Posting feature doesn’t limit you from doing what you want and that what I love the most about Viraltag.

Evergreen Option makes it easy for your older posts to gain more attention as it reposts your older posts whenever there is slot empty with no post scheduled.

 Cons: Viraltag’s analytics are basic and only shows the engagement you receive on your posts. I feel like there should be more options like Impressions.

And for Pinterest, it only shows the engagement your pins receives and no engagement from your boards. As a heavy Pinterest user, I would love to have deeper analytics for Pinterest.

When compared to other Giants, Viraltag doesn’t allow you to link multiple profiles which some major Social management tools do like Buffer, Hootsuite, and Social Pilot.

As a blogger, I don’t mind having one profile per social media platform but it would be nice if they did.



Who is Viraltag for?

If you are someone looking for a tool which schedules posts for you without imposing any restrictions on you then I would definitely recommend you to go with Viraltag.

I have personally been using Viraltag mainly with my Pinterest profile and it has grown to a reach of over 400K and 2.4K followers within 4 months (That’s Insane).

If you are someone who is working with multiple people with different social media profile on one platform then I would recommend you to go with Social Pilot as you can link up to 50 profiles on a single social media platform or on different platforms.

This was my Viraltag review, if you decide to use Viraltag then Sign-up with this (affiliate) Link and claim this 30$ credit which can give you a free month of Viraltag.

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