An Unbiased Review Of Tailwind

When I first started out as a blogger and started to look for ways to grow on Pinterest I most often came across Tailwind and used to wonder why is everybody preaching tailwind and because of that, I read a lot of Tailwind Review.

I was already using another Pinterest Scheduler called Viraltag and I managed to get decent results, but Tailwind was still on my mind so decided to give Tailwind a try and signed up for a free trial.

In the first week I was able to get similar results as I was getting with Viraltag so decided to give Viraltag a break (Since it’s Costly) and Signed Up for Tailwind since I had 15$ credit available through this link which basically means 1 Month free.

Once I started the Plus Plan (120$/15$ per Year/Month)  with Tailwind that’s when the results started to bump up.

I was able to gain over 20,000 Pageviews after using Tailwind for 3 Months and that’s when I understood why was everybody recommending tailwind.

What is Tailwind

Let’s Answer this question first.

Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram Scheduler which post pins and pictures on your behalf at a specific time which you set beforehand.

You can schedule 100s of pins and pictures to be posted for days to come so you don’t have to worry about posting and focus on creating content.

That’s the main Function of Tailwind but it also has several useful features which can help you in improving your Engagement on Pinterest and Instagram.

There are a lot of other Schedulers like Buffer, Viraltag, Hootsuite, and many more but as Tailwind Specializes at only Pinterest and Instagram it provides in-depth analytics and useful features which are beneficial for growing on both social media platforms.

Since I am only using Tailwind For Pinterest we are going to Review Tailwind Pinterest Scheduler.

Why Should You Use Tailwind

This is the question that might be wondering in your mind so let’s answer that.

Saves A Lot Of Time

The Primary use of Tailwind is to Bulk schedule a lot of pins for weeks and forget about it which saves you a lot of time and helps you focus on more important things like creating more amazing content.

To get a large amount of traffic from Pinterest you need to be constantly pinning a few dozen pins per day and that’s only possible if you are on Pinterest the whole day.

But tailwind takes all the burden on its shoulder and does the job for you which save you 4-5 hours of pinning time each day

Posts Even When You are Sleeping

As I said earlier to get a large amount of traffic from Pinterest you need to be pinning a few dozen pins per day and that includes even when you are sleeping because there are people on the other side of the world who are still browsing Pinterest while having their lunch.

Pinterest has a global audience which can help you bring traffic from all parts of the world and your content will not be able to reach them as you will be sleeping when they are awake if you are pining manually.

This also helps in pinning at the perfect time when your followers are active the most so will receive more traffic and you won’t have to worry as Tailwind will do it for you.

Doesn’t makes you look Like a Spammer

If you are manually pinning you would normally just pins 10-20 pin at one go and then be offline for the rest of the day which puts a really bad impression and also puts you in a risk of getting banned from an effective group board as it looks really spammy.

As a Pinterest user if you want to get high traffic you’ll have to be pinning all day at an interval of a few minutes or an hour.

This will get your content spread throughout everybody’s feed equally rather and 10 pins back to back.

With Tailwind, you can easily schedule your pins to be posted after an interval of minutes and hours according to your needs and content.

This way you won’t look spammy and it will give a fair chance for all of your pins to get attention and bring traffic.

It is Pinterest Friendly

This tailwind review cannot be completed without mentioning this.

Before using any scheduler I was concerned about my account getting banned but after researching on this topic for a few minutes I came to know that Tailwind is a Certified Pinterest Partner and there is no harm in using Tailwind. In fact, Pinterest even supports the use of Certified Schedulers like Tailwind.

As Tailwind is a Partner of Pinterest, this makes it 100% legit scheduler and this is one of the biggest reason to use Tailwind.

Tailwinds features

Now that we have seen why you should use tailwind its time to look at what tailwind has on the table for you.

Its Chrome and Safari Extension

Tailwind has created a Chrome and Safari extension which allows you to draw in all of the pins available on the page and then select the ones which you want to schedule. This a really great feature which helps in scheduling a bulk load of pins in a relatively less period of time.

Once the extension is installed all you need to do is click on it and it starts working.

If you want to schedule a particular pin on the page you can easily do that by hovering over the pin and clicking on the tailwind icon which will automatically pull the pin in the scheduler and then you can easily schedule it or save it as a draft.

Scheduling To Multiple Boards At Once

Once the pin is brought into the scheduler you can then easily select all the board that you want that pin to be pinned to and then select add to the queue or set an interval of time between each of the board.

This way you will be easily able to Pin a lot of pins at the same time without putting a lot of effort into pinning.

Smart Scheduler

The smart scheduler is one of the best features of Tailwind as it provides a detailed specification of the time when your followers are most active and the time when your pins get the most engagement.

This way you will be easily able to know what time should you post to get the most engagement for your best pins.

You can add infinite time slots to your smart scheduler and it will show you all of the time slots where your pins get the most engagement and your followers are the most active.

Better Overview at your Account Analytics

Considering the profile analytics provided by Pinterest in their business profile option tailwind provides much better analytics than them.

You can easily see all of your pins Analytics regarding impression, shares, and clicks and not only that you can easily see which boards are performing the best and bringing you the most Impressions and clicks.

it also shows you how many followers you are getting daily and how many pins you are pinning weekly which I feel is a great feature.

With their pin inspector tool, you can easily see what engagement each of your pins are getting to decide if the pin designs are working or not.

Board Insights

From my experience boards really decide if a pin is going to be shown to a lot of people or not and it is decided from the engagement of the pin.

Once you pin your pin to a board, Pinterest starts crawling through the board and sees if the pin is getting engagement or not and if it’s not getting any engagement it dies instantly as Pinterest stops promoting those pins.

This is why pinning to high engagement boards is essential and to determine if the board provides high engagement you’ll have to use Tailwind.

Tailwind show you all the boards that you are into and what engagement you are getting from those boards, They call the engagement rating as The Virality Score if the Virality Score is over 1 then it’s ok but if it’s 1 or 0 then you should stop pinning to those boards as it is killing your pins life.

Basically, 1 Virality score means every time you pin something on that board the same pin gets 1 repin if you are getting 3 shares per pin then the Virality Score will be 3.

This is why I always use board insights tool to see if my pins are getting enough Re-pins or not.


Tribes are basically group boards but only for tailwind members.

These tribes usually have members with lots of personal following and they often use Tribes to Schedule others pin and this brings a lot of traffic to your websites as your pins reach a huge audience.

Tailwind provides you with 5 Free Tribes joining and if you want more than that then you’ll need to pay more but it is definitely worth it.

Many people including me have experienced huge traffic jumps after joining Tribes and engaging in Tribes.

Smart Loop

This is a recently added feature, It was in the testing phase for a quite a while now and it has finally released for the Tailwind Members to use.

Smartloop basically pins a specific pin on the day when you have no pins scheduled this helps in maintaining regularity in pinning so you don’t miss out on any potential traffic.

This feature could be great when you forget to schedule your pins or there is any technical problem and you cannot schedule more pins.

I personally love this because I tend to forget rescheduling pins once one cycle is completed while using the smart loop feature I will recommend you to select only evergreen content rather than any trending topic.

Trending Pins

As you know Pinterest is a curation platform where it is essential to pin other great content with your own content and Trending Pins helps you in finding pins that are getting viral in your niche.

By pinning these pins your followers can grow as more people have eyes on it.

I even use it to find topics for my next blog post as the topics are already proven to be liked by a large number of people.

Value For Money

As I have already discussed the pricing of Tailwind which is 120$/15$ per Year/Month and I feel this is a great deal compared to other social media Schedulers.

Although every Scheduler has their own pros and cons but when it comes to Pinterest I will definitely put Tailwind as a winner both in Features and in pricing.


Now that you have seen all the major features of tailwind in this tailwind review and seen how it affects Traffic Growth through Pinterest I would really like to see how you guys find tailwind.

You can Get your 1st Month Free with Tailwind here with a 15$ Tailwind Credit which you will be using to get the free month.

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