7 Trending Business Which can make you Millions

Most of the popular New Business Ideas which has very high returns are getting over saturated with every third person trying their luck into it.

The reason behind these businesses are trending is they are easy to set up.

Some of them require less capital whereas most require ZERO investment and this is why many people are getting on board with them.

Although these businesses are Easy to set up and require nearly zero investment they have become very saturated and it’s getting hard for people to stand out from the crowd.

A part of the reason why these businesses are popular is that more and more YouTubers are making videos about it and spreading these businesses which increases the competition and compromises the business quality as most of the people are not able to make any money from these businesses.

Although these New business ideas have become quite saturated, there is still a fortune to be made, so I would suggest you get started with any of these 7 businesses and try your luck.

1. Drop Shipping

A few years ago no one knew about drop shipping and the people who were doing it were making millions quietly.

But since some of the Drop shipping gurus dropped their videos about drop shipping on YouTube it became popular in no time.

Drop shipping is when you resell a product on your website at a higher price than what you bought and the delivery is done by the suppliers of the products.

Sounds easy right? This is why so many people have hopped on the train hoping they would make money.

And it did make some people millions but many lost all of their money while finding the one product.

If you are looking forward to getting started with Drop shipping or would like to learn more about it I would highly recommend you to understand the know-how of how the business works.

2. Amazon FBA

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon.

It’s somewhat like Drop shipping but you need to invest in getting all the product in stock first and only then you’ll be able to sell them at your own price.

This business started trending a few years after Drop shipping and quickly started spreading like a wildfire.

Here you’ll have to buy or make your product in bulk and send them to Amazon’s warehouse and simultaneously list them at the Amazon’s website.

If someone placed an order of your product, Amazon’s team will deliver the product for you charging a little fee and your profits will be sent to your account.

It started trending because although it needs an investment at first but due to the number of customers Amazon has it becomes easy for people to sell the product and Amazon also helps in promoting your products to its customers.

There are also a lot of FBA gurus on the YouTube which are fueling its trend and helping people make money through Amazon FBA.

3. T-shirt Selling

Selling T-shirts is a business which has been operating for decades but due to a lot of companies are starting their Print on Demand service, making and selling t-shirts had never been this easy.

To get started all you have to do is create attractive Graphics which will look good on T-shirts and signup with companies like Teespring or Printful and upload it onto their T-shirt designer.

There are different options like Hoodie, Caps, Bags, etc. for you to choose from and sell them at your own price.

You don’t even have to buy any product in stock and once the order is placed they will deliver the product at no extra cost to you rather than the price of the t-shirt and printing.

According to some gurus, if you want to make money selling t-shirts you’ll have to target a certain niche and create graphics according to that as Creating a general graphic may have a hard time to sell.

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4. YouTube

YouTube is the 2nd biggest social media platform and has an enormous user base of 1.8B logged in users.

With these stats no doubt that YouTube is making Billions but many of its users are also making millions every month.

The reason why its trending is because of the simplicity of getting started with it.

You can literally start making videos from your phone for free and start uploading them on YouTube and once you start gaining some attention you’ll start to make money.

There are 5 different ways you can make money with youtube.

As more and more people are understanding the true potential of YouTube they are investing their money in Editors, Writers, and Voice over Artists and Mass Producing Videos.

Due to this, they are able to get millions of views on their videos and also make a lot of money some of the examples are Bright Side, 5 Minutes Craft, Infographics Show, etc.

If you have that entertaining personality that everybody likes on YouTube then go ahead and try your luck maybe you’ll be able to pass Pewdiepie.

5. Blogging

Blogging has been there for over a decade now and has made a lot of people millionaires.

You can Start Blogging for free or invest a few dollars in Hosting and Domain and get a personalized Blog, it doesn’t matter you can make money with both.

All you need is a Profitable Niche and passion for blogging. Blogging is long term money making option, you can never make instant money with blogging.

It got trending years ago but still is one of the most searched terms on Google and has also been making a lot of money for fulltime bloggers.

There are several different ways you can make money blogging but one of the most profitable ways is to sell your own product.

Top bloggers like Pat Flynn makes over 40K a month by selling his own podcasting course. If you don’t want to make your own product you can get started with some other ways.

6. Penny Stock Trading

You might think stock trading is one of the riskiest business and I won’t disagree, but if you are able to understand the market and do your research then it’s one of the most profitable business models.

The stock market was first introduced in the 1600s and had made a lot of people millionaire since then.

Many people think stock trading is a gamble and yes it is to a certain extent but it is the only way to get rich quick or lose all your fortune.

7. Kindle Publishing

Everybody has heard of Amazon’s amazing reading platform Kindle and many of us may even have used it to buy and read books.

In the past year, Amazon has made 100s of millions of dollars selling books on Kindle and a huge chunk of that money has gone toward the authors of the books.

It’s very easy to get started with Kindle as you don’t need to invest any money in making a book and you can get started for free with Kindle.

You might be thinking you’ll need to write the next harry potter to make millions but it’s not true.

Books on niche topics like knitting, cooking, baking, marketing, etc. have a huge audience on kindle and if you are interested in a niche topic you can create a book about it and sell it.

The most number of books that are sold on Amazon are between the price range of 2.99$ and 4.99$ so don’t mind writing a 100 page eBook if you’re going to list it for that price.

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