7 Ways to Skyrocket your Open Rates Immediately

Email marketing is one of the main factors in making or breaking any business.

Email marketing has one of the highest ROIs, It has the capability of making atleast 25$ or more on an average per lead in a 6 month timeframe.

So the more leads you generate the more money you will make. But to make this happen you will need to keep track of your email open rates.

Email open rates are the percentage of people in your list has opened your email. Keeping track of your email open rate could maximize the chance of gaining more customers because by looking at the stats you can get a clear understanding what works and what don’t.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 ways that I think could improve your Email open rates immediately.

Create a Catchy and Engaging Subject Line

People say that “Emails are dead” but still everyone checks them in their phone notifications and only click through if they find something interesting or useful subject line.

Subject line is the first thing that a potential customer sees before reading your email and if it’s not creating any curiosity or doesn’t provide any value then my friend you are doing it wrong.

I used to do this mistake all the time before and my open rates used to be like 5-7% and then as a “millennial” I used to think “S^&% Email Marketing is really dead” and then I started to look at all these marketers (Alex Beker) preaching Email marketing and showing their Mind-blowing results, after watching them I used to think “Maybe I am the S^&% ” and start to work on it again.

And after several tries I finally managed to gain an open rate of around 30% which was pretty dam high for me.

Write as a Friend not a Company

If you are running a company or a blog don’t just send emails to your list every time by your blog or company name.

Instead send your welcome email by your company name and introduce yourself to them in it.

People tend to engage on a deeper level if they get to know the person behind the Company or the blog and after that send emails with your name. In your welcome email just let them know when to expect your next email and what would be the content.

If you connect with your list creates trust amongst your subscribers and if they like your first email they will surely wait for your upcoming emails.

Provide Value in each of your emails

As the phrase says “Content is King”

If your content is just boring or something that is easily found then no one will open your emails to read what you have to offer.

Creating Engaging and value pact emails will make your open rate Explode.

And according to the equation “First impression is the last impression” your first email or your opt-in incentive should provide them with some really good information. If they like your first email then they surely would want to read more of your content.

Use case studies

People love to read success stories and all the hustle they did to get where they are.

Take this to an advantage and write case studies about successful people you know or someone who has shared their story in there blog or somewhere.

And this trick also helps to convert your list because seeing their results and also the products they used helps to build a trust and eventually end up with a sale.

Timing Matters

Timing is everything in marketing and if you are able to send your emails at the right time, you could easily bump up your open rates.

Days like Friday and Saturday have the most amounts of open rates and Tuesday and Thursday being the lowest.

You can easily find out what time suites your audience by experimenting with different timings, it may take a lot of time but, it will be a time well spent.

Spam filters are DEADLY

The Worst thing which could happen to your valuable emails is they could end up in spam folder.

There are many reasons why this could happen and one of the biggest reasons is your email service provider. If they don’t do their job correctly there is nothing you could do, therefore it is very essential to choose good email software like Convertkit (I use it, and it is the best).

The other reason is using spam words. Words like Sale, Discount, Free, Money, Rich counts as spam or promotional words and get delivered into spam or promotional folder rather than their inbox and no one checks their Spam or promotional folders these days so your emails are s good as DEAD.

Mobile it is…

According to hubspot 74% of all emails are opened on mobile devices and by the end of 2018 the number is expected to grow upto 80%.

And if you are not optimizing your emails for mobile then you are losing a lot of people.

Using responsive designs for your emails will make your emails look as good as they are on desktop. According to the stats only 11.84% of businesses are optimizing their emails for responsive designs.

This will be a good chance for your business to stand out from the crowd and do something innovative.

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