10 Lead Magnets idea which will Skyrocket your Email

First things first, if you are not using email marketing for your blog or business then you are just leaving money on the table.

I have already covered the benefits of email marketing in another post and I also have a complete beginner guide for email marketing.

Today we’ll be taking a look at the best lead incentives also called as lead magnet that are very effective and has the potential of generating a huge email list.

Because let’s face it nowadays people won’t just signup if your opt-in says “signup for my newsletter” and basically you are just telling

them, you will be sending them more emails which people already get a lot daily.

Remember you are asking them their personal information so need to provide them with some value in return.

Before starting I just wanted to let you know that those 30-40 page eBook incentives doesn’t work these days because people expect something which would give them a lot of information within a short period of time.

This has made the work of creating a lead magnet a lot easier.

So let’s begin with list of lead magnets which I think are the best converting.

1. Checklist

Check lists are very easy to make and also very helpful is someone is starting out from beginning.

Just pick a popular topic in your niche and note down the steps that are necessary inorder to succeed and put a empty box alongside every step so that if the complete the step they could easily put a check mark on it.

Make sure the list you make should not be lengthy it should be of a max length of 2 pages if not 1 page is best.

2. Quiz or Test

Quiz or test can get you a hell lot of engaged signups because when people are taking your test they are giving their undivided attention to your questions and will always be eager to know their results.

The way how these signups work is when the visitor is on your landing page they complete a test or quiz and after completing their test you can ask them to put their name and email to receive your result in their inbox.

And they will definitely do it because they have spent their time with your quiz and they definitely want to know the results.

3. Cheat sheet

A cheat sheet is a one page guide for a subject which will help them to complete the task much faster without having to research a lot.

Cheat sheet tent to convert a lot and many marketers are using a cheat sheet nowadays with other incentives to boost their email opt-ins.

People are always on a look out for a shortcut or a “cheat sheet” to get their job done so if you provide them one by filling in good value, so why not?

4. Video Training

If you are good at making videos then a video training might be the best option for you because nowadays more and more people want to watch videos.

Neil patel (If you don’t know him you must be living under a rock) offers a content marketing video course valued at 300$ for free and it converts like crazy for him and the course itself is filled with immense information.

If you are going to do something like this make sure you provide the amount of value which you which you would charge if you were to actually sell it.

What I mean by that is don’t just label the giveaway 100$ and include a 2-3 page ebook or just one video with information anyone could get on the internet.

If you are labeling it a price it has to offer something very helpful.

5. Coupons/Free shipping

If you are running an online store, 10-15% off coupon or free shipping incentives converts the best.

Sure you could lose some money in this process but if you learn the skills of email marketing and copywriting you could 4x or 5x that initial investment in less the 6 months.

Just ask your visitors to put in their name and email and get 10% off or free shipping on your first order.

6. Live or Recorder Webinars

Live webinars could be scary for some people but trust me they are the most profiting incentives because after every good webinar you will definitely make a sale if you know how to sell.

I have seen people with just a slide presentation and doing a voice over and making at least 1-2 sales per hundred signups and as a matter of fact not even all the hundred people show up.

If that’s not pleasing for you and your business I don’t know what is.

7. Case Study

People are always willing to know how someone got their success, what were the things they did in order to get to where they are. In general people are always eager to know someone’s failure and success stories.

So why not take advantage of that?

Write one of your own success stories or else write about someone who you are in contact with you and have got success in your niche.

8. Resource list

Resource list is a list of tools and products required to do a certain task.

Resource list makes your visitors life easy as the directly get to know what tools are used for what and what products are useful.

Put together a list of all the resources which you use or you know are useful and give details it stating why it is important and if you want you also can place affiliate links to it or better enough write a blog post about the resources you mentioned in it and link it back to your website.

This way you could make them return again and again to your website and maybe you could get a sale.

9. Free trial

If you are running Software Company, giving a free trial is a best way to gain more and more costumers and emails.

Just ask them for their email to get a 7 day or 14 day free trial which is enough time for them to decide whether or not to buy.

This can also be useful for info products selling. Just give away the 1 video from your product in return of their email and at the end of that video place a call to action to buy your product if they want they will buy and if not send them a series of emails containing testimonials of the people who got help from your product.

10. Template

A template can be anything that provides an outline of something and all they have to do is fill in the blanks.

This can be great lead magnet as it is short and provides great value.

People always struggle with somethings and if you have found a way to accomplish that with a certain pattern all the time then you can make it a template and use it as a lead magnet.

Templates such as Facebook ad template or an email template where they just have to replace some words within your template.


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