23 Most Surprising Hobbies That Make You Money

most surprising hobbies to make money in 2019Most of the people having a 9-5 job and don’t like it would think “I want to make money doing what I love”. What if I tell you, you can totally do that! Yes, there are a lot of hobbies that can make you money in 2019.

But there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before working on your hobby.

  1. Is my hobby in demand?
  2. Am I really good at it?
  3. Does it Offer any value in other people’s lives?

If you answered “YESSS” to every question then you all set to make money doing what you love. Below are a few hobbies that are in serious demand and have the potential to make good money.

1. Writing

If you love to write in your free time whether it be poems, stories, quotes or anything else you could be making money doing that.

There are a lot of blogs which require content on a regular basis and if you know about that topic then you could help them out in return for a fee. As a beginner, you could expect to get paid at least 0.10$ per word (That’s good money as a side hustle)

If you don’t want to work for others, you could write eBooks focused on specific topics and list it on amazon kindle for 2.99$.

This could be better if you develop a following as more and more people will buy your book, creating a passive income stream which will pay you even when you are not working.

2. Blogging

This is one of the most profitable hobbies that can make you money in 2019

If you love writing why not start a bog as well, Blogging is a really great way to make money online but it needs a lot of patience and hard work because your income depends upon how many people you can attract to your blog.

It’s more of a business than a job. You could be working hours upon hours but if you fail to provide results then you won’t make a penny.

There are several different ways you can make money blogging but the most important is visitors so if you are sure you can get 1000s of people to visit you blog then I would highly recommend you to choose blogging and write for other blogs as a freelancer.

I have already made a detailed guide which will help you to start your blog and make money with it.

3. Youtube

Youtube is really an amazing platform for both the things to Learn and to get entertained and all the people who teach you and entertain you get paid a really good amount to do that.

Yes! When you watch your favorite YouTubers video you make them money (which is a great thing as you encourage them to do what the love). You can leverage this amazing platform if you have a love for creating videos whether it be informative videos or entertaining videos.

To make the most out of youtube you need a lot of views and by a lot, I mean a lot.

The average money a YouTuber makes through ads is between 1$-5$ per 1000 views so you can calculate the amount of views you’ll need to generate to make a living. Although there are alternate ways you can use to make money with youtube but ads is the easiest.

4. Create Online Courses

Following the concept of teaching what you know, you can record yourself explaining your topic in multiple videos explaining one subtopic in each video and sell them online.

You don’t need to be the best to create courses, you just have to know what problems are faced by the people in your niche and create videos around it.

There are multiple platforms where you can list your courses such as Udemy, Clickbank, Skillshare etc.

The payment model of all the platforms differ but they all have the potential to make you money so give it a try.

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5. Gaming

Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be as esports is gaining more popularity than ever and 6 out of the top paid yYouTubersare gamers so you can imagine how big gaming has become.

In fact, the most popular streamer “NINJA” makes half a million streaming Fortnite (Game) on twitch. The top youtuber “PEWDIEPIE” started out as a Lets Play (Genre of Gaming on Youtube) Youtuber and gained popularity through his lets plays videos.

You might think this is easy, but it’s really not as you need to have a Good personality, should be a good player and have a comedic touch to your videos.

Just streaming or creating your gameplay without any voiceover or your reaction will not take you anywhere.

People just don’t watch the streamers to watch the game, they watch them because of their personality. So if you think you have it in you why not give it a try.

6. Video Editing

If you love editing videos of your travel of any function that is close to your heart and you think you do it well then why not get paid for it.

You can list your service on fiverr for the price you would work for. Fiverr is a place where freelancers post their jobs and people hire them to get their work done according to their specialty.

Video editing is really big on fiverr and business spend huge bucks on getting their videos professionally edited.

If you don’t want to place you job ad on fiverr or don’t find people hiring you, you could just email different business asking if they needed your service which is a bit hard work but better than not getting any offers.

7. Photography

Photography is a hobby of most of the people, I mean who wouldn’t like to capture beautiful memories and keep them with you forever. Right?

But if are good at it and have beautiful photos lying in your laptop or computer you can sell them on several different websites like shutterstock, adobe stock, istock etc.

You’ll get 50% royalty on every picture sold which is also an amazing source of passive income which will make you money even while you sleep.

There are also a few apps like foap which pays you a fix price on every picture even if it’s from your phone so stop lazing around and start taking pictures.

8. Garage Sales

If you find yourself going to garage sales regularly then this might be the best option for you to make money flipping products.

Garage sales often has products which have a high value but are priced low, you can check how much that product is worth on amazon or ebay and if its higher than the selling price you could make money flipping it.

It might take some time for your products to sell so be patience and keep on listing them you’ll eventually make profits.

9. Sell Hand Made Products

If you are good at craft and love doing it then why not sell it.

Websites like eBay and etsy makes it easy for you to sell you crafts online. People are actively searching for hand made products on etsy so it’s a very profitable opportunities for you to make money.

If you don’t want to sell them through etsy, you can start your own website and list them on your website. This way you will be in control of what people will see and also the profits will be all yours.

The only difficulty is gaining visitors to your website which will happen eventually if you study about it.

10. Reading Books

This has become much of a rare one these days but if you love to read books then you could also make money doing that.

People publish books and articles very regularly and your job would be to correct the spelling error or punctuation mistakes in them if there are any.

This job is known as proofreading and it’s one of the best jobs which I would suggest to anyone whose skills in English are really good.

As a beginner, you could expect to make around 10$ per hour but as you gain experience you’ll be able to charge upto 30$ or even 50$ per hour.

The best part about it is you don’t need to go to an office everyday as you can do it as a stay at home job or even part time job.

11. Watching Videos

There are 2 ways you can make money watching videos.

The first one is where you’ll have to sign up to websites like Swagbucks, Earnhoney etc. these companies will literally pay you to watch videos which will be provided by them.

But if it would be that easy everyone would be doing it. The videos are limited and also they do not pay well. It would be a great day if you could make even 5$ from one website.

The next method requires a bit of work but pays well. This is where you’ll be given a video and you’ll have to type each and every word the person says.

This is called Transcribing. As a beginner, you might start earning low but as you gain experience you’ll make much more.

Some people will pay you per hour and some will pay you per project so the pay rate here cannot be predicted perfectly.

12. Tutoring

If you have good knowledge in a particular subject which students find difficult and you don’t mind helping them then you could make money doing that.

Websites like chegg.com, Tutor.com will pay you if you help students with their questions.

I have personally used chegg.com and it is a really great platform for to make money tutoring. Its been on the side for a while now but when I was using it I made really good money.

I opted for high level maths question and was making a bit over 2$ per approve answer. There is no limit on how many questions you can do but there is fixed questions you have to do in order to make your account stay active.

The hiring process of chegg is really strict where you’ll have to pass 2 tests and score atleast 60% and above on the first and 80% in the second test.

So if you are confident about your skills at any subject you can try out chegg.com

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13. Social Media

Social Media is great for meeting new friends and staying connected to people you love but it’s also a really great platform to make a lot of money.

If you find yourself posting photos of yourself on Facebook or instagram regularly then why don’t you take it seriously and become an influencer. Posting great pictures on social media will attract a following.

The more followers you get the more money you’ll make as brands will get in touch with you to promote their products.

If you have a crazy fan following brand will be ready to pay you 1000s of Dollars to promote their products. This is great for both the brands and also you because one brand deal will result in several other opportunities to get brand deals.

You can be an influencer in any niche like Fashion, Beauty, Fitness, Finance etc. instagram is a huge platform with several opportunities you just have to find them.

14. Drawing and Designing

If you have a passion for drawing and designing and you find yourself doing it in our free time then it’s time to make money with it.

There are several different things you can do as a designer like Web designing, Graphic designing, UX designing etc. But the most common is a graphic designer.

You can list your service on platforms like fiverr.com where people will hire you to design or draw something from them for a fix amount which you’ll charge.

Or you could put your designs and drawings on t-shirts and sell them online. You don’t even have to buy any stock of t-shirt as companies like Teespring and Printfull will do that for you.

All you have to do is to put your design on their editor and save it with a price. Whenever someone buys your t-shirt you will get the profits and they will keep the basic t-shirt cost.

Or if you want to branch out and apply your designs on iphone cases, cups, pillow covers, wall arts etc. head over to society 6 where you’ll be able to do just that.

15. Web Designing

As more and more business are coming online the demand of web designers is at its peak and it’ll stay the same way in the near future.

Yes, Web designing is though and requires a lot of coding knowledge and creativity but it also pays well.

You can also make a career I web designing as its pay is really high and you could expect to get paid atleast 60K per year.

Working as a freelancers may make you serious money and maybe not. As a freelancer, it mostly depends upon your experience and reach.

If you have a good reputation and skills then you could be paid 1000$ for the whole website if not more.

16. Painting

Painting is such a relaxing hobbies which gives your mind peace and cuts you out from whatever is happening in your world.

It is one of the favorite hobby but I am not that good in it but if you are excellent and people always praise your work then your work need to be on someone’s wall.

You can go around in painting exhibition and ask them to put your paintings on sell.

If someone like them then they’ll agree to pay you the right amount of the painting and you’ll make money. Of course, you’ll not be able to keep all of that as the exhibition will keep a percentage.

17. Gardening

Gardening is such a simple hobby with very low expenses but a lot of care.

You can make your backyard a gardening platform and grow fresh veggies and fruits and have a fresh meal for yourself.

Or you can sell those organic veggies and fruit to your neighbors who I bet will love them as these organic stuffs are getting really pricey these days.

You won’t make a million but as more and more of your neighbors know about you’ll be shocked by the income you’ll be making with just a few hours of work.

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18. Fishing

I have a few friends who love fishing and would go to their nearest lake almost every weekend.

If you are one of those then, then you could easily make a side income by selling those fish you catch to your local restaurant or to your fish obsessed friends.

Other way you could make money is by selling your old gear or buying an old gear at a good price and selling it at a profit.

You’ll sure have to do some research but it’s worth the effort.

19. Shopping

Finally, something you absolutely love doing!!! I know what you are thinking “But shopping makes us spend money not make money”.

Well if you get paid to buy things that you were already going to buy then that’s making money.

There are several apps that allow you to get Cashback on the thing that you buy and one of those apps is Ebates.

They give you a 10$ signup bonus and huge cashback deals on shopping. They have tie-ups with almost 250 stores from where you’ll get cash back. So don’t forget to use ebates the next time you decide to buy something.

The Other way you can make money is through Mystery shopping. Yes, people still do it and it’s a great way to make cash on the side.

As a mystery shopper all you have to do is to enter the shop they tell you and share your experience with them. It’s that easy and you’ll be making between 5-10$ per shop which could end up 100s of dollars per month.

20. Fitness

Being fit is one of the best thing you could do to stay healthy and people spend a lot of money to stay fit and healthy.

If you are one of those fitness freaks who stay like to stay in shape no matter what why don’t you start personally training people who want to achieve a physique like you.

You could get 2-3 people to pay you a certain amount per month to personally train them, plan their meal and motivate them to stay in shape.

You could pocket good extra cash just by working 2-3 hours 4-5 days a week.

It doesn’t end there, you could offer your clients a product which would help them get results faster and charge them more for it.

Or you could bet on yourself and gamble on your weight. There are several companies which pays you to lose weight in a given period of time and if you complete the given task then you 10X your bet and if you don’t complete you lose money.

In my opinion, this is way better than only relaying on your luck to win money.

21. Wood Working

There are many people who love to DIY their own shelf, tables, Wardrobe and etc. according to their needs which makes them both happy and saves them some money.

If you love working with wood or technically “Carpentry” and want to make money doing it part time then you could go and help people in your neighborhood who needs to get things done.

You can charge them according to your needs and once you start working for a few and they like your work then they could even recommend you to their friends hence more work.

22. Babysit

Parents often get tired of taking care of their kids and need a break, this is where you could help them to enjoy their time in return for some cash.

You could look for babysitting opportunities in your neighborhood or if you want to take it further you can register yourself at Care.com and they will find parents who need you.

Doing this for a few hours every week could get you some good cash.

23. Walk Dogs

We love animals and especially dogs and what is more satisfying than getting paid to take care of them.

You can start by asking your neighbors if you could walk their dog in exchange for some cash or even register yourself at Care.com where you get a lot of opportunities.


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