How To Make Serious Cash Listening To Music From Home

Everybody in this whole world likes music and enjoy it so much that they can spend hours listening to it without getting tired.

This craze of music from the people is making musicians millionaires and due to this, new musicians would do anything to make their songs a hit.

Taking this opportunity many companies have started music review and music promotion businesses to help new musicians get recognition.

The best part about it is they are hiring people who you love music and paying them to listen to new music.

Although the music review companies are not paying you a lot of money but music promotion companies can make you serious cash online.

In this blog post, we will start with music reviewing companies first and then we will move on to music promotion companies who pay you a lot more.

Music Review Companies

As a music reviewer, you will be given a bunch of songs that are made by unpopular artist who are trying to get recognition.

you will need to listen to each of the songs and provide constructive feedback or review of what you like and what you didn’t like in the song.

Once you have done that the company will check your review and to the artist who will then approve or disapprove your feedback.

if your review is approved by the artist you will be paid for the review and if it doesn’t get approved you won’t get paid.

That being said, reviewing music won’t make you a lot of money but it is a great way to make money on the side while you are walking, running or doing some activity or just chilling on your bed.

Slice The Pie

Slice the pie is one of the biggest music reviews company and has thousands of people reviewing their music daily.

The way you make money with slice the pie is very simple once you login you will see a bunch of tracks but there will be no name of The artist and neither the name of the song will be provided, you will only be able to see the name of the song and artist after you have submitted your review.

This is to make sure that your reviews are 100% fair and not under any influence.

After reading a lot of the reviews I have seen the average pay that they pay to their reviewers is about 0.10 USD per track.

Music X ray

Music Xray is one of the oldest companies to start reviewing music for cash.

It started out as a means to get new musicians recognition and create a fanbase for them and have grown a lot since then.

music xray is one of the easiest ways to make money listening to music as you don’t even have to write a constructive review you just need to choose between two options “Fan” or “Not a Fan” and click ok.

The minimum amount of time that you will need to listen is 30 seconds per track and after that, you can skip the song if you want after you have given your opinion.

Music Xray peace 0.10$ for a track which is a decent amount if you consider the time it takes to complete a song (30 sec).

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Radio Loyalty

Radioloyalty is a web-based radio which pays you to listen to it.

There are a wide variety of radio station for you to choose from. while listening to the radio you will be prompted with a small captcha filling test to ensure that you are still listening and not fooling them.

You can expect the captcha to pop up every 10 minutes or so which could get annoying at times but it only takes a couple of seconds to complete so you can’t even complain.

You will make about 10 points per 10 minutes of listening to the radio.

Hit Predictor

Hit predictor is another great music review company which lets their users listen to the music first and get their feedback before airing the song.

Their pay is really competitive as compared to the top companies which is about 0.50 Dollars per song according to some of the users of the website.

So if you are looking to get into music reviewing this could be a great place to make some money but the opportunities would be less as it is not as famous as other companies.

These are the top companies that will pay you the best money for reviewing the music and here are a few honorable mentions.


Music Promotion Companies

If you are really looking to make some serious cash reviewing or listening to music then I would highly suggest you to join music promotion companies as they can pay you up to 12 dollars per song.

But to get into these companies you will need one thing and that is a Spotify playlist which has over 500 people following it.

if you already have a Spotify playlist with over 500 followers then you can immediately join them but if you don’t you will need to build up following first because they pay you to add the artist’s song to your playlist so that the song would reach more people.

you will make even more money if you have different playlists in a number of different genres of music with over 500 followers.

Playlist Push

It is one of the biggest and the most trusted music promotion company which pitches the artist’s music to Spotify playlist owners to add this song to their playlist.

Once you are accepted on playlist push you will get a bunch of songs that are waiting for review.

In front of each song, you will see how much they are willing to pay for playlist add and the review.

You will need to listen to the song to its entirety and rate from one to five star and give feedback about the song.

once that’s done you will be asked if you would like to add the song to the playlist.

if you want you can add a song to the playlist and if you don’t want to add you can select the “this song doesn’t fit my playlist style” option and reject and you’ll still get paid.

I have seen people getting $20 for each add to the playlist which is more than what the company even claims to pay and I think that’s amazing.

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The Falling Apple

The fallen Apple is a great company with a huge influencer base consisting of millions of followers.

They are considered to be the most costliest and one of the most efficient Spotify playlist pitchers as you can find a lot of people adding the songs to their playlist as there are a lot of influencers.

To join you just need to click on the join as a curator option and fill out the short form with the link to your Spotify playlist and wait for their response.


It is one of the highest paying Spotify playlist promotion companies and the requirements to join the company as also a lot more.

To join them you will need to have at least 2500 playlist followers 1000 Twitter followers and 100 Channel followers.

conjoin just click on the influencer option on their homepage which will take you directly to their joining page.

Just create a new account by filling in your details and your Spotify playlist link, YouTube channels link, and Instagram account name.


How to Get Playlist Followers

There are a number of different ways you can use to get a lot of followers to your Spotify playlist.

But here we will talk about a few 

Reddit/Facebook Groups

There are a lot of Reddit and Facebook groups related to Spotify playlist promotion, you can easily get into all of them and start promoting your playlist there.

Before promoting you will need to see what genre of music are usually promoted on to the group because those are the type of music the group members like and would love to listen.

All of these groups usually have thousands of active members posting playlist daily to the groups so you might get a lot of followers through these groups.


if you go to YouTube and search for the latest playlist you will find compilation videos of latest music with millions of views.

You can create such videos easily using Windows Movie Maker for Adobe premiere and upload them to YouTube with your Spotify playlist link in the description.

You will definitely get a lot of playlist followers through this method if you get a lot of Views to your videos.

I would highly suggest you to put out more than one video per week so that your chances of getting followers increases.


If you don’t want to waste your time and put in the effort to get followers I can simply hire people from around the globe to follow your playlist.

Microworker is a great website where you can post micro jobs that takes less than a minute to complete for less than $1.

You will see a rapid growth in your Spotify playlist following has people will rapidly follow your playlist as it is a really easy task to do.

I have seen people posting the same job for as little as 0.10$ for each follow which is a great deal for people living in developing countries.


This is a really easy way to make money online but it will definitely not make you rich.

If you are someone who loves music and listen to music in their free time than this is a really great way to make money on the side.

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