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9 Unknown Ways That’ll Make You Money With Google

9 ways to make money with googleGoogle has been one of the most useful sources of Information & Entertainment for our generation and we use it daily.

While I was researching for this topic I was curious to know what the stats of Google are and needless to say I was surprised. Google gets over 50B visits every month and is worth over 720B Dollars.

With this kind of stats, I was sure that there will be some programs that would help people to make money with Google.

So I started digging the whole Google platform and found out 9 ways you can make money with Google.

1. Opinion Rewards

Opinion rewards in a survey platform made by Google.

You’ll get paid just to answer the questions which will be related to the places you travel regularly or things you buy on a regular basis.

It’s the easiest way to make some cash while you are travelling or don’t have any work to do.

The pay from the surveys are low but they are unbelievably quick, just a few clicks and money in your wallet.

There are a few other survey companies which pay a lot higher even up to 50$ per survey check out here.

2. Google Maps

Google maps have revolutionized the way we navigate, from a head-scratching one to a no-brainer way.

Although every time a new place opens up it doesn’t pop up on the map instantly and takes a few weeks or even months to come on maps unless the owner manually does it.

You can fill in the gap and start listing unknown places on Google maps around your and Google will pay you for that.

You can even make money by posting your reviews on the places you visit regularly like restaurants, Parlor, Parks etc.

To get started all you have to do is Open maps go into options and click on Your Contribution and signup as a local guide.

There is a Star system in place the higher your star the more money you’ll earn. The best way to increase your star is to post a lot of reviews and travel to restaurants, Parlor, Airports etc. a lot.

3. Search Engine Evaluator

It is a job and you can only do it if you get approved to do it.

Companies like Leapforce and Lionbridge hire people to correct the mistake in a search engine and select the most relevant results that appear when a keyword is searched.

If you get hired as a search engine evaluator you could make somewhere between 10$ to 20$ per hour.

It’s not a full-time job but one can do it part-time.

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4. Blogger

Blogger is service provided by Google for the people who want to try out blogging and make money with it.

It is very easy to start out with blogger as its Free and really easy to use but if you are serious about blogging then I would not recommend blogger as its looks are very outdated and it has a limit on things you can customize.

Moreover, all the work you do on blogger may vanish if Google decides to shut down blogger one day.

Starting your own blog is really easy and you can get your own Domain and Hosting service for just 3.75$ per month with bluehost.

Blogging is a kind of business and many people who treat it like a business are making millions every year and just like every other business you need to invest a little to make a ton.

Bluehost is an amazing platform for anyone who wants to start their own website or blog with the cheapest price possible. I would highly recommend you to check them out.

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5. YouTube

YouTube is an amazing platform, Not only it provides us with some of the best content but if you work hard enough you can make a lot of money with YouTube.

Youtubers who are able to create a huge following which loves their content are making millions every month. In 2018 a 7 year old KID who does toy Reviews made 22 Million on YouTube.

If you think you got that personality and content which people would love to watch on YouTube then give it a try.

There are a lot of ways you can make money through YouTube you just have to pick one or use every method.

6. AdSense

AdSense is Google’s advertising platform which has made a lot of people a substantial income.

If you have a Blog or a YouTube channel you can partner up with AdSense and it will show ads on your videos or website and every time someone clicks on it you’ll get paid.

But to make a substantial amount of income with AdSense you’ll need millions of views on your Videos or Blog.

Also, the income varies from person to person and also your content, Location, and click through matters when making an income from AdSense.

If you are getting visitors from 1 Tier countries like the USA, UK then you’ll make a lot more money than visitors from 3 Tire countries like Shri Lanka, Bangladesh etc.

5 Easy Passive Income Streams
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7. Develop an App

Because of some websites like, creating an app has become much easier. Appypie has an inbuilt drag and drops app builder which will automatically arrange elements the way you want.

Look around and see what simple apps are popular and create your own app and list it on Google Play.

You can give it away for free and make money via Ads or sell it at a price you want and make money that way.

If your app gets a lot of downloads you’ll be able to monetize your app even more and make a lot of cash with it.

8. SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a booming niche and people who have this skill make a lot of money freelancing for other businesses.

SEO is basically optimizing a website or blog such that it gets ranked high enough on Google’s searches.

This way the website or blog will get more visitors leading to more sales and due to this, they are happy to pay 1000s of Dollars for SEO.

Learning SEO is also quite though and given that Google keeps on changing its algorithm it’s even harder now, Even after the SEO is done it takes at least 3 Months for Google to rank a website and you can’t see immediate results.

but if you are able to understand it then you’ll be making a lot of money.

9. Adwords

Adwords is Google’s advertising service for business owners who want to advertise their business online and drive more sales.

Unlike SEO with Adwords can give you instant results and show you how much you spent VS how much you made.

If you are able to master Adword and get sales with a low cost of conversion, businesses will be happy to pay you 1000s of dollars or even % of the money you made in sales.


These were the 9 ways you can use to make money with Google in your free time.

In conclusion, there are two separate ways to make money with Google,

The No brainer way which doesn’t make a lot of money but is fine for a side income and the hard working way which requires you to have skills and can make you Thousands of Dollars.

5 Easy Passive Income Streams
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