12 Easy Ways to Make Money With Free Website

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL (Did that went over your head? Mine too). Nonetheless this what we’ll be using to make money with free website.

It powers over 30% of all the websites which are actively running right now. That’s a huge percentage of people using wordpress because it is extremely customizable and user friendly at the same time.

But that is WordPress.org and we will be looking at the free platform, wordpress.com

There is a really big difference between both of them. You can check out this indepth guide by ithemes on difference between .org and .com.

But I’ll give you an overview here,

WordPress.org is for people who want complete control over their website and WordPress.com is for people who doesn’t want to control the whole website and just want a basic but powerful website.

The do have a paid plan where you will be allowed to customize the whole site if you want but self-hosted is better for that. Because it costs more, Where the self-hosted cost about 2.95$/month the WordPress.com costs 8.75$/month.

I have Created an indepth guide to Start your wordpress.org website with just 2.95$/month

But if you want to save that money and get started for free then there is no problem in that. You can still make money with free website.

Make Money with Free Website

Before starting to make money with your website there is a few things which might stop you make it a lot harder to make money with your free website.

First one is your domain name. It is the URL or name of your website and you need to make it appealing to people because you need to build trust with the people visiting your site.

The domain you will get through wordprss will contain wordpress.com at the end making it a lot longer and ugly. Your free domain will look like this Websitename.wordpress.com, Which is really ugly.

I would strongly recommend you to buy a domain name, you could get a domain name for as cheap as 0.99$ from Godaddy. I really don’t think you would consider this as an investment (Oh come on your Coffee costs more than that).

Once you bought it your domain all you have to do is connect your wordpress site with it.

Now that this is out of the way let’s get into the way to make money with free website.

1. Sell T-Shirts

It is a really fun thing to do and knowing the fact that you don’t need to spend money to buy the t-shirts makes even better.

All you have to do is create a good looking graphic to print on the t-shirt and put it on any t-shirt available at teespring and list the T-shirt on your website with a price tag you want. The cost their t-shirt is 15$ so might want to put up at least 18-20$

Once that’s done you need to bring people over to your website and if someone places an order they will pay the amount you ask, Teespring will cut 15$ from it and the remaining is yours.

You can list as many t-shirts you want on your website and make money with it.

If you don’t want to do just t-shirts you can head over society6 and choose a variety of different option like Wall art, IPhone cases, Bags, Pillows and many more.

This all work on the same principle as teespring just the prices will differ.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you refer a product to a person and if they buy it you will get a commission of that product.

There are many big Affiliate Marketing Programs out there like Amazon Associates, Clickbank, Shareasale and many more.

The best way to make money with affiliate marketing is to write reviews of products and use you affiliate link provided to redirect users to the product.

Once they click on your link they are tagged by a cookie and it tracks whether they bought the product or not.

If they do, you could expect a commission of 5% all the up to 50%. The highest paying affiliate network is Clickbank which gives you at least 40% commission per sale within 30 days.

But for starters Amazon associates is the best because the trust is already created by amazon so you could expect your sales to be a lot higher.

3. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is similar to Teespring but here you can sell anything you want.

You have to look which is the hottest product in the market which is selling like crazy, search it on websites like Aliexperss.com, if you find it take the photograph of it and list it on you website at a higher cost and promote it.

If someone buys the product all you have to do is enter the information of the seller on the supplier website and pay the actual price.

The remaining money is all yours. This business model has been trending for a while now and many people are entering into this industry so you got a lot of competition to deal with.

4. Sell Ad Space

If you are able to get enough traffic to your website then you could a space of your website to advertise other peoples stuff.

The payment here varies, if you are getting 1000s of hits per day than you can easily make 1000$ a month with 1 ad space.

To find people searching for buying ad space you have to go to buysellads.com signup for a publishers account and list your traffic and the charges.

If anyone likes your offer, they will contact you and seal the deal.

5. Display Ads

Display Ads are basically ads provided by Ad networks and they pay you in two ways.

The first one is CPC (Cost Per Click) ads where you’ll be paid if someone visits on your website and then click on any of the ads that are available on your website.

These types of ads could pay you very well ranging from 0.1$ to 5$ or even higher per ad clicked depending upon your Niche, Visitor Geographical Position, Keywords etc.

Although the pays are very intimidating, it is hard for someone to click on the ads and after clicking they have to perform certain activity like clicking another link to make sure the visitor is interested in the ad.

On the other hand CPM (Cost Per Mile) ads pay you for every 1000 ad impression you provide. The pay could range from 1$ to 10$ or even more again depending upon your Niche, Visitor Geographical Position, Keywords etc.

And also it is Passive Income, once you start getting traffic there is nothing for you to do, Just sit back and relax. What better way to make money with free website.

6. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts is when you partner up with a brand and promote their product or review their products.

It is Very similar to affiliate marketing but there you don’t need to worry about people buying anything using your link because you will be paid beforehand to promote the product.

Some companies may even give you stuffs for free to promote and pay you money as well but that doesn’t happen that often.

You could expect somewhere between 1000$ or Over per post if you have good traffic and a big following.

To get sponsored posts offers you could either email them personally to promote their product for a fee or if they like your stuff they will contact you for sponsorship.

7. Sell an Ebook

If you are an expert in any topic and want to share it with the people around the world or if your fiction is amazing you could write on your computer convert it into a PDF and sell it online as an eBook.

People are making serious money selling their ebook online many are using their own website and many are using amazon’s kindle platform.

The real reason of using your own website is that you don’t have to pay any commission to amazon and all the profit is yours.

Amazon takes upto 60% of your money as commission depending on what you price your book.

If its below 3$ and over 20$ then the commission will be 30% and if it is between 4$ and 20$ the commission could go upto 70% depending upon your region.

This is also a passive income source, once your book is ready and you are getting good traffic you will be selling it (if its good Of course)

8. Online Courses

Similar to Writing an ebook you could convert the book into videos and sell it as course.

More and More people are now attracted towards Video content because it is easy to understand and also fun to watch (No wonder why Youtube is Growing Massively).

Although there are places where you could sell your courses like Udemy but again, they will charge you a commission of using their website.

So it’s better to use your own website to sell courses as long as you are getting traffic. You could literally make a course on any topic you like until it has no audience.

The best way to make money selling courses is targeting a really popular problem in your niche which you know people will pay to solve it.

9. Start a Consulting Business

Following the pattern of the above two ways, if you have in-depth knowledge of a topic ten you could start a consulting business.

Get Clients to call you on Skype and address their problem and give advice on how to solve it.

You could charge people any amount you think would be best there are people who do consulting for as low as 50$ per hour and people who consult for 1000$ per hour.

Know your niche what it’s worth and charge them accordingly.

Before getting clients you need to show people that you are capable to solve their problems and a blog could really help you out here.

Fill you website with in depth blog posts to develop trust with your potential clients and be patient.

10. Start a Premium Membership Site

If you have a good following on social media and people love what you do, you could get them to signup for your membership site where you will be answering their questions or share exclusive content.

This is one of the best way to make money with free website because it provides you with Residual income as people will stay for longer periods of time if you are able to solve their problem.

This could be really hard as you’ll have to manage 100s of questions every day without getting irritated or annoyed.

But it’s worth it because you could really make good money in a short period of time (If you have good following). All you have to do is to get 100 people to signup for 30$/month plan that’s 3000$ right there.

11. Get Freelance Jobs

If you want to do freelancing full time then you need to have a website where you will be showcasing your previous work.

This helps people know what you are capable of or if you’ll be the right fit for the work or not.

You could showcase your testimonials from people who you have work with, What are your qualities, What job will you fit the best and much more thing which are essential for people to know before hiring someone.

12. Flip The Whole Website

If you think you have worked enough on your website and generating a good amount of traffic then your website is worth a lot of money.

If you haven’t noticed yet, Traffic is everything you need to make money with your website, the more traffic you get the more money you’ll make.

I have listed 17 different way which will help you get massive traffic.

You could use websites like Flippa to sell you website to someone interested. You could price it whatever you find reasonable and sell it to them.



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