How Youtubers Make Millions Online

YouTube is the second biggest social media platform after Facebook and also the second biggest search engine in the world.

You can get answers to pretty much everything on YouTube and the only reason people are putting content on YouTube is to make money.

There are several different ways YouTubers use to make money from YouTube and we will go in depth about making money through Youtube further in this post.

Ways Youtubers Use to make money from Youtube

There are 5 most profitable ways YouTubers can use to make money from youtube. Some of them can make a lot of money while some can make you a decent income but a recurring income. Let’s see those 5 ways to make money from youtube

1. Adsense

Adsense is Google’s advertising platform which is liable to show ads on your videos so that you will make money.

Making money from AdSense could be a lot harder as anyone will need a lot of views to their videos to make a decent amount of money.

Income from AdSense also depends upon various factors such as geolocation of your viewers, your video niche, amount of views etc.

With Adsense, youtubers are be paid every time someone clicks on the ad that appears on their video.

The value of the click could be as low as 0.10$ and as high as $10. With some niches like Insurance, lawyer, domain, hosting etc. You can expect to get paid the highest amount possible.

Although, someone cannot earn money right away from YouTube.

To get into AdSense for YouTube you need to have at least 1000 subscribers,10,000 total views and 4000 hours watch time.

Once you meet these criteria you can then apply to enroll into AdSense through your channel’s monetization settings.

Before applying for AdSense you need to make sure that your content is not related to hacking, porn, violence or anything that violets AdSense policy.

2. Brand Deals

Brand deals is an amazing way for all the Youtubers to make money through their following if they have an engaged audience that loves their content.

Brands are happy to pay thousands of dollars to people who are willing to promote their product in front of their audience.

It mostly doesn’t matter upon the number of views of subscribers you have but the content that you produce.

There are examples of so many people that have got brand deals with less than 5000 subscribers.

Of course, those were not huge brand deals but still its money right?

Often time a company would even give you a free product to test out and to get your review on the product and would even pay you money for that.

The hard part here is to approach a brand and ask them to do a collaboration with you.

The main thing that companies Looks for is how good your content is and how engaged your audience is with your content.

If that is all good then you might land a good brand deal and start to make money that way.

3. Refer products

This is an alternative for brand deals

If Youtubers are having a tough time finding brands that would pay them money to promote their products then they might look into affiliate marketing.

This is the same as brand deals but here they have to do all the selling and they will get a percentage of every sale you make for the company.

The percentage may range between 5% all the way up to 50%.

there are many websites for affiliate marketing such as Amazon Associates, Clickbank, Commission Junction and many more.

The way this thing works is if you want to promote a certain product you will be given a particular link that will have your referral code embedded into it and every time someone clicks on the link and buy the product it will be tracked and you will get the commission that is promised.

This is a bit harder than the brand deal because here you have to do all the selling for the product and only if you do it right you will make money.

Unlike brand deals where you will get paid even before you make a video promoting their product.

4. Selling Their Own Merchandise

Selling Merchandise is the primary way of the big YouTubers to make money today as it provides them with the highest income possible.

Merchandise make up to more than 60% of some of the big YouTubers income like jake paul that makes Millions online because there are huge profits in selling your own stuff then selling someone else’s for a Commission.

Selling Merchandise only works when YouTubers have an engaged audience that loves them and their content and follows them religiously.

You can sell anything as your Merchandise as long as people like it but the most famous Merchandise that big YouTubers sell are t-shirts and hoodies.

The main reason why people choose t-shirts and hoodies over anything else is because they provide with the highest return on investment possible and are trending right now.

Therefore people are more prone to buy a t-shirt or a hoodie today than a backpack or a pillow.

5. CrowdFunding (Patreon) 

It is what I consider a more trusted and a realistic way to make money through YouTube.

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform where people who love your work would subscribe to you on a monthly plan of their choice.

There are three different plans $2, $5, $10 and custom plan which Youtubers offers their audience they will share your content according to that.

I won’t say anyone could get rich with Patreon but it is a great source of recurring income that is promised to you every month.

You will need 500 to 1000 people to subscribe to you on a $5 monthly plan which equals to $2500 or $5000 per month which is enough for living by doing what you love.

You can even incentivize people to subscribe to you on patron by releasing advanced tutorials or behind the scenes on your patron page.

This way people who truly love your content will subscribe to you on patron by contributing a small amount of $5.

Why you should make money from Youtube

it is very easy to get started with YouTube because it has very low requirements for entry.

And many people are shy to show their face on camera so there is low competition on YouTube as there is on any other platform.

All you need to create videos is your phone’s camera or any other camera and a microphone to record yourself and your voice.

YouTube already has a huge audience

There are over 1.8 billion users who watch youtube videos each and every month and that number is growing rapidly.

YouTube already has a huge audience which is already consuming the content which is available on YouTube.

YouTube also prefer fresh content over old content and if your content performs well YouTube will start recommending your videos to its audience and your channel grows.


It is completely possible to make money from Youtube but you need to have patience and do a lot of hard work.

According to the latest YouTube algorithm YouTube prefers consistency over anything.

If you are consistent and make good quality videos with engaging titles that would make people click on your videos, YouTube will recommend your videos to more and more people.

This would help your channel to grow and create a community of people who love your content.

Once people started to like your content you can use these ways to make money from Youtube.

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