How to make your Pinterest Pin GO VIRAL!

Everybody wants Virality but it happens to just a few people and that too unknowingly.

You can’t predict that “Oh this pin will go viral and I will get a ton of followers and traffic for my website”

It doesn’t work like that, unfortunately.

But instead of hoping that the pin goes viral you could take some actions that could make your pin go Viral.
I have applied the following Steps to some of my clients which are in the Fitness industry and they got just one pin generating over 30,000 Visitors.

But it didn’t happen just by working on just one pin.

I have applied these steps for them for over a Dozen pins and just one of them went viral.

The rest of them were still generating a decent amount of visitors since they have a decent following.
So let’s just dive into it.

Step 1: See what People are Searching

Keyword research is one of the most important factors when it comes to the virality of a pin.

This is commonly known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To see what people are searching the most in Pinterest related to your niche

You will have to go into the search box of Pinterest and type in a word which you would like to make your article on.

Once you type that word in you will get suggestions related to that specific word.

The one which comes first in the suggestions is the keyword which is getting the most searches or after typing the first word you will get a bunch of words underneath the search box.

Those words are ranked according to what people are searching the most.

Once you find your keyword and know what people are searching the most, Start writing an article on it and make sure you put your keyword in the title and in the Description of the Pinterest.

By doing that Pinterest will get to know that your pin is about the particular keyword you choose and whenever someone searches for the keyword your pin might pop up.

12 Point Viral Pin Checklist 
That I use to Get Over 20,000 Pageviews on a New Blog


Step 2: Use

If you are not already familiar with this amazing app let me introduce you to Buzzsumo.

Buzzsumo is an app which collects a database of all the article that is viral by how much social shares the article has.

Buzzsumo has Facebook shares, Pinterest shares (Repins), Twitter Shares and Linkedin shares.

It collects data from all of these social platforms and lists all the articles that have the most shares according to your keyword.

It is very crucial to know what article is getting the most shares and are already viral to getting your content viral.

After you get your keyword before you start to write an article related to your keyword head on to buzzsumo and type in the keyword and click on the Pinterest icon.

It will show you the most shared (Repined) article on Pinterest.

Go to that article and take some inspiration from them and try to implement some of their strategies like their Heading.

Remember Heading is one of the most important factors when it comes to virality.

Update:- buzzsumo has now stopped giving free uses and have turned to 7 days free trial and after that its price starts from 99$/month if you want you can sign up for buzzsumo or use Epicbeat which is a good alternative to buzzsumo and its price starts from 49$/month

Note: Topics Like “Top 10s” and “How To’s” are more likely to get Viral than any other article.

Step 3: Create Shareworthy Content

After that, you know what’s hot in the market according to the searches and shares the next thing you need to do is to write content.

And as you guys know “Content is King”

No One is going to repin your article even if you show up first in the searches or you have the most Clickbaity Headline.

Even if the people click through your article to read it and they just don’t find it Unique or Useful for them they will just ignore your pin and won’t repin it.

And for your article to go viral you need Repins.

I am not saying that you need to have a 2000 or a 3000-word article.

Those articles are a little bit boring but useful.

But instead of writing a 100-page book keep it short and simple.

Get to your point quickly don’t keep writing about how your day was or what you did yesterday.

Make the visitors happy and just give them what they are here for.

By doing that your visitors are more likely to repin your content.

12 Point Viral Pin Checklist 
That I use to Get Over 20,000 Pageviews on a New Blog


Step 4: Create large, Vertical and Beautiful pins (735 X 1500 or more)

As you have seen Pinterest has a vertical image layout And unlike Facebook or Instagram, there are no limits on how long your pins should be.

Therefore we should take advantage of this feature because the longer your pins the more space it will take on the phone and also grab users attention.

But this will only happen if your pin is attractive.

Due to the fact that your Pin is large, Attractive and also your headline is very Clickbaity. There are more chances that the person will click on your pin and repin it.

To make Attractive pins you can use which is a web-based app which lets you edit your images and also provides Stock photos which are really beautiful and will also keep you out of any Copyright trouble.

Or if you want to make your pins in a more advanced way You Could use Photoshop which lets you edit your images in a way you can’t even imagine.

But on, either way, I would definitely recommend you to use stock images because just in case if your article goes viral and you are getting a lot of traffic with just one pin and suddenly someone sees your pin and you have used their image, which is bound to happen (As it is Viral)

They may sue you because you are using their image and making money and you will have to take the pin down which is more painful.

So in order to avoid any trouble, I will highly suggest you use images From shutter stock as they have incredibly beautiful stock images which you could use without any stress of anyone suing you.

Step 5: Pin in GROUP BOARDS!

After all the hard work of creating good content and beautiful pins now its time to getting it front of the people.

Group boards are the best way to promote your pin because there are already a lot of people following the board (or at least more than your followers). Getting in front of a bigger audience can greatly enhance your chances of getting a pin viral.

You can also email some of the Bloggers in your niche who has a bigger following than you to share your pin and if they like it they will definitely share it.

Step 6: Rinse and Repeat

As is said earlier I tried this process for over a dozen pins and only one of them have gone Mega Viral.

You will have to do the same instead of putting an article out and just hoping that it goes viral. You should take the necessary steps which will help boost the chances of your pin going viral.

Quick Bonus Tip:

Once you have got yourself a viral article, start Email Marketing and Building an email list to scale your income further.

If you don’t know how to capture leads and build an Email list the effective way then read this post it will help you understand better.



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