How to make your Blog a lead generation machine

Many businesses have been spending hundreds of thousands if Dollar per day just to acquire their targeted audiences email.

Because they know the importance of Email marketing and lead generation.

Your email list performs the most vital role in making or breaking your business. Because your email list is your audience who love your content and the most important part is that you own it.

No one can take away your email list from you. Let’s imagine you are using SEO to drive traffic to your blog and all of a sudden Google changes their algorithm and you lose all your ranking.

That means no more traffic, No more sales and no more money that’s when your email list comes in handy. Even if you lose all your ranking you will still be getting traffic through your email list.

This is just one of the 5 best benefits of Building an email list.

Now that you know the importance of lead generation and email marketing, you’d be wondering how will I generate Leads, Build a list and Sell to them.

I got no money to spend on ads to build a list and more over Ads are too risky I can lose all my money with no profits (I have tried and lost all my money).

So here are my 5 best strategies to convert your blog into a lead generating machine. But you will need to find a way first to get traffic to your blog.

I have listed 10 amazing Traffic Sources which you could use to gain Traffic.

1. Use an Ethical bribe for their email.

A Lead Magnet or an Ethical Bribe is something which you will be giving away for free and in order to get that they will have to give you their email. This is by far the best way to get your visitors emails and it converts like crazy. You will be seeing every Business or Company in order to get your emails because at the end both the parties are happy and it is a Win Win.

An Ethical bribe could be anything like a free eBook a free eCourse or if you are in the Ecommerce industry a 10-20% off coupon for their purchase converts like crazy.

To make your own Ethical bribe all you have to do is research on the topics which are most searched using keyword planner or just turn your most viewed article into a lead magnet.

Now you might be asking do I have to send it manually every time someone opt-ins?

Well the answer is automation. Mailchimp offers a basic set of automation tool which you could use in order to automate all the process. But if you want to get all crazy automation to maximize your income I would recommend you to use Convertkit.

How to setup your autoresponder you ask? Here is a detailed article explaining it step by step.

2. Proper use of the side-bar

In order to generate lots of lead with you blog you will have to maximize the reach of your optin form by putting it where your visitors can see it easily.

And if you’re using a sidebar on your blog then your opt-in form must have a place in the top as well as in the bottom in order to maximize your reach.

Just embedding your opt-in form in the side bar won’t work, Remember about the Ethical bribe which talked in the 1st point?

Make a beautiful looking image which would attract people with a written text or a image of what you are offering and link it to your landing page.

That way you will be able to get more attention and more and more people will opt-in.

#Tip As the user scrolls down your sidebar content finishes and then there is just a empty blank space which you could use.

Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin (Yeah that’s a weird name for a plugin) helps you to make your side bar opt-in box to stick and follow the users scroll so your opt-in get much more visibility.

3. In-Line Opt-ins

While the users are reading your article they are engaged with it and what’s a better time to throw in an opt-in form in between the article with a good ethical bribe.

This is one of the best strategies to get more opt-ins because they are reading your post and if they think that “ohh, this post is good and I would like to get this freebie” guess what you got their email.

And because the user is engaged with your post and liked it they are more quality subscriber then the people who just came in for the freebie. If you succeed at developing trust in them they will throw money at you and buy your course or what you recommend (Affiliate Products)

#Tip if you are not using more than one opt-in and lead magnet then Ad injector WP plugin will ease up this process. What this plugin does is, it will put your opt-in form in between and in the end of every post automatically without you doing it manually

All you have to do is make a beautiful and attractive image with your landing page linking to it as is said earlier.

Convert it into HTML code and put it in the plugin, configure the setting as you would like and BOOM! Your optin form is between and in the end of your every post.

Note: Use this tip only if you are one single opt-in for all of your post. If you’re using different opt-ins for different kind of posts then this tip I not for you.

And if you’re using different opt-ins for different categories you can use optin monster this plugin is the best for converting your visitors into subscribers.

Optin monster offers you different options to show opt-in form which has the highest converting rate. Check out Optin monster here.

4. Pop-ups are the best

I know everybody hates pop-ups but they are the most converting ones and you should definitely use them in your blog or website for generating leads.

There are many different types of pop-ups and they all convert differently you will need to test and find out which ones works for you.

If you don’t know how to setup pop-ups then here is a detailed article on how to do it Click Here

Immediate pop-ups

If you choose the immediate pop-ups then your opt-in pop-up will pop as soon as someone visits your blog offering them your freebie.

It is great to get more opt-ins because of your freebie, but your users might get annoyed by this and never return after getting the freebie.

Time interval

Time interval allows you to show your pop-up after the users have spent a certain amount of time on your blog.

A time interval of 15-20 sec is ideal if you choose to show your pop-up using this option

At the end of the post

Showing your pop-up when the user scrolls the post helps a lot in converting because if someone scrolls through your whole article and liked it and then the user will be more likely to opt-in for whatever you are offering.

The Exit intent pop-up

This is by far the most converting pop-up and even wpbeginner used it and saw an increase of 300% in their email optin, all coming from the Exit intent pop-up

This pop-up shows up when the user shows intent to exit the browser. But if your visitors are mainly from mobile then this might not work. In this case it better for you to use anyone out of the first 3 along with this one.

A sticky footer or header

A sticky footer and header are gives your opt-in form a never ending visibility and higher chance of converting.

Sticky header and footer will follow the users scroll, and as the user scrolls they scroll with scroll.

For a sticky header there is free plugin/paid app called Hellobar.

Neil Patel a 7 figure earner is a co-founder of Hellobar and he is ranked in the top 100 Entrepreneurs in USA. Use Hellobar for yourself and see the magic happening.

For Sticky footer I would recommend Optin monster because it has everything that you need, from Sticky footer to all sorts of pop-ups, inline forms, Sidebar, Slide-in forms, Yes and No forms, After post, Fullscreen forms, Mobile.

I am just in love with opt-in monster because it is just once in for all deal. They also have pre build high converting templates which you can use in just one click. Check out Optin monster here.

Unfortunately Optin monster is a paid plugin but if you use this link you will get 10% off on your purchase


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