How To Make Money While Shopping

We feel a kind of joy every time we are shopping for new things and we love shopping.

But the bill you receive after you shop, might sometimes put you in a shock and make you wonder why is everything so costly?

That’s exactly what I felt while I was shopping this Christmas and started searching for ways where I could turn spending money into making money.

And guess what, I found 9 legit different ways where you can turn spending money into making money.

1. Ebates

Ebates is one of the leading cashback offering apps which could save you 100s of dollars while you shop.

The best part about Ebates is that it not only works online but also in most of the brick and motor shops that you usually shop from.

All you have to do is add your card into Ebates and select the offer which you want to redeem and swipe it at the counter.

Cashback from that store will automatically get added to Ebates account which you can then transfer to your bank.

Ebates has a variety of cashback offers ranging from 10% to sometimes even 50% which cuts your shopping expenses in half.

2. Honey

Honey is an amazing Chrome extension which searches for all the available coupon and automatically applies the best coupon at the checkout.

Couponing is one of the best ways to reduce the cost of your shopping list and buy more for less.

It applies to every online store and has Millions of coupons available for you to use.

It has a unique feature where it will notify you if the item you wish to buy drops down its price or if it goes on sale.

I would strongly recommend you to use honey every time you shop online but make sure you shop using chrome rather than any other browser or Apps.

You can combine Ebates and Honey together to save a lot of money while shopping online.

And you won’t believe how quick it is to install Honey. It takes just 3 Clicks to install it Try it out now.

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3. Mystery Shopping

If you prefer to walk into stores rather than buying online than might as well make some cash doing it.

Mystery shopping is an amazing way to make money even when you are not shopping.

There are several different apps that you can sign up to and once you are in you’ll be provided with a few tasks like visiting a store or scanning the barcode of a certain product.

If you complete these tasks you’ll get paid. The payment depends upon the task but usually ranges from 2$ to even 20$ per task.

4. Step Bet

As we discussed in the previous topic how you can make money by walking into a store and scanning products.

Let’s make more money by walking into stores.

The last time I went shopping in Walmart I enabled my footstep tracker on my phone and decided to count how much steps I walk while shopping.

After all the shopping when I came back to my car I decided to see how many steps I walked and was shocked to see that mind-boggling number. It was 1956 Steps.

That’s when I decided to bet on myself at StepBet.

It’s an amazing app where you’ll be participating in various games which will ultimately require you to walk a number of steps.

Before entering any game you’ll have to bet an amount that you’ll walk these many steps and if you fail to do so you’ll lose that amount.

But if you win you could probably 10Xing your initial bet money. The money which winners get is the same money which the people who fail, lose.

5. Receipt Hog

Now while we are at the brick and motor stores let’s make some more money.

Receipt Hog is an app which Rewards you with coins every time you click a receipt using their app where the name of the store, transaction amount, date (not more than 14 days old) are completely visible and are not blurry.

The Number of coins you’ll receive will depend upon the transaction on the receipt. You can 100 coins per week and any receipt scanned after that will worth only 5 coins.

But that’s just not it, every time you scan a receipt you’ll get a chance to enter into their sweepstakes and win 100s of coins which can be redeemed for Gift Cards or Cash.

It won’t make you 100s of dollars but it’s a nice way make money on the side which takes a few secs.

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6. Invest The Change

It’s one of the most unique ways to invest your money into the stock market and mutual funds and grow it.

Acorns is an amazing investment app which allows you to invest your spare change from your shopping into stocks and lets it grow.

Leaving the individual stocks you can invest in the safest stocks like S&P 500 and if the market goes up so does your money.

It also asks you if you want to invest any money rather than just your spare change into the stock market.

No other investment app lets you start with such a small amount so I would highly recommend you to check that out.

It also has a cool feature which shows you, your potential earning on whatever amount you choose.

7. Refer Products to your Friends

Most of us shop online from Amazon and various different sites and all of them have different prices of the same product.

If you know your friend wants a particular product, you can sign up with all of the Estores Affiliate programs and share the link of the product with your friends.

If they liked the product and bought it through the link you provided you’ll earn a commission of 5% to 10% per product.

It’s an amazing way of making your friends happy and making money at the same time.

You can even review products on your social media and link to those products and everyone who buys the product through the link will make you money.

8. Paribus

Paribus is an app which tracks all of your shopping information and notes all the product you bought from all the different sites.

If the price of the product drops within a period of 30 days of you buying it, Paribus notifies you, and you can claim the extra money you paid for that product.

It’s an amazing way of making money even after you have done shopping.

9. Sell Your Old Stuff

When we go shopping we buy a better version of the products we already have that means we don’t need some of the product anymore.

Old clothes, shoes, phones etc. that are just laying around without any use.

But there are many people who would like to use your old stuff and are ready to pay a reasonable price for it.

List them at eBay for a reasonable price and make good use of your old things by helping others.

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