How to make money on pinterest

How To Make Money With Pinterest Without a Blog

We love pinning on pinterest and saving pins to our boards, looking at DIY projects, Health and Fitness tips, recipes etc.

Pinterest is an amazing social media platform which actually helps us learn new things daily with over 50 Billion pins available on pinterest. 

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media with over 175M active users and over 2M Pinterest users save shopping pins daily.

An I bet you wonder how people on pinterest make money pinning and make a living out of it.

Let me tell you this you can make money with any social media platform out there without ever getting a 9-5 job.

But today we’ll be focusing on pinterest and how to make money with it.

Many people these days say a lot of things like you need a blog to make money online and I won’t disagree with it because you can make good money blogging, but it’s just one of the many ways that you could use to make money on pinterest.

In this post I’ll be mentioning the best way to make money without a blog which I have used in the past and it worked for me and the best part is, it’s completed automated and passive.

i.e. once setup there is little to no work you have to do after that.

I like to call it the Modern Old School way, because we’ll be using Amazon and Emails (Old School) with a modern approach to it.

List of things you need to get started

  1. Amazon Affiliate Account
  2. Email Marketing Service Provider
  3. Lead Magnets
  5. Content to send out via email

(If you are a beginner don’t get scared with the above words there is detailed description of what they mean further in the post)

Amazon Affiliate Account

Amazon needs customers to buy their products and whenever someone is confused between 2 or 3 products to choose from they tend to go to Google to get a review or comparison of the products.

Amazon provides a special link to these people who write reviews and comparison and ask them to put this link inside their post, and if someone clicks on that link and buys the product within 24Hrs the owner of the post gets a small commission from amazon for referring them.

In order to get these links you need to signup with amazon affiliate program. Just go to google and type in amazon affiliate fill the short form you might get a call from amazon to ensure you are a real person (You better be not a Bot).

Amazon Associates

Once you get approved by them you are in business. To get the link all you have to do is select the product and in the top there will be a new menu on that click get link button and copy the link, it’s that easy.

There are many more affiliate programs you can use and promote the product. One of my most recommended affiliate program in

The only deal with digital products like eBooks, Video courses etc. but their commission is the highest from any other program.

They offer commissions anywhere between 50% to 75% per product and unlike amazon the buyer has 60 days to buy the product once they click through your link.

Now that you have the link you can go spam everyone with the link (With no luck to make money) or follow this technique which I am about to share with you.

The next thing you need is a email marketing service provider.

Email Marketing Service Provider

You may have heard of the term email marketing somewhere and if not let me tell you what it is basically.

Email marketing is basically sending out emails in bulk to potential customers.

This is what companies like amazon and buzzfeed are extremely great at. They constantly send out emails regarding the products that you were searching or if something new is trending.

if you see those emails you are reminded that you need to buy this product and sometimes you end up buying them.

In order to send bulk emails to your email list you need a email marketing tool which would help you do that.

But first you need a email list to send out emails, we’ll talk about this later.

These tools offer so much more than just sending bulk email such as Automation, Segmentation, Email capture forms, Analytics and much more.

This makes it a lot easier to track how our emails are doing and which email capture form is working the best.

Similar to Affiliate market places there are several different email marketing service providers but if you are looking for automation I would strongly recommend Active Campaign or Convert Kit.

Both of these tools offer great automation which helps you to send out more targeted emails to your email list for better conversions.

If you are looking for a free solution then I would strongly recommend you to go with mailchimp.

Although It’s not completely free, but you could use it for free until you reach 2000 Email subscribers and after that you’ll need to pay for further email collection (You could start making money way before you reach 2000) .     

Mailchimp doesn’t offers as advanced automation as active campaign or convertkit. So if you want to make money while you sleep go with Active Campaign or Convert Kit.

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Lead Magnet

Remember we talked about Email List. This is what going to help up building one.

An Email list is a list of emails which you obtain once someone agrees to opt-in to your list.

Nowadays people don’t easily opt-in to your list, you need to offer them an incentive inorder to get their email and this is where lead magnet comes into play and helps us getting more emails.

A lead magnet is basically an incentive or an ethical bribe which we offer to the visitors in exchange with their emails.

There are plenty of lead magnet ideas which you could use to get people to opt-in, I have listed 10 best lead magnet ideas which you could use.

12 Point Viral Pin Checklist 
That I use to Get Over 20,000 Pageviews on a New Blog


Since we are not building our blog, we need something where we could send our visitors to opt-in to our email list.

Leadpages is a opt-in page builder with drag and drop feature to help you build your opt-in page in minutes.

Once your page and lead magnet is ready you will get a link of the page that you built and this is what we’ll be promoting on pinterest.

Content Related To Lead Magnet

Now that we are building our email list, we need some content to send out to it otherwise there is no way you could make money with it.

The content you will make should be longer than 500 words with no images or 1 image max.

Because if you add multiple images Gmail or any Email service will look at it as promotional email and send it to another section and you don’t want that to happen.

You want your email to go straight in the inbox where they will get a notification so that they will open it.

Start Pinning

Now that you have all the things above, start Pinning on Pinterest (Finally Came to the Point huh…).

The whole point of pinning on Pinterest is to get your pins viral, generate more Leads and build a huge email list.

Your emails list is what going to make you money so the bigger it gets the more money you pocket.

To get a huge email list you need a lot of people coming to your opt-in page and opt-in to your list and to get a lot of people to your opt-in page you need a viral pin.

I have already created a check list on how to get a viral pin you can get it below.

12 Point Viral Pin Checklist 
That I use to Get Over 20,000 Pageviews on a New Blog


But just for an overview, The No.1 Tool that you’ll be needing to get a viral pin is Tailwind.

Tailwind is a Pinterest Scheduler which Posts pins on behalf of you at your desired time. I was able to Get Over 20000 Page views to my Blog within 3 months of blogging and I even have done a complete Review of Tailwind which you can check out here or Directly go to Tailwind and check out the Tool Completely Free For the First Month.

Once you have one or two viral pins (not all of your pins will go viral)

You will see 100s of people are actually visiting your lead page and few of them will opt-in because some of them won’t know what to do exactly and leave the site.

It’s ok let them go, you will now have to focus the people who are in your list and could be your potential buyer.

How to Make Money With The List?

When someone opt-ins to your list through your Lead magnet it clearly states that they are interested in your niche and would buy things of their interest.

Once they are on your list you first have to develop trust with them by giving them value.

Ex. Let’s say you are into fashion and the people on your list are interested in fashion. To build trust you will first need to send them quality content, fashion tips or makeup tips etc.

Once they get to know you and like to get your emails then you could start recommending them products from amazon or clickbank which ever you want along with the tips you were already sending them.

If you choose to use amazon you will need to get a universal link because when you signup with amazon you will only get link to promote in your specific country. A universal link will redirect people to the amazon store of their specific country so that you don’t miss out on any sales.

I would recommend you to use amazon affiliates more unless you get an amazing clickbank product because amazon has already done the hard work of building the trust and people already have their card info saved so they are just few clicks away from buying the product.

Although the commissions on amazon are fairly low and you might have to get a lot of sales to make 100$ but it’s still doable.Here is the commission chart of amazon.

As you could see the Fashion category has the highest commission 10% (Not that amazing but still highest) so if your into fashion you could easily make good money with amazon.

As we know amazon puts a 24hrs tracker on the people who clicked through your link and will give you commission on whatever they buy within 24hrs so more money.

If you have any questions related to this post feel free to post them down in the comment section and I’ll get to them I fast as I could.

12 Point Viral Pin Checklist 
That I use to Get Over 20,000 Pageviews on a New Blog


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