How to make 30$ Per Hour Browsing Websites

how to make money testing websitesMaking money just by browsing the internet sounds too good to be true, right?

At first I had the same thought but when I dived deeper into it to know more I was mind blown by how easy it is to make money with this method.

The method is called User Testing, Companies and brands who have a website pay users like you and me to test their website and get your feedback.

They want to know what did you liked in their website, did you had any difficulties browsing the website, is there anything that they can improve on, such questions are always on the minds the website owners.

So they simply pay us to test their website.

The price of completing one test is atleast 10$ for 20mins and this might even go up. I have personally done this and there were times I have received a 30$ test for 30mins of testing.

While testing you’ll have to say your thoughts out loud while recording your monitor screen and recording your voice. Both of the Screen recording and Voice recording will be done by the software provided by them you just have to open it while testing.

But there is a catch, before completing the task you’ll have to qualify for it and it depends upon the demographics so if you can’t qualify try another one.

The tasks provided are limited and you might get 5 to 10 tasks a week. Now you’ll be thinking “there is no way on earth I could be making 30$ an hour with this”.

Yeah I know you cannot do that with one website, but you can do that by signing up with multiple different websites which offers user testing. I have listed 6 best User testing websites below for you so go ahead and check them out.


1. PC / Mac/ Laptop

2. Internet Connection

3. Device to Record your Voice (Headphone, Mic, Earphone etc.)

Best User Testing Websites

The Websites listed below are not the only websites which offer usrtesting jobs, but these websites are some of the most trusted websites with the most jobs so I have listed only 6.

1. Usertesting

Usertesting is the best website in terms of testing offers and pay. In fact they were the early bird in the usertesting industry and still are doing it with highest reputation among the customers and testers both.

You will get paid atleast 10$ per test you complete ranging from 10 to 20mins. They accept the job to be done well and if the customer liked what you did they will rate you in stars the higher your stars the higher your chances of getting higher paid jobs so try to do your best in every test.

2. Userlytics

Userlytics is also one of the best website for usertesting. You will have to apply for a test before getting accepted and they will send you an invite via email.

The pay rate is similar to usertesting which is atleast 10$ per test so make sure you try to complete every task provided they even promise to pay you upto 90$ per task. And the ratings matter too.

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3. TryMyUI

Similar to every site you have to complete the qualification test which tell you what you need to do to take tests successfully.

They pay 10$ per test and their payment is weekly.

4. Userfeel

They also pay upto 10$, sometimes less but the time you have to spend on the website also reduces accordingly.

To get it you’ll have to pass the qualification test and wait for their invite to approve you to test websites.

5. Validately

They offer you 5$ just to complete their qualification test and the price of the test provided by other companies depends on the companies.

You could expect 10$ per task but sometimes they may less. The highest I have ever seen is 25$ for 30min.

6. User Test

They pay atleast 10.50$ per test of 15-20 mins. It takes 5 mins to complete their qualification test and a week to receive their invitation.

Maximize Your Earnings

To maximize your earnings one thing you could do is to signup to all of the above user testing website

Give you best at every test you take to increase you rating and increase you value of tasks.

Get to the task as soon as you receive an email from them so that you don’t have to worry of the offer ending.

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This could be a best part time job you can do as it does not take a lot of time and it’s free to start and also you don’t have to put in a lot of effort.

Don’t think of doing this fulltime as you won’t be able to make a fulltime income with it keep it as a side job.

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