How To Grow Your Pinterest Traffic Rapidly By 200%

Have you been struggling with blog traffic?

Don’t worry I have been there too.

I had almost tried all of the major traffic sources that were recommended by the “traffic gurus” but none of them worked for me.

I get it SEO takes a lot of time, Facebook changed their algorithm, Instagram isn’t for bloggers and a lot more traffic sources are not the same as they were before.

But there has to be something that can bring me quick and long-lasting traffic so I decided to find something similar.

As I was browsing through a number of different web pages researching, I found Pinterest.

Not that, that was the first time I heard about Pinterest but the blog post was talking something different from what others were talking.

I remember the first thing I read was “Pinterest is not a Social Media it’s more like a Search Engine” and that’s when I knew I was on to something.

The blog post was from Alex & Lauren blog

It had most of the basics covered about how you can drive traffic to your blog through Pinterest so I decided to give it a try.

Long story short it worked and I was able to gain over 11K Page Views completely from Pinterest in the first month of using Pinterest.

I continued to use Pinterest and in my 3rd month, I was able to gain over 20K pageviews.

Double of what I got in my 1st month.

It took a lot of changes in strategies and learning new things about Pinterest but it was worth it.

Before starting with the exact strategy lets see what Pinterest is.

What Is Pinterest

Pinterest is basically a Visual version of Google.

Yes, it’s also a social media but people don’t use it as a social media they mostly use it to search for things just like Google.

The most common things searched on Pinterest are ideas.

Ideas for Outfits, Recipes, Home Decor, Wedding planning and a lot more this is what Pinterest is known for and i think for that reason Pinterest has a Demographic of 60% Women and 40% Men.

They have a total user base of over 300M users which is really huge.

Why is Pinterest Best Choice For Bloggers

Pinterest is a blogger friendly platform as most of the post shared here are blog posts and just a few numbers of videos as the platform has recently started allowing videos.

According to Pinterest, 50% of its users earn more than 50K a year which is a good sign as you might have more sales through your blog.

It has Group boards, they are basically Facebook Groups but the only purpose of them is to share more and more blog posts.

Group Boards usually have 1000s of followers which is great for new bloggers because once you are in a group board 1000s of new eyes will be exposed to your content and you can always join however much you’d like.

According to a research, a pin posted on Pinterest continues to send traffic for at least 3 Months which is great as you will have to post it once and if more people share it, it will bring long-lasting traffic.

It is scheduler friendly, as most of the major social media platforms oppose the use of schedulers  Pinterest supports schedulers and even promote a few trusted one’s this helps you to focus on creating more content than worrying of posting content because the scheduler does that for you.

How to Grow on Pinterest

There are a few things you need to consider to start getting traffic from Pinterest.

  1. Setting up Profile
  2. Pin Design
  3. Group Boards
  4. Tailwind

These are crucial steps which you cannot skip if you want to grow on Pinterest. Each of them has its own importance and plays an important role in growing your Pinterest traffic.

Let’s start with the first one

Setting Up Profile

Before doing that you need to Sign up for a Business Account which is free you can create a business account here.

Name: On other social media platforms your name doesn’t matter that much but here it does as Pinterest also shows Profiles if a related keyword is searched.

To benefit from that what I recommend is add keywords in your name like “YourName|keywords” this will help you get found on Pinterest much quickly and grow your following.

Also, you can use a keyword rich Bio so that people will understand what to expect from you and it also helps in SEO.

Boards: Boards are like Different Boxes. With boxes, you just name them and put related things inside them similarly with while creating your own boards you’ll need to give them a name and a description.

Boards can also be optimized for SEO so give you board, names related to keywords and optimize the board with a keyword-rich description. Once your board is set up the next thing is filling the board with pins relevant to it.

By pinning relevant pin onto relevant boards Pinterest gets a signal as to what the pin is about and it starts to show the pin to people who are interested in those particular subjects. So it is very important to create boards targeting a subtopic rather than a broad niche.

Rich Pins: There are 2 types of pin structure on Pinterest one is the standard and the other is Rich Pins. Rich pins put’s more context in your pins like your profile so that people will know who’s pins it is and what can we expect from it.

If you are able to create an audience who recognizes you then the rich pins will definitely help you gain a lot more traffic as people will get to who pinned it.

To get your Rich pins setup you just need to claim your website by putting a code in your websites Editor which will confirm your website.

To apply for rich pins just click this link and follow the instructions.

Pin Design

Pin Design is the most important of all.

You need to create an eye catchy pin to get the most traffic. The ideal Dimensions of a pin are 600×900 but you can go bigger or smaller as you like.

For an eye catchy Pin it should have a perfect combination of Bright Background color or Font Color with a catchy title because you don’t need to just grab their attention but also need them to click on your pin.

There are several tools which you can use to create pins but the best tool which I use and recommend is Canva. It’s a free tool which allows you to do basic editing on any images which is what you need to create your pins.

The background images that I would recommend you should be using are Stock Images. There are many free stock image websites from where you can get good quality images but the images become saturated quickly as they are free so if you can afford a Premium Stock Photography plan than go ahead and get one because after all, it’s all about standing out from the crowd.

Once you got your background images, start experimenting with different designs and see what gets the most Repins and Clicks and stick to that.

It is very important to maintain a similar style when it comes to pin design because people will be able to recognize its your pin the moment they look at it and also I would recommend putting your websites name or logo at the bottom of the pins as your pins can easily be stolen and used by other people.

Once your pin is ready the next step is to post it on Pinterest.

To post your pins just move your cursor to the top right-hand side of the screen and click on the “+” sign and select Create a pin from the drop-down menu.

A new window will be opened and you will be asked to upload your pin. Once you have done that You’ll need to write a keyword rich description of your pin by putting as many keywords as you can and also don’t forget about the #tags.

Once that’s all done, put the URL of the article you wish to post and Pin it to a Relevant Board. It is very important to pin the first pin to relevant boards because that’s how Pinterest knows what your pins is all about and when more and more people are pinning your pin to their Relevant board, Pinterest gets an idea of what kind of people might like your pin and starts to show it to more people.

But it could all be worthless if your pins are not Attention Grabbing so would highly recommend you to put in time in perfecting your Pins. After all, Pinterest is a Visual Platform.

Group Boards

As I said already Group Boards are Somewhat like Facebook Groups but the only purpose of group boards is to post more and more content.

In a Group Board, there will be one Owner and others will be the members of the group board who will be posting in the Board. These boards usually have a lot of following as the person who started the board (Owner) has a huge following on Pinterest. As the followers of the Owner of the board grows the Group Boards Followers grows.

In the past Group Boards were really Powerful as all of the people who follow the board would see all the pins that the members are posting on the board but since the algorithm changes it’s still powerful but only if your pin is great.

Pinterest will first show your pin to a handful of followers of the group board and if the response is good then it will be shared further and if the response is not good your pin dies then and there.

But you need every possible reach to grow on Pinterest especially if you are a beginner and if the Pin Performs well it takes off and brings in Floods of traffic.

How To Find Group Boards

Unfortunately, it’s a lot of work to get into a group board.

First, you need to find group boards that are in your niche. This is fairly easy with the help of some free tools like where you just need to put the keyword and it will bring up a list of all the Group boards related to the keyword.

Although Pingroupie makes it easy but the best way to find group boards I think is stalking other huge accounts in your niche and see what group boards they are in and where do they pin the most.

If they are pinning to a certain board multiple times then that means that board must have good engagement and that should be your target board.

Once you have selected the boards you want to join the next step is to actually join them.

Unlike Facebook where you press Join and you are in, here if you want to join a Group board you’ll need to follow a certain Steps.

Most of the times there are instructions given on how to join the group board in the board’s bio and you need to do is follow the instructions.

Usually, you’ll need to Find the Group Boards Owner’s email ID (It may be given or may not be given in the bio) and email them about joining the Group Board.

Sometimes the Group Boards are Closed for new members which is mostly cleared in the Boards bio but sometimes it not so you may also face rejection.

Once you are in multiple group boards start to pin your content to them and keep a track of which GB is getting you the most Repins and Traffic. This data is provided in the Analytics panel of your Pinterest Business Account.

(There also a better way to see the analytics which is through Tailwind which is later in the post)

Gather the data from the analytics and start pinning to only those GBs which are bringing you engagement and pin less to the boards which are not bringing you any Traffic.


Tailwind is like a magic wand for your Pinterest.

It’s a Pinterest Scheduler which will automatically Post your Pins on your desired Boards at your selected time. This helps bloggers to focus more on creating content than worrying about posting on social media.

With Tailwind you can literally Schedule a whole month’s worth of pins and don’t have to worry about it and enjoy your time.

I started using tailwind when I was completely set up with group boards and all the Personal Boards and the day I started using tailwind I saw results although they were not huge there were people clicking on my website and I could not be more happier.

A week later one of pin took off and brought me over 200 Shares in a day and I was completely thrilled as I started to get up to 200 Pageviews a day which was huge as I used to struggle to get even 100 PV a day.

I kept doing what I was doing with a few changes as there are a lot of algorithm updates in Pinterest just like any other social media and I saw great results.

I even bought one of the best Ebook on Pinterest Traffic “Pinteresting Strategies” which teaches you how to get traffic without any Scheduler but Let’s be honest Pinning 40-50 posts a day is a real headache and it takes a lot of time so I decided to use the strategies from the book and implement them with Tailwind and it worked.

Tailwind has a 14 Day Free Trial for anyone who wants to try it without asking any Credit Card Details and after that its 120$/15$ per Year/Month.

But with this link you’ll get a Full Month of Tailwind of Completely For Free!

I have done a complete Review of Tailwind which you can checkout to see what it is capable of doing.


In closing, I would say at least give Pinterest a try. I will definitely help in the growth of your blog traffic which will then turn in sales.

All the other Major Social Media platforms are currently not in favor of posting links anywhere and promoting for free but platforms like Pinterest are built to share amazing content for free. Of Course, you can buy Pinterest ads for faster growth but only if you have that much money to spend.

Rather than Ads Tailwind is an amazing choice as it’s a lot cheaper and when paired with group boards it has the potential to bring you a lot of organic traffic.

In Fact, Tailwind has its own Group Boards called Tribes which are used by huge bloggers so once they share your pin with their followers you will get even more organic reach.

Checkout Tailwind’s Review For More Details or Directly Head over To Tailwind Here.

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