How To Create Viral Pins That People Click On

Getting your pin viral is really hard especially if you are a beginner and have little to no followers.

Of course, you can join as many group boards as you want and get your pin in front of those followers but if your pin isn’t good enough to grab their attention then no matter how many times you pin to a group board it just won’t get you enough clicks or engagement.

Not just that but your chances of getting into huge group boards will also suffer as those group boards only accept members who have great pins and good following.

Importance of a Great Pin Design

Now with Pinterest latest algorithm if your pin isn’t getting enough engagement within the first few hours of you pinninging it then it won’t be seen by the other followers of the group board and the pin will die then and there.

This makes it really crucial for your pin to make a strong first impression so that people would engage with your pin as soon as they see it.

Not only that but from what I have experienced, if your pin gets enough engagement in the first few Impressions then pinterest will start showing your pin to people who are not even your followers but who are interested in the topic of your pin.

This is awesome as you will be able to be in front of new audience who doesn’t even know you and this will increase your followers.

How to Create a Great Pin Design

There are a few steps which I consider while making each and every pin and they are as follows.

  1. Catchy Title
  2. Stock Photos
  3. Size
  4. Canva
  5. Fonts

All of these five steps are really crucial in order to make a great pin as they all have an important role in getting engagement from the Pinterest users.

Catchy Title

This is of first thing that I look for before starting to create the pin.

Catchy title is I feel the most important thing in order to get more engagement from Pinterest.

Catchy title is something that people just can’t resist without clicking as it is so interesting and generates curiosity within the minds of the users.

You might have seen this strategy applied by a lot of Huge youtubers to gain more views on their videos and it and sub getting them millions of views.

Pinterest is no different, if you are titles make people curious in a way that it has never done before then you are sure to get thousands of Clicks on the pin.

There are a lot of tools which can help you auto-generate catchy titles for your pins like.

I always experiment with more than two to three different titles and see what works and if something works I just stick with it and create different designs for the same title.

Stock Photos

From what I have experienced, when I use premium stock photos to create my pins rather than free stock photos or just pics from Google I tend to get more engagement as the picture is new and fresh and no one has used it before so it grabs attention quickly.

According to a study on marketing when people are shown the same ad multiple times people usually just scroll through the ad or just overlook it when they see it as it becomes repetitive and people start to care less.

The same happens when more and more people start to see the same picture on their field regardless of what the topic of the pin is.

To avoid this happening to my pins I usually use premium stock photos which are not used by anyone.

You don’t necessarily have to purchase of costly subscription of huge stock photography program such as Shutterstock or Adobe stock, there are several websites where you can get fresh and new stock photos for or cheap price.

I use one of those websites and get my stock photos and I would highly recommend you to do the same.


There is a huge debate on sizes to what the ideal size of a pin should be, some says smaller pins are ideal Where are some says larger pins get better engagement but it’s just your preference as to what size you want to stick with.

Whatever size your pick but make sure that it is equal to or above 600 x 900 pixels because Pinterest is made just for vertical pills and not square or horizontal pins.

If you to create square or horizontal pins you won’t be able to Grab as much screen space as you would with a vertical rectangular pin this directly means that you won’t be able to Grab as much attention as you would with a vertical pin.

I personally stick with large pin size as that’s what I feel gets the most engagement but you can experiment on your own and see what works for you.


Canva one of the many online picture editing tools with great features but the only reason that I chose to use camera is because it is completely free to use.

There are many other alternatives to canva such as cancel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and many more but I feel canva has the most user friendly layout which makes it very easy to edit any pictures.

You cannot too some insane stuff with Canvas as you would do with Photoshop but it has everything that you would need to create a great pin.

It even assists you while designing your pin so that you would get an idea to create your next pin.

It has more than 100 fonts to choose from so you get a lot of varieties in your pin and see what works and what doesn’t.


Choosing the right font is really important while creating a pen because if the pin is not readable then no one would click on it no matter how beautiful it looks.

Your overlay text should consist of fonts that are readable enough and beautiful at the same time.

All bold fonts are also great if you want your text to be completely visible to the audience.

I personally do a mix of cursive with bold text so that it looks beautiful and also is readable enough to the audience.

You can experiment on your own and see what works for you if you want some help here is a great guide by canva on what fonts go with each other.

There are also a lot of examples on canva which you can look at and see if that interests you.


Creating a great pin design is just the starting point but there is a lot more if you want your pins to get viral.

I am sure this 5 steps will definitely help you in creating a great design for your pin but if you wanted to go to the next level here is a post where I revealed how I got over 20,000 pageviews in just 3 months of blogging completely from Pinterest I would highly recommend you to check that post out and use those strategies to boost up your chances of getting a viral pin.


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