11 High paying Survey Sites With Signup Bonus

survey sites that pay signup bonusSurveys have been around for years now and are now growing in popularity as more and more high paying survey sites are popping up.

Doing Surveys won’t make you rich but could make you atleast 500-1000$ monthly if done well so that you’ll have few extra bucks to spare.

A typical survey site will pay you from 1$ to 5$ or even 10$ per survey of around 15-20min.

Therefore on hourly basis you’ll be making atleast 20$ and joining more sites will make you more as you’ll soon run out of surveys as you start to do them regularly.

I know signing up for multiple sites can be a bit tedious but that’s easy money and you con even do surveys while traveling, relaxing or when you simply don’t have anything to do.

The surveys sites that I am about to show you give you signup bonuses.

So if you signup through the given links you’ll be getting a reward ranging from 1$ to 5$ just for getting started.

1. Inbox Dollars

Signup Bonus – 5$

Inbox dollars is one of the legit high paying survey sites when it comes to making money with surveys as it is over a decade old and still serving people.

There are different options you can use to make money with inbox dollars like watching videos, playing games, Surveys, Cashback on shopping, Reading emails.

It is has paid over 57M to it members till now so you don’t have to think twice to get started with it.

Although due to its wide variety of earning options and a large user base it doesn’t always has surveys available for you so you have to keep on checking them but a signup bonus of 5$ makes up for it.

2. Vindale Research

Singup Bonus – 2$

Vindale research is also one of the best company but with a large amount of surveys. You could easily get surveys of 2$ to 5$ and make 20$ an hour if you complete a lot of surveys you could even expect to see a 50$ survey once in a while.

Vindale research has a wide variety of surveys so you’ll have to pass a small survey test to get in the main survey.

This is because surveys are almost always available here and people with different experiences fill different surveys. So if they didn’t let you in one try for the next.

Although the signup bonus is only 2$ but because of the almost never ending surveys it is one of the best high paying survey sites.

Here you can also make money by watching videos, Reading Email and sharing a photo of your earning.

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3. My Points

Bonus – 5$

My points has been around since 1996 and has paid out over 236M$ through paypal and giftcards.

There are also a lot of surveys available for you to complete and also other earning options like Taking polls, watching Videos, Shopping and few more.

They offer a bonus of 5$ only when you complete 5 surveys, so that’s a nice addition to your overall earnings.

You can get paid through cash (paypal) or gift cards.

4. Swag Bucks

Signup Bonus – 5$

Swag bucks is one of the biggest if not the biggest site for surveys and has paid over 275M$ to its members so far.

You can make money by completing surveys, Surfing the web, watching videos, Shopping and more.

With swag bucks there isYou will get points for completing each survey, Points are called as SB 100SB=1$. You could redeem your points through paypal or giftcard at some the biggest stores like wallmart, amazon and many more.

5. Jobs2Shop

Signup Bonus – 5$

Jobs2shop is a little more than just a survey site.

While it offers surveys, it also offers to test new products and offers, pretty cool right?

It also offers Mystery shopping tasks, Playing Games, shopping, Cash back and much more.

Their minimum payout is 25$ so the 5$ bonus helps a lot and once you reach the threshold you can simply apply for the check to be sent to you via mail (yeah the old school way)

6. Panda Research

Signup bonus – 3$

It can easily be tagged as the highest paying survey site as here you can find some of the highest paying offers ranging from 10$ to 25$ or sometimes even more, although these offers are not as common but they are still a huge chunk of money you can put is your bank.

Apart from surveys you even get discounts on offers, Coupons, sometimes giveaways and also reading emails and referring to friends.

They give a signup bonus of 3$ after completion of a small getting started survey.

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7. Survey Savvy

Signup Bonus – 5$ Per Month

Survey savvy doesn’t provide you with a large no of surveys but it make sure that you get paid 5$ every month.

To get that 5$ all you have to do is to download their software and keep it running while you are on your computer you can download the software on 3 different devices 3X ing your earnings (15$).

You will occasionally receive some medium paying surveys ranging from 5$ you can easily reach their threshold of minimum payout.

8. Grab Points

Signup Bonus – 5$

Grab Points is similar to most of the other big survey sites providing you a large options to earn money from like Watching videos, Completing surveys, Answering polls, playing games and downloading apps.

You can redeem you points through paypal or get giftcards once you reach the threshold of each of the redemption method.

You will receive a 5$ bonus just for signing up with their site.

9. Fusion Cash

Signup Bonus – 5$

Fusion Cash Pays you to do surveys, watch videos, play games, download mobile apps and refer friends.

It has paid over a Million to its members till now so it is a legitimate website. It provides you 5$ bonus just to sign up and complete a small getting started survey.

10. ibotta

Singup Bonus – 10$

Ibotta is an android and ios apps that pays you to redeem offers given by other companies and showing the proof that you bought it through them via app.

You can get cash back on foods, clothes and many other shopping items now ibotta has also collaborated with uber so now you could save on taxies too.

11. Ebates

Signup Bonus – 10$

Ebates is a shopping and coupon redemption site and pays you if you shop through their site.

It is so useful because it pays you for the things you were already going to buy. They have a tie-up with over 2000 stores so you can expect to get cashback for every purchase you make online.

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