21 Hidden Phone Apps That Will Make You Serious Cash

We use our phone daily shifting between the same 6 or 7 apps that are important to us or entertain us.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Uber are some of the most important apps that make our life easy or less stressful but in return, they make millions of off you.

Don’t you think that this is a bit fun unfair?

But don’t worry there are still a lot of Companies/ Apps that make with you. And by that I mean some companies are willing to offer you cash reward for using their apps.

That’s what I call a Win-Win situation for both the parties. Both are happy and making money.

So let’s get started with the list of Apps that you should have on your phone to make money online.

1. DietBet

Dietbet is an amazing app the most innovative app that helps you to lose weight while making a lot of money with it.

As the name suggests, you need to bet on yourself.

You will need to send them your full body photo and your weight scale. Once that’s done you will have to lose 4% of your body weight within a month.

There will be hundreds of people playing this game with you and all the bet money will be collected in a pot.

If you are able to lose 4% of your body weight within a month you will get a percentage of money from that huge pot (which could be in thousands).

And fun Part is you will get the money from the people who were not able to complete the challenge and lost their bet money.

2. StepBet

Stepbet is a sister company of Dietbet and works the same.

Just like Dietbet, you will need to bet on yourself but not for losing weight instead you’ll be walking certain steps every day.

You will get certain challenges that you will need to complete every week. The game will last for 6 weeks and if you miss completing any week’s challenges you will be out from the winning race.

This makes it very important for you to complete their weekly challenges in order to stay in the race.

If you are able to complete the challenge you will split the pot with all the winners.

The winning cash varies on only one factor, the number of winners.

The more winners the less amount you’ll win.

3. ipoll

It is a market research company which lets you complete surveys in return for some cash.

Ipoll gives you an instantaneous $5 bonus for signing up with the new account.

Once you have signed up successfully you will be able to complete multiple Survey a day ranging between $1 to $5.

It also has sweepstakes worth $10,000 which you can take part and try your luck.

Although you won’t be able to receive more than 4 or 5 surveys a day, but even if you are able to complete one $5 survey you can easily make $35 a week for just 15 minutes of work.

4. Foap

Do you like to click a lot of photographs when you travel? If yes then you can make a significant amount of money selling those photographs on Foap.

All you have to do is create an account and upload all your photos. Every time someone buys the photos that you have clicked you will receive $5.

It doesn’t matter if your photos are clicked with a DSLR or your phone the only thing that matters is how stunning your photos look.

5. Acorns

It is one of the most innovative apps that helps you to make money while shopping.

What Acorns do is it collects your change (less than a dollar) when you shop online and invest it into the stock market or mutual fund of your choice.

Obviously, by only investing your change you won’t be able to make a lot of money, therefore, they also have a recurring investment option.

You can choose whatever amount of money you want to invest and set it for recurring payments.

It will automatically interrupt the amount from your bank and invest it in your choice of mutual fund or the stock market.

Once you have invested your money don’t check On It regularly, sit back, relax and let it grow.

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6. SlideJoy

It is the easiest way to make money that you can ever imagine.

All you have to do is install slideshow in enable it on your lock screen. Once that is done you will get money every time you unlock your phone.

Slidejoy will put the latest news and a few ads on your lock screen and every time you interact with them you will make a lot more money.

If you don’t mind a few news articles on your lock screen then I would definitely suggest you use slidejoy.

7. Userfeel

It is a new market research app which lets you test new released apps and websites.

All you have to do is install their app and do as instructed while talking your thoughts out loud about the app or website.

The app will record your screen and voice automatically and you will need to upload it to their website.

Once you have uploaded your work it will be reviewed and only if they like it you will get paid.

The payment amount differs from test to test but you will at least make $10 per test and up to $30 per test.

You will need to spend 20 minutes on the website or app and check whether there are any flaws in their website or app or anything that you don’t like I want it to get changed.

If you are interested in testing and check out these 7 companies that pay you to test websites for apps.

8. Fluid Market

Do you have an SUV or truck that you don’t use or use it really?

Well , now it’s time for you to rent it and make passive income.

Not only you can rent your SUV or truck on fluid market but also your tools and gadgets that you use rarely.

Fluid market has a good reputation and it takes good care of your vehicle so you don’t have to worry about any fraud or damages done to your vehicle.

The company even claims that your vehicle can make you up to 24000$ per year with them.

It is one of the best forms of passive income so I would highly suggest you test out Fluid market.

9. Secret Shopper

Secret shopper is a mystery shopping website which lets you make money by completing tasks which are relaed to shopping.

You will get task such as calling customer service number and asking certain questions, walking into a store and rating their customer service, surveys on your favorite brand store, etc.

You can make at least 3$ all the way up to $15 per task.


10. Task Rabbit

It was established back in 2008 and since then it has been helping people make money on the side.

The way TaskRabbit work is you will be offered jobs like plumbing, carpentry, babysitting etc.

If you like any job listed on TaskRabbit, you can just apply to it and complete the job.

The person who offered you the job will have to pay you the amount you the amount that was offered on the app.

Many people have been reportedly making thousands of Dollars per month from TaskRabbit.

It is a great side job which you can do in your spare time to make some money on the side.

11. Ebates

Ebates is a heaven for shopping lovers as it offers cashback on literally every online store you shop with.

It gives you a $10 sign up bonus and crawls through the web and finds out the best cashback offers that you can apply to make the most money.

It is also rumored that Ebates is coming with a card which will automatically give you cashback on shopping with brick and mortar stores if you use their card instead of your credit card.

They also have introduced a new feature which allows you to get Cashback on your Uber rides.

Claim your $10 bonus now before the offer runs out.

12. Field Agent

Would you like to become a shopping agent?

With field agent, you can now spy on the stores that you visit regularly and provide information about them and make money.

You will be asked to do if you task such as scanning QR code of a particular product, asking for a certain product at the counter, telling the details about the store and much more.

The amount you will be paid varies from store to store but you’ll be paid at least $3 up to $12 per task.

13. Bookscouter

Do you have a lot of old/unwanted books which you don’t need anymore?

If so, why don’t you tell it on Bookscouter?

You will get a great price for the books that you don’t need anymore and it will also help someone who wants that book for a cheaper price.

After your books get sold all you have to do is package it well and ship it.

Bookscouter provides every vendor with free shipping so all your shipping charges will be given back to you.

14. Paribus

Have you ever bought an item online and after two or three days of you buying it the item goes on sale?

And soon after you realize that you tell yourself “oh! I should have waited”.

But there is a solution to a problem now. Paribus tracks your every purchase and notifies you if the product you bought goes on sale within a month.

It even gives you an option to call the supplier and ask them to refund the excess amount that they charged you.

It is one of the most innovative apps that saves you a lot of money even after you have done spending.

15. Google Opinion Rewards

To make money with Google opinion rewards all you have to do is answer a quick survey which Google will ask you according to the places you have visited.

For this to work you will have to turn on your phone location all the time so that Google can crack where you are ttravelingto.

You might also get some random short surveys with just two or three questions which you can answer to make a quick buck.

You can expect your service pay you from $0.50 to about $2 which isn’t bad considering that you won’t have to answer more than three or four questions.


16. Wag

Have you ever seen people walking three or four dogs at the same time? Those people are usually professional dog Walkers who get paid to walk others talk for 30 minutes or an hour.

If you love dogs and would love to walk other dogs in your neighborhood you can sign up with wag.com and start your side job as a dog Walker.

On average, a beginner Wag dog Walker can make at least $17 per hour and professional dog Walker can make up to $40 per hour.

To get into Wag you will need to answer A short multiple choice question test which they will ask you before recruiting you as a dog Walker.

You can even walk multiple dogs at the same time and increase your hourly rate.

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17. Receipt Hog

Do you shop a lot? If yes then receipt hog is an amazing way for you to make money on the side.

All you have to do is scan the receipt of your shopping with receipt hog’s inbuilt scanner and upload it.

You will receive points for every receipt you upload

Points will also vary upon the money you have spend on shopping and the number of items on your list.

You can only when up to 100 points every week. And after that, each receipt will only be worth 5 coins.

But for every receipt you upload will give a chance for you to enter sweepstakes. You can win a lot of coins with sweepstakes which you won’t be able to get by just scanning receipts.

10 points are equal to $1 and to redeem your Points you will need to have at least one thousand points which will give you 10$ in your PayPal or as a gift card.

18. Viggle

Do you like watching TV shows or web series?

Well, now you can get paid to do just that. Viggle makes it possible for you to make money while watching your favorite TV shows or web series online.

The only catch is you will have to watch a few ads while you are streaming your favorite TV shows or web series.

After installing Viggle all you need to do is to keep it running in the background and start streaming.

After a few minutes, it will automatically start showing you a few ads while streaming and you will start to make money.

19. AppNana

Do you have a spare phone at home which has a lot of storage and you don’t use it that much?

Well, now you can use it to make money.

AppNana allows you to download a few apps which they advertise and earn points, for every successful download you can expect to get 1000s of points.

You will need 160,000 Points to get a 10$ gift card which means a lot of downloading. You can also invite your friends and get a $5 gift card right away with 4500 additional points to your account.

The only reason why I suggest you use a spare phone is that you will need to download a lot of apps and some of them ask you to keep them for at least 15 days before uninstalling.

20. Poshmark

It is an amazing app for people who do a lot of shopping and the closet are cluttered with clothes and accessories.

Poshmark helps you to sell all your unwanted or old clothes online for a profit.

Just take a few pictures of your clothes and accessories, price it well and upload them and wait for people to notice your collection.

21. eBay

It is a very well-known app which is worth billions of dollars but most of us only use it to buy stuff and not to sell on it.

There is actually a lot of profit to be made by selling on eBay. Either you can buy stuff in bulk and sell it on eBay or find cheap stuff in $1 sale and sell it for a profit.

Many people are already making hundreds of thousands of dollar every year just by flipping stuff on eBay.

Rob from Flea Market flipper has reported to be making over $70,000 last year just by flipping products online.


5 Easy Passive Income Streams
That I use to Make over 5000$ per Month



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