How to get Adsense approval quick and easy

how to get approved by adsenseAdsense is booming right now because of their high payout rates and the fact that it’s a product of Google.

Many people are willing to become an adsense publisher but they get rejected and wonder how to get adsense approval, What they did wrong and how to correct it.

I have approved 11 adsense accounts for different bloggers some took a week and some just a day or 2, some of those sites were not even a month old. So that makes me qualified to teach you how to get Adsense approval quickly and easily.

Before starting let me warn you, Adsense is really strict with their program one suspicious activity and BOOM you got suspended. I have been banned by adsense for some of my different websites and they take forever to remove the ban from you.

The most common invalid activity done by users is they try to click on their own ads using VPN (Virtual Private Network) or ask their friends to do so in order to make more money.

You are trying to fool a 600B$ company one day or other you will get caught and banned.

But if you have already tried several times and Adsense is rejecting you for some reason or have already been banned or suspended, have a look at some of these brilliant ad networks which I think are the best alternatives of Adsense for beginners.

Let’s start with a question

What is Adsense and How it works

It’s an amazing source of passive income.

So much so that it is in my top 5 list of passive income you can check it out below

Adsense is an ad network powered by Google used by Bloggers and Youtubers to generate Revenue with the help of ads. Adsense pays you every time someone clicks on the ad shown on your blog or before your video.

If you have a heavy traffic site or if you have a site which is hard to monetize adsense is best for you.

Niche like insurance, lawyers, College, Casino, Mortgage have a really high CPC (Cost per click) and can get you upto 100$ per ad clicked. Although the traffic in these niches is very low and traffic location and referral matters but still if not 100$ you could get 10-20$ CPC if you are lucky.

And that being said, it is very hard to achieve that kind of that kind of CPC but by optimizing your posts with proper high CPC keywords and attracting traffic from 1 tier countries it is possible.

And if you have a news site or anything which is getting 100K or millions of pageviews a month adsense can easily pay you around 2000$ or more again depending upon traffic location and referral and Niche.

Usually high traffic niches like jokes or news or quotes have really low CPC around 0.30$ in 1 tier countries and 0.1$ or lower in 2nd and 3rd tier countries.

How to get approved by Adsense Quick and Easy

As I said earlier Adsense is very strict with their guidelines and will only approve your blog if it meets their guidelines.

Btw if you haven’t started a blog I have made a Step by Step guide on how to Start a Profitable Blog.

And according to my experience these things are essential for a website to have not only for adsense but also in general.

1. Quality content

This is no. 1 on the list because it is more important than the rest.

Many people try to fool Adsense and copy articles form different blogs and paste it in their blogs and apply for approval. Google hates it when people try to profit from someone else’s hardwork and the moment they find copied article your approval directly gets dumped.

Even if you just copy images from Google or somewhere else and paste it in your blog your approval will get rejected.

You atleast need to have 8-10 well written articles in your blog each over 1000 words. You should not copy images form Google and paste it in your blog and if you really want to do so wait till you get approval until then no images.

Adult content, Violence, politics, Hacking, Alcohol, Gambling and more are also strictly prohibited by adsense.

2. Domain

Domain plays a very important part in getting an approval by adsense.

If you are using free domain like or or you will never get approved by adsense although you have a slight chance if you use since it is owned by Google.

I highly recommend you buy a domain and with Godaddy you could easily buy a domain for as low as 1$. But then you will have to pay for hosting separately so I would recommend you to buy hosting with Bluehost just for 2$/month as they will also provide you with a free domain.

3. Pages

These are the few pages which are essential to be there on your blog inorder to get adsense approval.

  • Home
  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Privacy policy

Making these pages is really easy. Home page is what you readers will end up if they type in your URL so you need to make sure that it looks neat and clean.

A well written About page is always appreciated by your readers as well as adsense.

You could easily make a Contact us page using a plugin called Contact Form 7.

Making a privacy policy page could be hard but there is also a solution for that and I use it all the time. There is a free Privacy policy page generator called as just fill out the form and your Privacy policy will be generated immediately.

4. Theme

Your blog needs to look good and should have a good readability and good navigation.

This is where you theme plays a part in this, I would recommend you to buy a good quality theme but if you don’t want to spend much then free themes is your only option.

WordPress directory has a huge collection of free themes you could choose any one you like but make sure that it has good navigation.

I would recommend you to use Colormag or Sparkling both are free themes and have good navigation.

If you are looking for a good looking paid theme then the DIVI and The X Theme are my personal recommendation and they could make your blog look stunning without using any codes.

And if not just for safety install and activate this plugin WP-Paginate it helps to number your post pages which enhances the navigation.

Keep you sidebar clean and professional along with your footer while you are applying for adsense.

5. Create a separate Gmail Id (Optional)

Create a totally new Gmail id starting with your domain name for e.g. or where example is your domain name.

And apply for adsense through that id. I do it every time I want a new adsense account or if someone else wants it.

All done now sit back and wait for a week, you will get a email from Google saying your account has been activated.

Let me know in the comments if you have any doubts regarding this blog post.


  1. I really appreciate, after careffuly applying the method you provide in this article I have got approval in one of my blog which I started 5-6 months back.
    Before applying your method it was rejected 3 times.
    Thank you for wonderful information. Keep sharing good knowledge.

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