22 Fun & Interesting Ways You Can Make Money Online

We always wish to do something that is fun and also make us money and there is always something that will fulfill our requirements.

Here are 22 fun and interesting to make money online which you can use.

I am sure you’ll find something of your interest in this list and if you don’t and want me to add something else just comment down below.

1. Drive People Around

Do you own a car? Yes? Great

You can make up to 35$ per hour by driving people around using Uber and lyft.

To get started you just need to install the app and do as they say to get recruited as their driver and if there is someone who needs a Cab in your surrounding you will get a notification when it will be up to you to accept it or not.

You can totally walk on your time No Strings Attached and make money when you want it.

The only investment that you will need to do is filling your tank with gas and changing your tires periodically.

2. Craft

If you love creating beautiful things out of scrap then this is a great way for you to make money.

There is a huge demand out there for handmade artifacts and craft and people are ready to pay a decent amount to own such products.

You can click a few pictures of your craft and list it on websites like Etsy or eBay.

You can even start your own website selling your craft using Shopify or woocommerce.

This will allow you to get the total profits of the sales you make rather than splitting it up with other companies.

3. Graphic Design

Designing is getting more and more popular these days and the demand for a designer has been increased immensely.

If you are someone who loves to design graphics you can list your job at Fiverr or Upwork.

Both of them are huge Marketplace for freelancers and most of the business owner who wants to get designs or Graphics for their business often find their way here.

If you have a good rating and reviews on both of the platforms you can get a good amount of orders for graphics designing.

4. Writing

Some people might love writing and some people might hate it but you can’t deny the fact that you can make a lot of money writing.

An average writer makes about $25,000 per year writing part-time.

There are several places where you can be hired as a writer like iwriter, Textbroker, etc. In the beginning, you can expect to be paid at least 0.10$ per word and as you progress and increase your experience you can expect to get paid 0.50$ per word.

You can also work as a transcriber where you will be given an audio clip and all you need to do is write down everything that the person is saying in the clip.

For transcriber, you can expect to get paid per job and amount varies from job to job.

If you want to make the most money writing then I would suggest you Start Blogging. It is one of the best ways to start making money online also one of the most profitable passive income streams.

You can literally start you own blog in less than 15 Mins and start writing blog posts. Here are 4 Amazing ways you can make money as a blogger.

5. Reading

We have been reading since our 1st grade and all the reading might seem boring to some but it is an exciting thing for a large number of people.

If you are someone who loves to read then there are 2 most profitable ways you can make money.

First, you can get hired as a proofreader and you will be paid to read articles blog post magazines books etc. and correct the grammatical errors if there are any.

You will be paid and hourly rate of at least 15-20$ and the payment will be done when your work has been approved.

Second, if you love reading story books to kids and they love the way you narrate it. It would be a great way for you to make money narrating ebooks.

ACX is an amazing platform where you can choose from thousands of ebooks waiting to get turned into audio books.

To narrate a book of your choice you will need to give them a sample of your way of narrating.

To do that they will provide you with a small paragraph from the book which you will have to narrate in your way and record it and send it to them.

If they like the narration of the paragraph that you did then you will get the contract of narrating the whole book.

There are two ways you can make money from ACX. You can either choose to get paid instantly after the job or you can get 20% royalty of the book.

That means every time a person buys the book you narrated you will get 20% of the price.

This one is the most profitable way and most of the narrators choose to get royalty instead of direct payment.

6. Listening to Music

Who in this world doesn’t love to listen to music and what’s better than getting paid to do that?

There are several different companies like Slicethepie who would pay you to listen to unreleased music from budding artist and give your constructive feedback.

This will help artists to improve their music and get further in their career.

The money you will get to listen to music varies from company to company and there is no fixed price.

There are also several radio channels which pay you to listen to their channel.

While listening to the radio you will get a captcha and everytime you complete the captcha you will get 0.10$. Usually, they will ask you to fill captcha every 10 minutes. They do this to ensure that you are listening to the radio and not scamming them.

This could be a great way to make a side buck if listen to music for hours.

7. Working out

Have you made a resolution to Lose your weight or get Fit this year?

If yes this would be a perfect way for you to find motivation and make money side by side.

There are 23 apps that pay you to Lose your weight and stay fit.

These apps will challenge you on your fitness and make you cross your limits by giving you an incentive.

8. Photography

Photography is a fun and calming way to spend your time.

There is nothing more amazing than capturing your fun and beautiful moments.

But did you know all the pictures that you capture could give you a good amount of money in return.

There are several websites like shutterstock, Istock, Adobe stock etc. Where you can upload your captured images and if someone download your image you will be paid royalty.

It is a great way to create a passive income stream so that money will be coming in even when you are not working.

If you don’t have a DSLR but you have a great phone you can use apps like Foap which allows you to sell your photos clicked by your phone.

Space you $5 to $10 for every image that you listed sells.

Give it a try you won’t be disappointed.

9. Editing

Mostly all of the Instagram models with huge following needs and editor to edit their photos to be perfect.

Not only Instagram models but nowadays a lot of businesses are turning towards video content which requires editors to edit their videos.

You can list your job on Fiverr or Upwork and customers complete orders for $5 all the upto $1000 but you well need to be amazing good to charge that amount.

You can also create a passive income stream through editing.

If you know how to perfectly use lightroom and create great presets you can save those presets, bundle them and sell them for 15-20$ on your website.

This will help you to make a lot more money as you just have to sell those presets over and over again.

10. Playing Video Games

ESports industry is booming right now and the newest gaming sensation Ninja has been reportedly making over 6 million Dollars per year.

In fact, the most number of youtubers in the Forbes list of millionaires are Gamers.

Although the competition is very high right now but you can still try your best.

All you need to start recording your game play is a console or PC and a few gaming skills with an entertaining personality.

You can record your gameplay and uploaded on YouTube or you can stream your gameplay live on twitch.

These are the five different ways you can make money from Youtube and the same goes for twitch. But with twitch can make a lot more money through subscriptions and donation.

11. Complete Surveys

Lately, market research companies have been paying a good amount of money for users who wish to complete their surveys.

One such company is Vindale research which pays you for not only completing surveys but also for doing small stuff like reading emails search in the web watching videos and inviting your friends.

They have some of the highest paying service available and can pay up to $50 per survey.

I would highly recommend you to check them out as they are now offering $2 for every new user.

Hurry up before the offer ends.

12. Test New Websites

This is one of the easiest way to make a significant amount of money.

All you need to do is sign up with any of these 6 companies which allows you to test website and apps to make money.

All I need to do is download their screen recorder and get a microphone.

Once you sign up you will see a bunch of test select any one that you want and they will give you instruction as to what you need to do.

Start screen recording and microphone and talk out loud what you think about the website or app in the microphone and send the screen recording to the company.

The minimum you will get is $10 for every 20 minute test which equals to $30 per hour.

14. TaskRabbit

Most of you might have already heard about TaskRabbit.

It is an amazing app which lets you make money by doing small gigs in your neighborhood.

There are a few people who have been reportedly making thousands of dollars just using taskrabbit.

All you need to do is explore what kind of gigs you can do and apply for then if you are selected he will be paid after completion of the job.

15. Shoutcart

It is an amazing way for anyone who has a good amount of following on their Instagram.

Shoutcart matches you with brand or businesses who wants their image or video feature on your page.

You can charge any amount that you want according to the number of followers and the engagement you get.

Check out Shoutcart for yourself.

15. Become a shopping agent

Ever heard of mystery shopping?

Yes, it is still alive and it is paying a good amount of money for doing small stuffs like walking into a store and scanning a barcode of the product.

There are several companies like Bestmark who offer mystery shopping opportunities and they are paying from $3 to $12 per gig.

The amount of work and money differ from gig to gig so there is no fixed price offered by any mystery shopping company.

16. Sell your favorite clothes

No, I am not telling you to sell your clothes but instead, sell the clothes that you like.

By that what I mean is  you can set up a small wordpress or wix Store and list all the clothes you like on your website and link them back to Amazon or which ever website you choose using your affiliate link.

You will need to sign up as an affiliate for the company which you choose and what that does is every time someone Clicks on the store and buy the product you will get a Commission.

The commission good range anywhere from 10% all the way up to 50%.

If you are able to get a lot of people to your website you will make a good amount of commission.

17. Match Betting

Yes, I know betting is risky but it does make a lot of money if you win.

But there is also a risk free way to bet your money and when every single time.

It is called as Match Betting.

It is a simple concept of betting for and against the odd.

You need to find a website who is running a promotional offer for free betting money.

Once you are found one sign up for that and get your free betting money and use it to bet on a team if they win and use another website and bet against the winning of the same team.

this way you are betting on both the circumstances and eliminating the risk of losing your money.

Save the student have made incredible guid on match betting if you are interested you can go and check it out.

18. Host someone with AirBNB

There are a lot of people travelling these days and all of them needs an affordable accommodation and some people to stay with.

If you have an extra room you can rent it out at airBNB and host some people at your house and make money.

It is a Win-Win for both the parties as you will make some money and they will get some comfortable place to stay.

19. Help Students

There are a lot of students struggling with their academies in trying to figure out answers to the question.

If you consider yourself knowledgeable in a certain subject or topic you can sign up as a teacher at chegg.com and help students with their questions.

You can expect to get paid at least $3 per question you solve if the student approves your submission.

To become a teacher at chegg.com you will first need to solve 3 test and pass at 80% at all of them.

Once you are done with your test you can start helping students out by answering their questions.

20. Get Cashback While Shopping

We all shop online and most of the times it is fun to get a new piece of clothing or anything that you like.

The problem lies when we see the price tag but with Ebates now you can get up to 20% to 30% cashback on most of the online shopping stores.

The even give you cashback when you ride with Uber.

It is rumoured that Ebates is going to come up with a credit card which automatically gives you cashback when you use it at a counter.

As of now, they are running a promotional offer where they give you 10$ for just signing up hurry up now.

21. Sell your gift cards

Huge retailers always hands us gift cards so that we would shop with them again but some of us don’t use them and they are just lying in our house.

But now you can sell those gift card and make free money.

CardPool is an amazing website which allows you to sell your unused gift card and get paid for it.

Just find your gift cards and list it at card pool and if someone buys it you will get 92% of the money that it got sold for.

22. Walk Your Neighbourhood’s Dogs

People are getting busier day by day and are having less time to take their dogs out for a walk.

If you love dogs and would love to spend time with dogs you can take dogs from your neighbour out for a walk and get paid to do that.

If there is no one in your surrounding who has a dog or no one is willing to let you take their dog out for a walk they you can go to wagwalking.com and signup as a dog walker.

There are so many people putting their offers to walk their dogs, all you have to do is accept one and do the job.

According to WagWalking, people who work for them as a do walker get paid $17 per hour on an average.

You can even get multiple dogs at the same time with you on the walk and make more money in less time.

To get accepted as a dog walker at WagWalking, you’ll first have to complete a short MCQ test related to dogs behaviour and once you pass you can start making money.

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