23 Unknown Apps That’ll Pay You To Lose Weight

It is New Year and I bet most of you have made a resolution to Lose your weight this year.

But the question is are you actually going to do it?

A lot many of my friends have made a resolution to lose their weight and it’s just the second month of 2019 and their excuses are I have no motivation to do it.

That got me thinking is there any way to motivate my friends to lose their weight?

Therefore I started to research online about how I could motivate my friends to lose their weight and guess what I succeeded.


I found the best way to motivate my friends to lose their weight and that is money.

There are several different companies which pay you to complete challenges that require you to workout and Lose your weight.

When I told this to my friends most of them they didn’t believe me but when I showed them they were all shocked just as I was.

Some of my friends took the challenge and started the journey to lose weight and some of them Well… they love food more than anything.

These companies may benefit almost everyone who wants to lose their weight, therefore, I decided to write a blog post about it and here are all the 23 ways that I found which will pay you to Lose your weight and maintain it.

1. Dietbet

This is one of the best company which allows you to make a serious amount of cash by losing your weight.

The only catch is you will have to bet your money on yourself.

The concept of Dietbet is pretty simple.

You will select a game to complete related to your weight and you will need to set a bet on it.

There will be hundreds of other players playing the same game with you and betting on themselves which will create a huge pot of money.

You will be given tasks to complete every week and the people who are not able to complete the weekly task will be out of the game losing their bet.

The people who stick till the last week and win the game, that huge pot of money will be splitted into all the winners.

If the task was tough enough and very few people were able to complete it you will be getting a huge chunk of that pot of money which good be in thousands of dollars

There are three main games.

  1. Lose 4% of your current body weight in 4 weeks
  2. Lose 10% of your current body weight in 6 months
  3. Maintain your weight throughout the year

These three are some of the most popular once on Dietbet and has a huge number of players playing it.

There are also several different games hosted by the people, some are easy and some are tough.

If you want to make the most money you can go with the tough games as very few people are able to complete them.

2. Pact

It’s a mobile app and it is very similar to Dietbet.

But unlike Dietbet, Pact pays you to complete the goals that you said on yourself.

There are two ways you can make money with Pact.

  1. Working out daily
  2. Eating healthy daily

If you want to make money with there workout plan, head over to their gympact option and select the number of days you are willing to work out in the next screen you will be asked to put an amount that you will pay if you do not work out that day as a punishment.

The minimum amount you will get to workout everyday is $0.50 and if you miss one day the amount you will pay is $5.

You will have to work out at least 30 minutes for day in order to get approved for the payment if you are not able to walk out for 30 minutes you will have to pay $5.

If you are not someone like to workout then you can also Run for 30 minutes and you will get the reward.

The same concept is with the healthy eating option.

Select the number of times you are willing to eat healthy and post pictures of your meals.

All the pictures that you upload will be reviewed and only if you are images are real you will be rewarded.

3. Step bet

As the name suggests StepBet is a sister company of DietBet and it works just the same.

But instead of losing weight by working out or maintaining your diet StepBet pays you to walk and a lot.

Once you download the Stepbet app and sync it with your Fitbit or any other tracking device it collects the data and gives you some personalized challenges that you need to complete.

Once you get your challenges you will need to place a bet on yourself.

Several other players will do the same and huge pot money will be created.

You will receive the challenges weekly which you need to complete them and if you fail to do so you will be out from the game and you will lose your bet.

This game will continue for 6 weeks and you will have to complete challenges for 6 weeks.

After the game has ended the pot will be splitted between all the winners and you will make profit.

4. Runbet

Once again Runbet is a sister company to Dietbet and operates the same way.

Except you will need to complete a few miles instead of losing your weight.

You can compare it to Stepbet but unlike Sstepbet you won’t get a personalized goal plan to complete instead you will be given choices of a few games that you can participate in.

Also, the betting amount on each game is different and so is the winning price.

Rules for each game differ therefore I cannot tell you what the rules can be but one thing is for sure you need to run a lot.

5. Healthy wage

Healthy Wages is completely similar to Dietbet.

Choose the game, place your bet money and complete your goal.

If you win you will get a huge chunk from the pot of money which will be created by collecting bet from all the players.

If you are certain that you will be able to Lose your weight and complete the challenge you can use both the apps(Healthy wages & DietBet) and double the winning money.                              

6. Sweat coins

It is a unique app that pays you to walk but not in cash instead, it pays in cryptocurrency.

It has its own cryptocurrency called sweatcoin and as of now 1 sweatcoin is equaled to 0.10$.

The way you make money is pretty simple

Just walk and walk and walk and walk, for every 1000 steps you take you will make one sweatcoin which as of now is 0.10$.

Rather than tracking your footstep this app tracks your location and how many miles you have travel by foot.          

Don’t think of cheating by riding with your vehicle or hoverboard as it also tracks some of your Device movement.          

7. Runister

It is a pretty simple app which allows you to make money running.

You cannot make a lot of money using this app as it only pays 0.06$ per mile but if you are someone who runs a lot or a marathon runner you can make a decent amount.

If you decide to use RunBet and take on their challenges you are already going to run so this would be a great way to make some extra cash on the side.           

8. FatBet

It is very similar to DietBet and healthy wages.

You will be given some goals which you have to complete by betting on yourself and after completion, you will make some profit.

As I said earlier, if you are determined to lose weight and you are already going to use Dietbet then I will suggest you to use this app with it and complete its challenges if you win you will be gaining profit from both the apps it will be just a cherry on the top.             

9. Higi

While Higi does pays you to Lose your weight and walk certain steps but it has its own separate ways of doing so.

Higi has placed Higi station all across America in grocery stores and pharmacies.

You will earn a reward for every hundred steps you take and you can redeem for discount freebies on things like activewear and Protein Shakes.

There are certain challenges which Higi offers, which you can participate in with other users and win an entry into drawings for sweet prices like Google Home voice or Garmin Vivosmart HR Plus.

You will need to sync your Fitbit or any other health tracking app with Higi so that they would track your activity.

Higi allows you to earn only up to 100 watts per day. You can also earn more by checking your blood pressure and weight worth 50 watts each.

10. Walgreen

Walgreens is a store which deals in health and fitness products.

They also have an app called Walgreens balance which lets you make money by walking.

You will be getting 5 points for every 5000 steps you take wish you can father redeem in your Walgreen balance app as a coupon.

They also pay you to sync your Fitbit or any Activity tracker in the beginning.

11. Carrot app

If you love to watch movies and order stuff At theatres then you would love this app.

Carrot app sets you up with a weekly goal and it will give you points every time you complete them.

It will ask you to sync your tracker with the app and collect your history and give you a daily step goal to complete. If you are able to complete them without missing a day you will earn points and you can redeem those points at any theater while booking tickets or ordering food.

They also offer you small surveys and give you points if you complete them.

Unfortunately, this app is only available in Canada, so if you are from Canada you can get started with it.          

12. Wellcoin

It is a really fun app which not only pays you to count your steps but for a lot of things.

It pays you to sleep 7 hours a night, choose a healthy beverage, playing outside, eating healthy and much more.

There are also some unique options that wellcoin provides such as choosing an unhealthy drink, going to the doctor, cleaning your house, giving blood, donating and much more.                                                   

13. Fitcoin

Fitcoin is another app which pays you to walk or Run A certain distance that they give you.

But what’s unique about fit coin is they don’t pay you in cash but instead they pay you in bitcoins.

They actually measure your pace while you are working out or running to mine Bitcoins.

You can accumulate as many bitcoins as you possibly can and let them stay in the app or cash them out in a crypto wallet and forget about them.

After a while, the value of Bitcoin will increase and so does your money.             

14. FIT Studio                    

It is a simple app which pays you to complete certain tasks that are related to cardio.

Fit Studio will pay you up to 5$ for every 15 Miles you walk or run.

It also pays $5 for every 5000 calories you burn.

Nice way to make an extra few bucks.

15. Charity Miles

Unlike other apps, this app will not pay you but it will donate the money you make to a charity of your choice.

The minimum amount you will make which Charity miles is at least 1$ per mile you run.

There are several different charities available for you to donate and if you not found any particular Charity that you want to donate you can just ask their customer support and they will do that for you.

It is a great way to Lose your weight if you are someone who feels happy to help others.

16. TaskRabbit    

You might have heard about TaskRabbit a lot of time before, but never for the purpose of losing weight.

TaskRabbit is more of a side gig website which allows you to do simple small tasks in your neighborhood and make money in return.

The way you Lose your weight with TaskRabbit is pretty simple.

All you have to do is choose the task which will require the most body strength and complete them as quickly as possible.

This will help you to lose weight while you are working and make a decent amount of money and get love from your neighbors.

17. Walk dogs                  

Who doesn’t love that fluffy four-legged crazy creature?

If you are someone who loves dogs you can take your neighbor’s dog for a walk and make money.

If there are no dogs in your neighborhood or there is no one who is willing to allow you to walk their dog. You can simply login to Wag.com where you will find hundreds of dog owners who are willing to pay you to walk the dogs out.

You can make anywhere between $17 to $60 per hour with wag.com.

To make the most of your time you can even walk multiple dogs at a time and make a lot more money in much less time.

To get recruited as a dog Walker you will have to give a simple test first and only if you pass you will be recruited as a dog Walker.

18. Ebates        

Diet is the most important thing that you need to focus on if you want to Lose your weight.

And to do that you need to eat a lot of veggies fruits and healthy things.

But first, you will need to buy them.

With Ebates you can receive Cashback on almost every single order you do online.

They are also going to come up with a credit card which will automatically give you Cashback when you use their card to buy at any Store.

This way you will be making a lot of cash while eating and staying healthy.

Ebates is FREE to download and does not take a lot of space on your phone. Get Started Now

19. Start a Fitness Blog

If you really want to make a lot of money by staying fit or just knowing how to stay fit you can do that by starting your own blog.

I wouldn’t say it is an easy way to make money rather it is a tough way to make money while staying fit but if you are able to make it big you can actually make thousands of dollars per month.

Steve Kamb founded Nerdfitness.com and turned his blog into a million dollar Passive income stream.

He teaches how to lose your weight and stay healthy while selling an advanced course on staying fit with private coaching.

If the thought of starting a blog has been there in your mind for a long time this is the right time you can start.

In fact, You can start your blog right now in less than 15 mins all you need is some determination to learn. Your blog doesn’t have to be on fitness if you don’t want it to you can write about anything that you are passionate about or if you are blogging to make money then here are 9 most profitable blog niches that can make you Millions.

20. Youtube

If you hate writing I just don’t want to start your blog you can always start your YouTube channel and make money through it.

There are five main ways you can make a lot of money from Youtube in the fitness industry.

You don’t need to have a 100K subscribers or a million subscriber to start making money with your YouTube channel.

All you need to do is create amazing value pallet content and posted on YouTube the rest will fall into place automatically.

21. Kindle

Kindle is where all of us go to read and buy books but you can use Kindle the other way round.

Rather than buying on Kindle you can start selling your books on Kindle.

Writing a book is just like blogging instead you won’t be providing free content but people will have to pay to read what you have.

Health and fitness is a huge industry on Kindle and there are millions to make. Once you start your journey to lose weight you will learn a lot of stuff that others won’t. All you need to do is to type all the stuff down that you did to Lose your weight publish it as a book on Kindle and make money.

To make the most out of Kindle I would suggest you create several books targeting different topics rather than creating one book targeting all the topics. this way you will be able to sell a lot of books and make a lot of money.

22. Instagram

Instagram is an epic place for all the MEME Lords and influencers.

You can start recording your journey of losing weight on Instagram and get a lot of following.

It doesn’t matter if you have 10k followers 100K or Millions the only thing that matters is how quality packed your content is.

Companies will reach out to you to create content for their product and post it on your Instagram.

You can even sell the copyright of the content that you create to the company and make even more money through them. By selling the copyrights of the content that you created you are allowing the company to use it for any advertisement they are willing to.

If you are able to get a lot of following you will be noticed by a lot of Companies hence increasing the chances of collaborating with a huge company.

23. Udemy

I know that many of you must have already heard about Udemy. The place where you can get some of the best information for just $10.

If you don’t want to start your own blog or write content or create YouTube videos for free you can just record yourself explaining the topic and posting get on Udemy and selling it for $10.

It is actually one of the best way to create passive income as you only have to make the videos once and it will keep on selling over and over again.

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