How To Make Money Blogging (4 Easy Ways)

Starting a blog is fairly easy and doesn’t require much technical skills but the real hurdle while blogging is to choose what niche you want to get in and is it really profitable if you want to make money blogging.

You don’t just want to put your heart soul blood and sweat in growing your blog and later realizing that the niche is not worth it.

It is also important that you should be in the right niche if you want to make a living blogging.

Although many people won’t agree that niche is important and it is true to some extent but if you want to make good money in a short period of time (1 Year at least) then have a look at these 7 blog niches which has the potential to make millions of dollars.

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Being is one of the most profitable niches is good but it is very hard to get noticed as you are not the only one doing it.

There will be competition hardcore Competition but blogging is a community and many will also help you to grow.

Just keep this one thing in mind Blogging will never make you rich overnight (Unless you have some really impressive connections like Neil Patel or something) it is a long term process.

It might take you 3 months 6 months or 1 year or more to make money blogging just don’t give up.

According to Technorati out of 113mil blogs only 7.4mil blogs post content in an interval of 3months which means only 5-6% blogs make it and the rest just give up also some blogs only update their blogs 2-3 times per year which indirectly means they are not interested in making money from it.

If you want to make money from your blog you better be posting at least 1 post/week.

Most of the methods that I’ll be mentioning in these post are going to be passive income sources which will help you live a life outside your laptop and still make money on autopilot here are 11 most profitable online passive income sources which are free to start with.

5 Easy Passive Income Streams
That I use to Make over 5000$ per Month


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is done by every blogger and it is the main income source of most of the bloggers.

Affiliate marketing is, you will get paid a commission every time someone purchases a product through your link.

Every blogger in any niche uses affiliate marketing as it is easy because you don’t have to create the product or deal with any customer service.

The commission percentage of each and every product differs according to the state of the product. By that I mean if the product is a physical product then the commission will be between 5%- 10% is the greatest affiliate market but their pay rates are very low.

Whereas on Digital product like an eBook, Ecourse or an audio book the commission you get can go as high as 80%. does a great job at this, they have every kind of digital products and their commission rates are just mind-blowing especially in the internet marketing or make money online, Health and Fitness and Dating niche.

Many software companies also have an affiliate program which is the best, as they give you residual income until the customer you referred is paying them, in simple words, you will get a commission every time the person you referred renews their service.
What? You asked, is it that easy?

NO! A big NO, tell me if you have ever bought something expensive (Digital Affiliate products are usually around 30$ and up) from someone you have never met in your life without knowing anything about the product?

He or she just came up to you and asked you to buy a 50$ Rolex watch (Happened to me when I was on a vacation in the Philippines) and you bought it, don’t know about you but I’ll never.

Before referring a product to someone you have to build trust with them, which is the no. 1 rule of selling things in general.

And building trust, it takes time and a lot of effort. The fastest way to build trust with people is with email marketing, if you don’t know what that is, well it is one of the highest converting medium of marketing here are the 5 benefits of having an email list and a complete beginner guide for email marketing.

The top blogger in the make money online niche like Michelle from and Pat Flynn from generate over 100,000$ every month purely from affiliate marketing (as mentioned in their income reports).

Own products

Creating your own product as a blogger makes you a higher authority then your competition and they are also more profitable than affiliate product because you get to keep all the money from the sales as profit.

You could create products like eBook or a video course or if you really want to build something create a software company although software companies are very hard to manage and require a crew of developers, managers, Customer care etc. but they also provide with the highest income possible.

The founder and CEO of convert kit Nathan Barry was a full-time blogger before he started his own software company and now he is generating over 1,000,000$ every month in revenue within 4 years (He revealed his revenue on twitter).

The guy of “Inside my garage” Tai Lopez (If you don’t know him I don’t know which rock you were living under) generates millions every year selling his courses ranging from 60$ all the up to 997$

Creating your own products is not as hard as selling it, you need to have the right copy written to convert, testimonials of peoples and it is important to have your own brand, some audience of yours and if you don’t have enough partner up with someone who has.

Display Ads

Display ads are the easiest way to make money blogging and many bloggers use it as a side income because it is not much profitable but it the complete source of passive income as you don’t have to do anything.

Everything is done for you and the ads will be shown on your blog according to the content and the keywords written on the page.

There are many different types of Display ads companies some pay by CPC and some by CPM.

CPC (Cost per click) is every time someone clicks on your displayed ads you will get paid and it depends upon the keyword you have entered in your post and your niche, Keywords like attorney or insurance can get you up to 30-50$ per click whereas funny cat videos may get you between 0.1$ up to 1$.

Regarding Internet marketing or some other popular niches it varies due to different keywords but on an average, you will get at least 2$ and up per click.

CPM stands for Cost per mile, CPM Ad networks pay you for every thousand impressions and again the payout depends upon the keywords you have entered and many other factors. CPM ad networks are good for starters because you don’t have to worry if no one clicking on your ads but their payout is low compared to CPC ad networks.

CPM payouts for internet marketing niche ranges from 2$ all the way up to 20$ and to make a good amount of money from these ad networks you have to get a ton of pageviews (I am stressing on internet marketing because that’s what I’m in).

Let’s do a quick math, you got 5,000 page views and 4 ads running the impression count is 20,000 and CPM is 2$ therefore you made 20$ on the other hand you got 5000 page views and CPC rate is 2$ per click, 1% of those 5000 people click on your ad that’s 50 people multiplied by 2 that’s 100$.

It’s just an example, test both on your website and decide what works best for you.

I have listed 7 Best Ad Networks for beginners which could give you amazing value for your hard work

Sponsored Ads

It is similar to display ads but instead of partnering up with an ad network here you directly talk to the advertiser and sell them a spot in your blog.

Usually, ad networks take 30% of the advertiser’s fee before paying you as their fees of being the middle man.

But here, there is no middle man and you get paid everything the advertiser is offering you and if you don’t like the offer or product you can simply reject them.

While dealing with the advertiser tell them how long you are willing to keep the ad running on your blog with the money they are offering if you are not satisfied then ask for more, if your blog is getting a good amount of traffic on a daily basis you can easily charge them between 50$ 100$ per day or even more.

5 Easy Passive Income Streams
That I use to Make over 5000$ per Month


How will you get paid?

There are different options available for getting a payout but the most used and trusted sources are PayPal and direct bank transfer.

However there won’t be a fixed date of your payouts, some companies have a milestone and if you don’t reach it you won’t be paid for the whole month and your income will get carried forward to the next month.

And even if you reach their milestone it will take anywhere between 10-30 days before it hits your bank accounts.

These were the most used methods of making many online if I have missed any please let me know in the comment section.


  1. All are definitely solid ways to make money blogging. Not *too* easy to create a product hehehe….but over time, it gets easier to monetize.


    1. Author

      Yeah its never too easy but when you have the knowledge it becomes a bit easy :).

  2. I think displaying the ads is one of the laziest ways to make money online. I see people are making millions just by showing Google ads or any third party ads.

    But I personally love affiliate marketing more than anything. In affiliate marketing, you open up your creativity and bring more money in your pocket by understanding the psychology of your readers.

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