13 DIY Ideas That Can Sell Well

Are you looking to make some extra money with your hobby of making beautiful things out of scrap?.

But you don’t know what to make which could sell well?

Here are 13 Evergreen DIY ideas that you can make very easily and have a huge market.

It doesn’t matter how good you are or you have just started because I have linked complete tutorial to all the 13 DIY ideas so you don’t have to worry.

Let’s get started with the list.

1. Necklace

Necklaces are evergreen and almost everyone likes to wear them as jewelry.

The demand for handcrafted necklaces from scrap is huge right now as you can see more and more people selling them and making huge profits.

What’s most important in selling your necklaces is their designs.

If the designs are good and irresistible people will start referring your product to their friends and families and you will make a lot more money.

To find the most attractive and most selling design you can go to aliexpress.com and search necklaces.

After that click on sort by order, aliexpress will show you all the designs that have got thousands of order from their customers.

This is a great way to see what designs work so you don’t have to waste time finding the most selling design.

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2. Bracelets

Just like necklaces, bracelets are also evergreen and are getting into trend these days as more and more teenagers are finding it attractive.

Making a bracelet is similar to necklace but the only difference is it is made to get wrapped around your hand instead of hanging on your neck.

You can use the same aliexpress sort by order strategy to determine which designs are the most selling so you can start working on making doors design rather than wasting your time on making several and then finding the top seller.

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3. Rings

According to Google trends, Rings are more popular than necklaces or bracelets.

You can take great advantage of this Trend and start selling rings. Remember what happened with fidget spinner it made people Millionaire overnight due to its.

Although Rings are not that crazy popular but they are still one of the most popular jewellery and people love to wear them.

You can use the same strategy of aliexpress to find the most selling design and start your ring selling business.

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4. Earrings

Earrings could be the most simple DIY craft that sells amazingly.

I recently checked aliexpress for handmade earrings and there are over 20,000 orders on just one listing and over 10000 all other top listings.

And I bet Amazon listing would have even more number of orders but Amazon doesn’t show you so you will never know.

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5. Hair Accessories

Things like hair bands, hair clip, hair bow etc. Are some of the most popular hair accessories and almost every woman and some men use them on daily basis.

Creating hair accessories isn’t that hard and you can sell them for a great a profit easily as they are needed by almost everyone.

Here is a great example of 25 DIY Hair Accessories with tutorials

6. Skin Care

Skincare is also huge in DIY products which sells amazingly.

You can sell anything from lip balm, bath bomb, Ayurvedic lotions etc.

it really doesn’t cost you much to create these products and you can easily sell them for a good price and make a good profit.

7. Kitchin and Dining Accessories

Creating products like cutting boards, wooden plates, spoon etc. Will require you to have carpentry and machining skills which I think you wouldn’t but there are still other products that are really easy to make and sell really well.

Things like napkins, napkin rings, fridge magnets are really easy to make and require little investment as compared to others.

You can sell this things anywhere from $10 all the way up to $50, I have even saw listings on Amazon selling at $60.

They are really profitable and really easy to make.

8. Home Decor

Home decor could be anything that makes the house attractive.

You can sell coloured scented candles, pillow covers, painting, wall hangings, flower vase etc.

Creating these does require some skills but they are really profitable can can make you a lot more money.

If you are a painter and are able to create good designs you can just scan your paintings and put them on pillow covers T-shirts, backpacks, mug and a lot more using society6 and promote the link of your products and Society6 will manufacture and ship them for you while you keep the profits.

9. Garden Decor

Just as your home your garden also needs some decorative stuff to look attractive.

There are several different things that you can create that would make your Garden look amazing and sell them for profit.

Stuff like lanterns, door mat, planters etc. Are really popular and have the potential to make a lot of money if you are able to sell them at a great profit.

10. Office Stationery

If you are someone who like to work from home and work for yourself you are likely to have an office at your home where you spend most of your time working.

There are several other people just like you who have an office at their home and would love to make it pretty.

You can create DIY stuff like bookmarks, mouse pads, organizers, Bulletin boards, pencil pouches etc. Easily and sell them at a profit.

11. Bags & Purses

Almost every woman needs a bag and purses and that is why they are sure to sell well.

You can even make attractive pouches or sunglass covers.

It doesn’t require you to have a lot of capital to start making bags and purses and their are step by step tutorial available on YouTube for you to get started.

12. Kids Amusement

Creating products that kids love are sure to sell well because every parent wants their kids to be happy.

Products like soap bubble liquid, mini roller coaster tracks for cars (Like Hot Wheels), Slime and much more are the most selling items for kids.

It doesn’t even cost you much to make these products so you are sure to make huge profits on these.

13. Pet Products

Pets products are worth over 65B$ making it one of the most profitable industries and most of the money comes from pet foods (Dog, Cats), leashes, clothes etc.

You can DIY all three most selling products and sell them for a profit.

It doesn’t require much capital upfront and they all have great market value, therefore, you are sure to make profits.


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