About me

Hi i am Nayan Belkhede

I have been in this internet marketing industry for just 1.5 or 2  years now, and have spent most of my time Learning Email marketing.

As a millennial about 2-3 years back i also used to think that "Email are dead" because i never used them before. All my work was done using all these messenger apps like FB messenger and whatsapp because all i have to do was send notes to my friends or make trip plans on phone or Gossip maybe.

When i was a kid i always wanted to be an Automobile Engineer because i always had interest in cars and how cars work i wanted to make one or atleast be a part in making one so i decided to do Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and it was a really bad decision because i just couldn't see them teaching what i really wanted to learn and all of a sudden all my interest just faded although i completed my Diploma but after that i realized that this is not what i really want to do.

As i was introduced to this new concept of internet marketing called Email marketing in the first year of my diploma through Youtube i was learning it on the side with of course my syllabus and soon decided to give it a try and failed miserably and lost around 1500$ which all my savings that time.

So i decided to learn some more and then i'll give it a try and i also lost all my money so i needed time to save up that kind of money.

After i completed my diploma i had enough money to start it again but this time with a little bit more knowledge then before and guess what it worked and i got around 300 emails on a ad campaign of around 1400$ (with a lot of 5$ ad testing).

In my ad campaign i targeted health and fitness niche specifically yoga. I personally had Zero interest in yoga but it is huge industry and i had a friend who was blogging about so i thought it would be a good match.

All the content writing was done by him and the monetizing part was handled by me and we used to do 70%-30% of the generated revenue since i was the one putting all the money in and we actually started to generate over 2000$ a month withing 6 months which was pretty crazy for us because i literally went from losing money to making money in just 6 months. And since then i completely love Emil Marketing.

Why i Started Blogging?

Blogging is amazing way of connecting with new people and provide them value and also making your Email list even bigger.

When i started building by Email list i only used to run FB ads inorder to get traffic to my opt-in page and convert the visitors so every time i wanted more email i have to run ads and pay for it.

But after some time i got introduced to this technique called ad Guest Posting i am sure you have heard of it.

So i found a good blog which was getting over 100K visitors per months and i approached them for a guest post and they agreed. I wrote a really long article about Email marketing for their website and added my lead magnets here and there inside the article and published it.

The next thing i know was i got over 600 new Email subscribers within a week and all for free. Generally i used to spend about 3$-5$ per email with ads but this time i got all of these emails for free.

Basically i saved up around 2000$ on a low scale and thats when i thought "Why don't i start my own Blog"

Plus blogging has a really lot of benefits for any business and especially if you start to rank on google.

Google has already created trust among the people and if you show up on the first page of google people will also trust you cause Google does and thus you getting more and more potential customers.

How Can Income Sprout Help You

Income sprout can really help you if you are a blogger and want to monetize your blog and increase your earning potential. We can also help you in generating free and paid traffic to your website and of course Email Marketing is my forte.

Basically in what i have understood Blogging has these initial steps to make make money with it.

  1. Get your Domain and Hosting
  2. Choose a theme
  3. Design your blog
  4. Write awesome content
  5. Find a way to attract people
  6. Maybe use Display ads
  7. Affiliate marketing
  8. Email marketing
  9. Keep posting more and more content

Now according to my Experience the first 3 steps are easy peasy. The real struggle starts at 4, writing content is easy but writing awesome content is very hard but what is even harder than that is 5, Every one and there mothers and fighting for traffic and trying their hard to get more and more traffic because without any buying form you how will you make any money.

6,7,8 all are even more harder than each other because now one will just take money out of their pocket and hand it over to you for some Crap. You want their money or email  you better give them something more valuable then what anyone else is giving them.

We can teach you how to accomplish all the steps and all you have to do is put in your time and effort into this and it will work for you.

We will try our best to blog about everything related to blogging and online marketing and also some investing tips here and there because i am looking forward to start investing and i think it will be great if i share my experiences with you.