8 Amazing Tools To Boost Your Traffic

Traffic is the most important thing that any Business & Bloggers think of. Due the rising competition and the changes internet is going through it is getting more and more difficult to gain traffic to your website. This is where you can take help form tools to boost your traffic.

I have already listed 17 ways you can drive traffic to your blog for free you can check that out here.

You can get huge amount of traffic without spending a dime but if you supplement it with some tools you could be flooded with it.

These tools which I have listed down below are used daily by me and I would highly recommend you to try them all out. Most of them free so there is no hesitation is trying them out.

Why should you use Tools?

There is limited time is a person’s day and we should make sure that we use it carefully.

Tools make the work much more easier for you and also offer you insights on your business which will help you understand your business thoroughly and take decisions accordingly.

These tools act as an helping hand in growing your business at a fast phase.

In simpler words you should you use tools to make your life easier by focusing on what you are good at and let the tools handle the rest.

1. Answer The Public

You might have heard about this website (or might not) as this is a fairly popular website for content research.

Thousands of people use this website daily to research what is in the minds of people, what people are searching for and how could I use it.

It tells you data about your entered keyword on what questions, preposition & comparison related phrases are people using while they are searching.

It could be very beneficial for you because it tells what problems people are having related to your keyword are you could write a blog post or create a product to solve it.

As the topic is already in demand you will surely get attention and traffic to your website.

2. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is also a content research tool but is completely based on social media.

It tells you the most shared article according to your keyword across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Reddit.

You could use the same article idea, twist it according to you and as it has already proven to be successful it could bring you significant amount of traffic.

It also allows to see the profile of all the people who shared that article. They also show you the top Twitter influencers according to your keyword.

It has helped me to land on some Guest posting opportunities after I contacted some influencers on twitter.

3. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is an amazing keyword research tool which is given for free by Neil Patel.

It tells you how many times the entered keyword was searched on Google by countries and also shows you the most shared articles related to that keyword.

Ubersuggest tells you how difficult is the keyword in terms of SEO and also suggests you similar keywords with low SEO difficulty so you could rank for them.

It is basically a simpler version of popular tools like MOZ, Keyword tool & Buzzsumo all at once but for Free. Although some features like Content ideas & Through Analyzing is paid but the free tools are all you need.

4. Viraltag

Viraltag is an Social Media Automation Tool which allows you to schedule you posts across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin & Tumbler.

Unlike other platforms it allows Unlimited posting so you don’t have to calculate how many posts you are scheduling at a time.

You can literally schedule a full months’ worth of post on Viraltag and take a vacation and never bother to look if it’s scheduling on not because it’s very good at its job.

It also has a very unique feature called Post automation or Evergreen Post. This feature if enabled will post the most engaging posts automatically if no posts are scheduled on that day.

This allows you to get constant traffic even If you have ran out of posts or forget to schedule posts.

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5. Canva

Canva is a free photo editing tool which allows you to create amazing graphics for your blog posts, Facebook cover, Pinterest graphics, instagram and many more.

If you do a lot of social media marketing (which you should) then you just cannot ignore this amazing tool. It’s easy to use ,has a user friendly interface and it also allows you to save your templates to get your work done quickly.

It is nowhere near compared to advance platforms like Photoshop of illustrator but as bloggers and business owners you need something which gets the work done quickly and still look beautiful which canva does easily.

It also offers you free illustrator and stock photographs and also has paid ones too. So you there is no need for you to ever leave the platform, everything is available for you at one place.

6. Subscribers

Ever saw that popup which asks you to enable post notification form the website or blog, Yeah that one.

Subscribers allows you to do just that. The people who clicks on the “Enable” or the “Allow” button on the popup receives a notification on their screen whenever you post a new article.

This cause more people to return back to your website resulting is recurring traffic. These people who allows you to send notification are the ones who truly like your content and will definitely read your post.

Because no one actually likes irritating pop notification so if they have enabled your posts then they are your true followers.

7. Convertkit

Convertkit is an Email marketing tool which allows you capture emails of your visitors and send them emails whenever you post a new article or have products to sell.

It has really well thought out automation feature which allows you send emails automatically once scheduled based on the persons behavior & liking which leads to more sales.

To capture more emails it has several different form integration options to choose from like Exit intent pop up, In between paragraphs, Yes or No Forms and etc.

Email marketing is really one of the best ways to convert your subscribers in to customers and it has been proven time to time. I have created an Ultimate Beginner Friendly Email Marketing guide for you to check out.

8. Convert Plus

Convert plus is an amazing email capturing tool. It allows you to design beautiful looking forms to convert more and more visitors into subscribers.

You could design any type of form using your creativity and never have to worry about any coding because it has a really easy drag and drop builder.

It features forms like Exit intent, Full screen Yes Or No, Slide in, Sidebar, Sticky Header & footer, Time interval pop up etc.

It also has 100s of pre made templates for you to choose from, so if you don’t want to design one from scratch you could just use a pre made template edit it as you want and you are ready to go.

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  1. These are excellent tools. I can definitely see how they could greatly increase traffic to my site. Thank you for sharing. A few of these are actually new to me! I will be using these tools ASAP.

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