9 Most Profitable Blog Niches to Make Six Figures

Whenever you try to search for Make money Blogging every blogger no matter how big or small says only one thing “Blog what you love” or “Write what you are passionate about” but is your passion really profitable?

After all, if you are going to put your hard work into your blog to grow it and then realize that all your dreams of making 6 figures with your blog is fading because there are only a few people interested in it.

A niche only becomes the most profitable if there is a problem and millions of people interested in solving it. The more people the more profits you could make with your blog. In other words the money is in popularity.

If your passion is not in this list and you really want to know if it’s profitable or not then you can do this.

Go to Google Adword sign in with your Gmail account head towards keyword planner and type in the keyword of your niche.

See how many people are searching for the specific keyword, try multiple keywords related to your niche and if the search results shows over 100,000 searches you are good to go.

Anything below 100,000 could still be profitable but it will be very hard to get it up to a 6 figure level.

But first let’s answer the biggest question.

Do You Really Need a Niche?

Umm… you don’t!

Creating a blog around a niche is a great idea if you want to target likeminded audience, but it’s not really needed.

You can write about different niches in your blog which you are interested about and that way you will be able to attract more visitors.

By doing this you won’t be considered as an authority site in a certain niche but you can easily make good money through affiliate marketing and advertisements.

Take Chasing Foxes for Example,

They blog about most of the profitable niches like Money, food, travel, style, lifestyle which helps them to bring in 1000s of readers to their blog who are interested in different niches and allows them to make a killing with their blog.

Sometimes following your passion holds you down from making 5-6 figures with your blog.

Paul Scrivens from obstacle.co is currently working on 15 different blogs focused on different niches trying out which is the most profitable one.

I mean… working on one blog itself is quite a tiring job and working 15 different ones is just ridiculous although he has a team helping him but still it’s ridiculous.

And do you think he is passionate about 15 different niches? NO!

So here is the list of most profitable niches which can potentially make you 6 figures.

1. How to Make Money

This has to be the obvious one

Money is the biggest problem people are facing and everybody wants to make good amount of money.

So where there is a big problem there is big money and also big competition, because you will be going face to face with people like Neil Patel (one of the best marketer).

Currently a lot of new bloggers are hopping into this niche after reading income reports of Successful Bloggers and start to think it’s a piece of cake and they would do it too.

But with a lot of people on the ground this niche is becoming very saturated and if you are thinking of getting into this niche you will have to something different to stand out from the crowd.

I mean you are already launching a blog which is enough to stand out from the crowd but if you want to make it big here you need to think more creative ways.

And one thing to understand it will take time so just don’t give up.

Pat Flynn from smartpassiveincome.com is been blogging and podcasting from 8-9 years now and he is one of the big names in this industry, some other big names like

  • Darren Rowse
  • Michelle
  • Alex Becker
  • Tai Lopez
  • Melyssa Griffin

Are just the names of few people who are making millions every year by teaching people how to make money online.

The only secret of making 6 figures in this niche is selling your own products and affiliate marketing and both need you to show results first.

Affiliate marketing would be great if you are just starting off and don’t have your own product.

The reason this niche is so much profitable is that most of the products available in this niche are digital which you have to make once and sell it over and over and the affiliate commission is also very high starting from 30%.

2. Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is also a huge one because let’s be honest you want that “perfect summer body”

Everybody nowadays gets jealous by looking at someone’s 6 pack abs and wants it for themselves too.

This is the big reason why health and fitness is one of the most profitable, people who are interested in fitness want to achieve the perfect body and are ready to spend money for it.

So much so the health and fitness industry collected over 85BN$ globally in 2017 which is sure to hit 90BN$ in 2018.

If you are interested in health and fitness and would like to share your body building tips or yoga tips on your blog you could potentially make millions.

Creating and selling your own stuff is also the No.1 way to make good money here because the commission you could get with affiliate marketing on selling others supplements is very low.

Also you can make a Video training or eBook teaching people an advance training which helped you to get all your results or one on one consulting is also a winner in health and fitness industry.

Steve Kamb From Neardfitness.com owns one of the most profitable and also the oldest fitness blog which was started back in 2008 and is able to do significantly well in the most competitive industry by niching down to certain aspects of health like fitness, running and strength.

Steve is an perfect example for niching down from a very broad niche and still making a killing out of it and also creating a diehard fan base for his blog.

  • BornFitness
  • RuntoFinish
  • TheFitnessista
  • TravelStrong
  • FitnessonToast

Are the names of few best fitness bloggers who are making a killing with their blog and if you are into fitness then you can take some inspiration from them.

3. Technology

Technology has turned into hype these days and tech companies sell hundreds of thousands of their product every single month.

And due to this hype about same latest gadgets like phones and gaming consoles etc. attract a shit load of people who are willing to buy it but first want to see if it really meet their requirement and search online.

This is where you can make 6 figures potentially by reviewing or unboxing the product, creating how to’s, tech update etc.

Every Tech company and amazon itself has an affiliate program in place which offers you a commission of 4% and up, display advertisements can also give a CPC of 3$ and up potentially and Sponsorship posts or ads can pay you thousands of dollars if your blog became popular.

But let’s not forget where there is big money there is big competition. Use the right keyword with less competition at first, grow your social media following, grow your email list and make money.

TechCrunch is a tech news and review website which is making a whooping 8mil or more a year, it’s now a big publisher and has a huge team of writers who produce content at a rapid phase if you want to do something like that go ahead these are some of the biggest tech blogs.

  • Wirecutter
  • TheVerge
  • CNET
  • ZDNet
  • Mashable
  • Gizmod

These are some of the multi million dollar blogs which are running since decades.

4. Fashion

Fashion is a very broad niche and 99.9% of this world’s population wants to fashionable and if that would not be the case all these fashion stores like Zara, Gucci, H&M, Supreme wouldn’t be as big as they are right now.

Fashion doesn’t only mean wearing good clothes it also means fitness, beauty, Personality, skin care, the way you behave with others and god knows what not.

There is a lot of money to be made in fashion potentially millions and you will never run out of content cause there so much to blog about.

On the other side it is truly HARD cause you have develop a personality of yourself which people would instantly like showing it through photos or videos.

Most of the fashion bloggers use YouTube and Instagram as a way of building up their following which is one of the most profitable ways of making money through brand sponsorship.

Brands could easily pay you 2000$ or more depending on your popularity and also don’t forget the free stuffs you will get from these brands and if you don’t like the product no promotion.

And also the affiliate commission of 8% and up on every product you sell and you don’t even have to do design any clothes or make anything yourself just pick the most good looking and affordable products and link out to them you could easily make sales.

5. Parenting

Being a parent is a very hard task, I know because I am a SON (all the mischiefs and trouble they have gone through because of me OMG! Just last week I returned their car with several scratches)

And wouldn’t you like some tips on how to get your new born to talk faster or get your son/daughter on the right track.

Parents are always searching these things on the internet especially moms and they are always ready to spend money for their kids on educational games or games in general which gets searched over 100K/month just in US.

And with such search results there is potentially millions to be made with affiliate marketing just by selling these games which parents think are silly and stupid. Or selling your own course teaching parents how to get your kid disciplined, I don’t know anything is possible.

These are some of the most popular and profitable parenting blogs for your inspiration.

  • Mommy On Purpose
  • First time Mom & Dad
  • Mama Natural
  • Scary Mommy
  • Pregnant Chicken

6. Food

Food blogs gets millions of views but it is very hard to monetize that huge traffic because they are not really looking to buy anything, all thanks to Google who made every recipe just one click away.

If you get to monetize you traffic really well then there is potentially good money to be made in this niche.

Although people may come to your website to look for recipes but if you know how to upsell them the utensils you used you could really make good money.

Another way of making huge money with food blogs is by using sponsored ads. Companies could pay you thousands of dollars to put their ad on your website if you are getting good traffic.

Some of the best Food bloggers who are killing it

  • Playful Cooking
  • Feasting at home
  • Seven spoons
  • Not without salt

7. Travel

Who doesn’t wants to travel?

And what do we do before going on a trip?

We go shopping, book hotels, and book flight and when we reach there, we spend all of our money shopping again Right?

According to statistia.com in 2016 the global revenue generated by travel industry including transportation, accommodation, entertainment and attractions was 7.6tr dollars

You just have to get 0.00002% of that total to make a million and once you become popular and get a good following you can even get to stay in 5 stars hotels and villas completely for free if you decided to do a promotion of that place.

But as I said earlier where there is money there is competition and you might have to invest in your blog by actually travelling and also some nice camera equipment to take some cool shots (what’s the point of travelling without photos especially if you are blogger).

Some of the best travel blogs for your inspiration which are making good money

  • Nomadic Matt
  • The Poor Traveller
  • I am Alieen
  • Hippie in heels

8. Relationship

Relationship is one of the hottest topic in anyone’s life and if you are able to make it better then you could be swimming in money.

People are actively searching for phrases like “how to go on a date” or “how to date your best friend” (2 of the top most searched phrases on google in relationship niche)

There are a lot more topic like that in relationship which are getting Millions of searches per month and also people who give relationship advice are the one who these people go to for advice.

If you have a good amount of experience in things like this or you think you can do it then go for it.

As always you will have to find a sub niche in here as broad niches are not really targeting a group of audience and doing that could make you the most money.

Some of the top blogs in Relationship niche

  • Gottman institute
  • Science of relationship
  • My Pixie Blog

9. Personal Development

Personal Development is a really big niche with a lot of potential.

Personal development blogs doesn’t really target a specific topic but a broad niche and create targeted posts.

You could find anything from motivation, mindset to solution to specific problems like depression or any other in a personality development blog.

While writing your posts you need to be very specific what type of audience are you targeting to and create the post accordingly.

Writing on generic topics without targeting a specific group of people won’t be as beneficial as targeting a specific group of people for generating traffic.

Some of the top blogs in Personality Development niche are

  • Addicted2success
  • Tim Ferris
  • I Will Teach You To Be Rich


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