7 Best Ad Networks for Beginner Bloggers

Growing your blog and monetizing it is the sole objective of almost every blogger.

Earning income through advertisements is very common in the blogging community and almost everyone uses it.

The income generated with ads depends upon the number and quality of visitors you manage to attract to your blog.

For ex. If you are blogging in entertainment niche you need to bring in thousands of visitors from 1 tier countries like USA, Canada etc. in order to make good amount of money.

If you are into insurance niche, teaching people about insurance then you might not need as much visitors to make same amount of money.

But this only happens if you choose the right Ad network to work with.

Choosing the right ad network which could generate good revenue for your blog is a very hard task and it requires a lot of testing of different ad networks.

Talking about different types of ad network, some of them offer different type of ads and some offer only one type of ads.

CPC and CPM are the two base of every type of ads served.

CPC stands for Cost per click and CPM stands for Cost per mile. In CPC you will get paid every time someone clicks on your ad and goes to the advertiser’s website and CPM ads will get you paid for every 1000 impression served.

Now there are different types of ads like in text ads, Contextual ads, Banner ads, Pop-up ads, Pop-under ads, Native ads and some more which are offered by the ad networks.

There is one thing to understand that some networks will serve you only with CPC ads, some will serve you with only CPM ads and some will serve you with both CPC and CPM.

The best Practice done to increase your revenue is to use both the types of ads CPC and CPM on your blog and see what makes you more money.

(Just to let you know, in this post I have listed ad networks with CPC and CPM and NOT any affiliate ad Networks)

Now let’s get into the 7 ad networks which I think are the best

1. Google AdSense

Google Adsense, as the name says is a product of Google. It’s from a 600 billion dollar company so it has to be the best.

Google adsense serves the highest paying ads and there is no other ad network even close to what adsense is offering.

And because of that it is very hard to get an approval from adsense and it quite easy to be kicked out of the program if you don’t follow their rules so make sure you read their Program Policy.

You may even get your revenue deducted if you get caught violating their rules or someone else is violating their rules on your website and it is also possible that they will ban your IP and will never give another approval.

The very common rule violation which gets many publishers suspended is clicking on their own ads to make a quick buck. Google tracks from where the visitor is coming to the advertiser’s website and if the same IP is clicking on a same ad 100 times Google will ban you even if you were not doing it and someone else was doing it.

Because many big companies as well as small companies trust google with their money and ads it’s their responsibility to serve them quality if they want to stay in the game.

Adsense is mainly focused on CPC ads which has the highest revenue. They also have CPM but their CPM rates are low.

They serve you with different types of ads including custom dimension ads whose size and color you can customize according to your needs.

Minimum payout 100$ via PayPal or wire transfer.

2. Media.net

Media.net is the best alternative of Adsense, founded by Divyank Turakhia in 2010.

It a product of yahoo and bing search engines and it is the largest ad network with contextual ads. They are also strict with their rules but not as strict as adsense and you could get an approval from them easily when compared with adsense.

Almost 90% of Media.net’s advertisers are from US therefore it has the potential to give you good revenue if most of your traffic in from US.

Publishers using Media.net have repeatedly reported their revenue to be around 50-60 % of what adsense pays.

The reason to choose media.net over adsense is the insecurity you get with adsense.

From making 2000$ ,3000$ or more you could suddenly go ZERO overnight if they find some invalid activity.

Whereas in Media.net they take 1 or 2 days before showing you your earnings, because they monitor if there is any invalid activity and if they found something they will deduct the money you got from the invalid activity and return it to the advertiser without harming your account.

They also mainly focus on CPC and their CPM rates are considerably low.

Minimum Payout 250$ via PayPal or Wire Transfer

3. Propeller ads

Propeller ads are a CPM ad network and they are no.1 pop-under ad network and serves somewhere between 650mil to 700mil impressions daily.

They were founded in 2011 and are growing since then defeating some of their major competitors.

Although they serve all the different types of ads like Banner, contextual etc. but they work exclusively with pop-ads and also generate high revenue with them.

It is extremely easy to get approved with propeller ads and start earning from the day one.

Thy have a very user friendly layout which helps in navigating through all of their different menus.

Their pay rates are very good ranging from 1$ to 10$ depending upon the quality of the visitors.

Minimum payout is 100$ via Payoneer or wire transfer

4. Infolinks

Infolinks is considered to be the most innovative ad network as their ads are very unique and also they provide you with different types of ads like Text link ads, these ads are only shown when someone clicks on the word highlighted by their system which is related to their advertiser.

  • Infold ads (Overlay ads)
  • In frame ads (Banner ads and customized frame ads)
  • nTag (Tag cloud ads)
  • InScreen (smart interstitial ads)

Their ad formats are SEO friendly and don’t harm your ranking. They are already serving to more than 200,00 publisher all over the globe and made them happier

They have a minimum payout of 50 via PayPal and Payoneer and 100$ Via Wire transfer.

5. HillTop Ads

HillTop ads are a great CPC and CPM ad network if your website traffic is below 10K/Month

What makes them different from many other ad networks is their anti-ad block Technology which helps in increasing your revenue as more and more people watch the ads.

The offer many different types ads just like the others like the banner, native, interstitial ads etc. and serve good quality contextual ads.

Getting approved by them is very easy just fill in the signup form and BOOM! You are all set to put their ads on your website.

Their Minimum payout is 50$ Via Many different ways including Bitcoin and they don’t charge any transaction fees like others which makes it even cooler.

6. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser was founded in 2002 and running since then and holding its place firmly in the tops by providing high quality ads and good revenue to the publishers.

They have vast range of ad formats which allows placing ads anywhere in your blog irrespective of the size recommended.

They also give fast approval if your blog meets their terms and condition.

The only major con to this is they don’t allow free blogs like blogger.com or wordpress.org to get approved for their advertisement and also their layout is very outdated.

Minimum payout is 10$ via PayPal and 20$ or 50$ via Wire transfer.

7. Revenue Hits

Revenue hits is based on a totally different concept not by CPC neither CPM they are using CPA ads.

CPA ads means Cost per Acquisition or Cost per Action that means every time your visitors perform a certain action like filling out a form or a survey you will get paid.

So if you use revenue hits you won’t get paid for ad impressions or ad click.

Advertisers use Revenue Hits when they need certain information from people like their email or want them to fill out a survey.

The cost pre action is very high and you could expect to get around 5 to 10$ per action performed.

You will only get paid if the visitors complete the action fully doing whatever is required.

The only con to this ad network is their ads are not attractive and most of the time it would be just a download button placed in the footer.

Minimum payout 50$ via PayPal, Payonner or Wire Transfer


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