6 Profitable Untapped Blog Niches With 6 Figure Potential

Blogging is getting mainstream now more than ever. With the majority of people getting into the most obvious niches which are quite saturated and making it difficult to stand out.

These popular niches have the potential to make you money quickly as people are actively searching for them and there is a need for it in the market.

I have listed 7 most profitable niches with million dollar potential which you could check out.

But keeping the popular niches aside there are also some niches which are also actively searched and have a demand but no one talks about them.

But today we’ll talk about them 😉

1. Language












There is an active demand for people

learning a new language because maybe they are migrating from one place to another or the like that language or marrying a person with different native language.

According to statista the revenue generated by the language industry so far in 2018 is 46B and could reach up to 51B till 2021.

If you know your native language very well then you could easily start a blog teaching people how to correctly talk or write in your language.

Olly from iwillteachyoualanguage.com is killing it with his blog. He knows 8 and teaches 6 languages to people through his blog and courses and generates over half a million visitors a month.

2. Academic

Students from all over the world have to go through some terrifying subjects like Mathematics and Science and you could help them to make it a bit easier.

If you think that you could easily rip apart the syllabus of the students for 1 or 2 subjects then why don’t you make a blog and teach them in the easiest way possible so that they could easily solve those terrifying problems they are stuck on.

You could even make videos solving the problem and put them on YouTube and embed them to your blog for better understanding.

Sarah from math equals love has been helping students since 2011 generating over 80K visitors per month.

3. Expensive Hobbies

Expensive hobbies are well …very Expensive.

There are several such hobbies like golf, Camping, Hunting, Survival, Photography, Fishing etc.

If you are interested in such hobbies then you could be killing it as the products needed to fulfill these hobbies are really expensive and you could get a good commission for every sale you make or you could even create courses to help people out.

Derek from The Ultimate Hang blogs about his camping adventures and tips and tricks about camping and generates around 80K visitors per month.

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4. Odd / Breed Pets

Blogging about pets is always fun. People mostly like to blog about dogs and cats in general but very few blogs about their pet rabbit or pet Hamster.

You could target that audience and blog about such pets. Products like Fish tanks and food are fairly popular and gets searched over 200,000 times on Google.

If you don’t have an odd pet you could still blog about your Chihuahua or Pug rather than getting in the broad Dog niche.

These blogs could also be highly profitable because people buy dog clothes, foods etc all the time and you could share your pug’s pic with cute clothes on and link it to Amazon for the commission.

5. Fandom

People get crazy about the things they love and want to know more about it. You can take this fandom of people to your advantage and start a blog targeting a specific market like Movies, Web series, TV Shows, Sports, Games etc.

Since it is targeted to a specific group of people you will be able to attract a good amount of visitors on your website and ranking for these terms on Google in less competition.

You can easily monetize your blog with Ads and generate revenue with it and also use affiliate products related to your niche to increase your income.

Sponsored Posts and Ads are also another way you could make money if you are able to generate a good amount of page views to your blog.

6. Personality Development

This niche is so much profitable but still there are only a few people who are blogging about it. Many people around the world would love to develop their personalities and would pay to make it happen.

There are people who want to stay confident, Stop smoking, stop drinking but are unable to do so. There are a ton of things you can blog about in personality development but I would recommend you to stick to just one specific thing.

You can even document your journey and show people how you achieved your goal and make courses to help people better.


Blogging in the most popular niches can be easy as there is a lot of content and demand already in the market. But blogging in the not so popular niche could be tough but still very profitable.

These above 6 niches could make get you six-figure income if done well.

These are my top picks for the most profitable untapped blog niches. If you want to add any let me know in the comments.


  1. Wow that’s great – i am looking for micro niches and what you think language is good for micro niches? 🙂


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