12 Legitimate Online Businesses You Can Start Without Money

Everyone have thought of starting a Business of their own at least once in their lifetime but get scared by the thought of investing a bunch of money or failing in business or both.

But what if you don’t have to invest any money, would you do it then?

Most people will say YES, but if you are not investing money then there is another thing that you’ll need to invest and that is Time and Effort and a Heck lot of it.

Internet is a beautiful thing if you use it right, it has brought immense opportunities in front of us ready to use but you need to do a little bit digging to reach them.

These Online Business ideas are very beginner friendly but very powerful. Each of these ideas could scale over 6-figures per month if done cleverly.

Affiliate Marketing

1st on my list is affiliate marketing, Affiliate Marketing is basically promoting someone else’s product and if you make a sale you will get commission for that sale.

The way it works is, you’ll have to create an account with the affiliate partner and then you will get a link.

That link contains a tracking id or a cookie which tracks the sales. Once you have got the link for the product you can then start promoting it. Each person which click through that link gets a cookie on their browser and if they buy the product before the cookie expires (At least 24hrs) you will get paid.

Now which are these companies?

The biggest affiliate company is Amazon, It provides 1000s of verities of products and they have a unique tracking system in place.

If you send someone over to amazon with your product link and they did not buy the product you recommended but bought something else within 24hrs you will get commission for that product or Better yet, they buy your product and also added several other things to their cart and checked out, you will get commission on all of those product.

But the commission rates of amazon are low, the highest you could get is 10% on clothes and apparels and 4% on electronics. You could check out the commission chart for amazon here Amazon Affiliate Commission rate chart.

There is another company which I love is Click bank. Click bank offers over 50% commission on products which they list. They only deal with Digital Products like E-book and E-course which are always good quality and as these are educational products I really love to promote them.

Although Click bank doesn’t has the commission on anything rather than your product policy like amazon but they do have something pretty amazing.

The cookie duration on clickbank products is 30 days (or More) .i.e. if you send someone to click bank product, they have 30 days to make a decision and buy your recommended product.

You could also get Residual Income from Affiliate marketing as there are a lot of membership programs or online tools offering affiliate partnership.

If you get someone to sign up to these companies they would pay you money till the customer you referred is paying them. The commission could range anywhere from 10% all the way up to 60%.

People have been making 6 figures each month with affiliate marketing, some of them are Pat Flynn from smartpassiveincome.com and Mitchell from makingsenseofcents.com. They are the veterans in this game and has been doing this for years.

Online Courses

Have you got a skill? Then why don’t make money sharing it.

Creating an Online course can be bit though but very profitable. To ensure the most success while creating your course you need to keep some things in mind.

1st you need to make sure that whatever it is you are planning to make a course on have an audience which are willing to spend money on it.

2nd Your course should solve a particular problem that people are facing in a particular niche for Ex. Creating a course on Coding is targeting a very broad audience whereas Creating course on coding a website or app is very niche.

You should never aim to make a broad product because not only they are hard to make but also hard to sell.

3rd provide as much value as you can in your courses, It will help in customer satisfaction and also spread awareness about your product.

When you are done with creating your course now it’s time to sell it.

There are many different ways you can use to sell your course. You can list it on udemy, Skillshare or many different options but the best one which I love is getting affiliates on board.

Getting affiliates on board will give you a massive exposure in return for 40% to 50% share of the price. You could contact bloggers or big email list owners and ask them to become your partner. This is the easiest way to sell your course.

Another way I love is starting a blog of your own and promoting the course through your blog posts. Although it will be hard because you will have to find audience all by yourself and work a lot but after a while it becomes passive and the best part is you keep all the money and don’t have to share it with others.


Tee spring is an amazing platform where you can design any print that you would like on your t-shirt, upload it to the website and position it wherever you want on the t-shirt and press the buy button.

They will print the design on the t-shirt that you choose and deliver it to you.

To make money using tee spring you will have to create beautiful t-shirt designs and create a good looking t-shirt and then they will ask you how much do you want to value it.

Select the amount you would like and start promoting the product. They will charge you 15$-16$ per t-shirt if you got an order so your price should be more than the product around 24$ works the best.

If you don’t know how to create t-shirt designs you could learn it yourselves or hire someone from fiverr to create designs for you.

People on fiverr are very creative and they will charge you 5$ per design or less not bad right. Check it out for yourself.

Become an Author

If you have interest in writing then you could try this out.

I know it costs a lot of money to publish a book but hey we have a thing called as Kindle.

Kindle publishing has made a lot of millionaires since it has launched and the best part is you don’t have to spend a dime to list your book on kindle.

To get successful with kindle you’ll have to write a lot of Book and by a lot I mean really a lot.

To get successful with kindle you will have to get a really broad topic which you love, break it into several parts and create 50-70 page eBook on each part and list it on kindle for 2.99$ rather than writing a 500 page ebook and listing it at 9.99$.

Not to mention the 2.99$ ebooks will sell more than highly cost books.

Amazon also takes a 30% cut from each book you sell and gives you the remaining 70% but this policy applies if you order comes from specific countries. If your order came from countries outside the list you will get 35% of the price to get more details I would like you to visit here.


Freelancing is the best if you want to start a business and it has been recommended by many people as you will get to learn a lot from your projects and clients about business and the best part is you can work whenever wherever you want.

But you will have to find clients who are working in the business you want to get into and work for them until you learn everything needed.

Finding clients will be the toughest part though.

You can list your jobs at websites like upwork, fiverr, freelancer etc. You could freelance almost anything from coding, graphic designing, social media managing, writing and the list goes on.

Another way you could get clients is through emailing business and asking if they need any help or better yet tell them the flaws they are having in business and ask if I could fix it for you.

Have any suggestion or would like me to add another one of your choice just comment down below.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is anyone who can offer a service to business after exchanging an agreed upon fee.

It is similar to freelancing but as a VA you are also expected to do some tasks like processing orders, Customer Support and many other such tasks, you can have a look at them here.

To get started you’ll need to decide what kind of services can you offer and set your price, Pitch several business about how you can help them, build relationship with fellow VAs.

You can even start a website and list your services there as it will look more professional and could land you more clients. I have a guide on how you can start a Website/Blog in a day.


This is one of my favorite as I do it regularly and enjoy doing it. Although if you want to start blogging as a career then you’ll have to invest a few pennies to buy a domain and hosting.

You can get a domain and hosting for as little as 3.75$/Month from bluehost which is one of the best hosting provider and also they offer Domain name free for 1 year.

If you don’t want to invest any money then there is alternate options like Blogger.com and Wix.com.

With them you’ll be able to get started for free but both of these won’t give full control over your website and you blog domain name will contain .blogger.com or .wix.com at the end For Ex. example.blogger.com or example.wix.com which is ugly for me.

To make money blogging the most important thing you need is visitors. The more visitors you get the more money you’ll make.

Many people are making 1000s of dollars each month with blogging by selling their courses, affiliate marketing, Ads and few other things.


Youtube is completely free to start and because of that it has a lot of competition and you’ll need to work really hard creating entertaining videos for youtube.

The top genera of youtube right now is Gaming and 6 out of 10 Top Earning Youtubers are Gamers. Not saying gaming is the only way to go but it is booming right now and has the most potential.

Other genera are beauty, tech, comedy and few other. If you know you can create entertaining videos which will be loved by people then you can become the next youtube millionaire.

There and several ways you can make money through youtube like Ads, Mearch, Affiliate Marketing, Brand Deals etc. but to make that happen you need to create a subscriber base first.

And Mike William will help you to do just that. He has been featured on Entrepreneur.com and when I read his techniques of pulling Millions of Views per month I was shocked because they were quiet easy.

His Course Youtube Secrets will give you a detailed look on how to make money on youtube without much of a hustle and eliminating the learning curve.

Develop an App

Don’t get scared, you don’t have to do any crazy coding as there are already some free platforms available which allow to create an app just by Dragging and Dropping elements.

Appypie is the leading drag and drop builder for creating smartphone apps all you need is a creative idea which will help people or you could develop a game using the free unity engine which is bit more complicated also a lot more profitable.

People are making millions from creating games that could be made in a day or two. They just need to be addictive and targeted to a niche audience.

Sell Photos Online

If you have a passion for photography you can make a lot of money selling your photos online.

Websites like shutterstock, istock photos, almy pay a good amount of money if someone buys your photos. All you have to do is list your photos onto their website by creating an account and wait for people to notice them and buy them.

If you don’t have a professional camera you can still click amazing photos your smartphone and sell it on apps specially targeted to mobile photos.

Apps and websites like Snapwire, foap, Clashot make it very simple to list your photos at your desirable price and they take a commission for every photo you sell.

Social Media Manager

Businesses want their presence on every social media possible and they don’t have enough time to do that so they hire people like us to grow their following.

To become a social media manager you need to know how to grow social media following whether is instagram, facebook, pinterest, twitter or any other.

If you know how to do that and have a decent following then you are good to go but if you don’t then try to build your personal following to atleast 10K and that journey itself will teach you how to manage social media.

The best way to find jobs is to search for recently created brands and ask them if they need any help regarding their social media if they say yes you are in business.

Social Media Influencer

This is a really big potential to make a lot of money but to do that you need quite a bit of following, I am talking atleast 500K or more.

On platform like instagram, twitter and youtube. These are the go to platforms for brands as they give the highest return possible and brands also pay the most to influencers on these platforms.

The journey of getting from 0 to 500K will be though one unless you are famous but once you reach there, brands will approach you for collaboration with a big budget.


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