7 Best Work From Home Jobs Which are Highly In Demand in 2019

Best work from jobsMaking 100$ a day from home could be really challenging but not with these Best Work from home jobs which are in serious demand in 2018 and will be in demand in the upcoming years.

Why? Because these jobs need a human and no robot or AI can do it (At least not yet). So companies will have to pay people to get these jobs done.

These jobs are very time friendly and could be done anywhere with an internet connection and a laptop at your own time.

So let’s cut the crap and get into the List.

1. Freelance

Freelancing is the best way to get started with your work from home jobs as you will be getting paid to do what you are good at.

In freelancing what you’ll have to do is to sell your services primarily to business owners because they tend to spend a lot on getting good services.

Freelance Gigs like Graphic designing, Web Designing, Coding, Programming, SEO, Social Media Managing are very Hot right now. Business owners spend 1000s of dollars on these gigs as these are the Base of most of the businesses these days.

To get freelance work you could list your services on websites like Fiverr & Upwork and get hired through there but it needs a lot of time and patience for these sites to recommend you and also you’ll need some Good Reviews before you see some significant growth.

Another thing you could do to get clients more quickly is to email people personally and ask them if you could do the job for them.

Sure you will have a hard time finding the people and emails of them but it could end up getting you clients faster

2. Tutor

If you are good at on subject and have the confidence that you’ll be able to solve students problem then you can easily make 100$ a day Solving problems online.

There are various places you can go to get teaching jobs but the recommended one is chegg.com.

Chegg is an academic website which focuses on solving problems of students online and to do that they need people who are expert in the subject.

There are many subjects you can choose to become a tutor of but in order to start the work you have to go through a test where you will have to score at least 80% to pass.

There will be 10 questions and you will get 2 hrs. to complete the questions.

If you pass they will contact you and tell you all the details you need to start making money with them and they do pay on time so no need to worry.

3. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a person who offers a variety of different services to business at a fee.

Tasks such as Customer Support, Return, and Refund, Processing Orders, Graphic designing, Performing Outreach and a ton more.

If you are good and these kinds of tasks then you could become a VA.

Although getting clients is on the tougher side and especially beginners struggle a lot to get clients more often.

Here are 7 way you can find more clients as a Virtual Assistant by Desire to done could help you find clients faster.

A VA could expect to get paid around 25$/hour as a beginner and increase it as the time passes and gets more experience.

But people nowadays do not hire on an hourly basis but on a task basis so it’s up to you to decide how much you are going to charge.

4. Transcription

Transcription is booming right now as more and more businesses have started to promote videos as their ads and Videos are incomplete without transcribing them.

Although typing what you hear seems pretty easy but it’s not that easy as you have to hear the audio multiple times to get the correct words.

It will easily take you 4-5 Hours to transcribe an hour-long clip into words.

You can expect around 20$-25$/hr. as a beginner and maybe 50$/hr. if you are an expert. But many people have started to pay on the basis of the completed task and not hourly so you will be paid accordingly.

If you know any other language fluently other than English then you could also start work as a Translator and expect to get paid a little more than just transcribing in English.

5. Writer

There are many different ways you could make money as a writer.

You could start your own blog, Write for Other Blogs, Publish your own eBook etc.

If you want to work hard and make writing your full-time job then I would suggest you to Start a Blog. But it needs a lot of planning, Patience & hard work and results are not immediate.

If you are aiming for instant payments after you submit your writing then I would suggest you to work with other bloggers and companies. These people are always on a hunt for great content and if you are able to provide them with what they want they could pay you 1000s of dollars of 11 post.

As a beginner, you could expect to earn 0.10$ per word but according to stats, only a handful of people are able to make a living with writing and others can’t.

So I would suggest you to start it as a side job and then think of making it full time if you see some growth.

6. Proofreading

Proofreading is one of the most important parts of any written content. A proofreader makes sure that the content is correct in grammar, vocabulary, spelling, formatting etc.

It is usually the last process of writing the content and because it is last it doesn’t mean it is not important. People want their content to perfect and easy to understand so to make sure their content is perfect they hire proofreaders.

Many professional proofreaders take their work very seriously and try to make the article as perfect as they could.

In order to start proofreading, you need to be an English expert knowing all the grammar, punctuation etc.

To land a proofreading job with no experience is a bit though but there are companies that will help you to get started. These companies may require you to pass a test before getting hired.

You can expect to get paid from 10$ to 40$ per hour and with more experience, you could even get paid up to 90$ per hour.

7. Website/App Testing

As 100s of new websites pop up everyday people want theirs to stand out from the crowd and how will they do it by improving its design, speed, user interface and much more.

But after doing all of that they require user’s feedback on their website and this is where testing comes in.

Companies will pay you to visit a certain website or app on your PC or phone and test it for a certain amount of time (Usually 15 to 20 mins) after testing they will ask for your feedback and done.

Things you will need to get into this job are a PC or Mac, Mic and internet connection. If you have all of these in place then you are all set to get started.

There are many companies hiring people for testing websites and app and you could expect to make about 10$ per project which usually takes 15 to 20 mins.

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