17 Amazing Free Ways to Get Massive Traffic To Your Blog

We all want to get traffic and always wonder how to get free traffic to our blog or website but there is so much competition out there that it’s very hard to stand out and get attention.

For the first few weeks when I started blogging I was writing articles over articles and was hoping google or yahoo or Bing would find my stuff and rank it accordingly.

I knew that Google take a year to notice a new piece of content from a brand new blog but I was still hoping for some miracle (Not a great move there).

After a month I decided to look for other resources from where I could drive traffic to my blog and I was lucky enough that I found a bunch of them.

It’s still my 2nd month of blogging and I have already generated over 10K Pageviews using some of these methods (A miracle did happened after all).

1. Write What People Are Searching For

On my previous blog which failed, I used write blog posts here and there and not thinking if people actually want to read them.

While coming up with a blog post idea you should tell yourself that “it’s not for you it’s for them” so you could write articles accordingly.

To know what people are searching for there are a no. of free and paid tools available the 2 best ones which I recommend are: Google keyword Planned and Buzzsumo.com

Keyword planner shows you the search volume of your Keyword (Blog Post idea) and buzzsumo on the other hand shows you how many shares a similar content of idea have got so you could determine whether no not you should go with it.

These 2 tools give you an insight on both Search Engines and Social media which drives the most traffic to your blog.

2. Catchy Headline

When you are writing your blog posts think about something unique and get creative with your headline.

Because if you are thinking about writing a blog post on a high search volume topic chances are 100s or 1000s of people have already done it.

Inorder for you to stand out from the crowd you need something that will grab people’s attention so that they would click and read your article.

For ex. Instead of writing a simple headline like “5 best shoes for summer” you could write something like “Top 5 Shoes that will make you look your best in summer”

The whole purpose of writing catchy headlines is to make people curious about what’s inside.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is by far my most referral traffic source and a heavy amount of my traffic is coming from pinterest alone.

it’s is more than just a social media, its sort of like a search engine because when you go to pinterest you often search for stuff and pin it rather than messaging to strangers.

To get a huge amount of traffic from pinterest you need to make you pin viral by using some SEO techniques like using relevant keyword and some other stuffs and posting to a bunch of Group boards a bunch of time.

Pinterest traffic isn’t a one and done deal like that of Facebook. You could expect traffic from pinterest for months to come and then it slowly dies out.

I have already created a 12 point checklist to make your pin viral you can get it below.

4. Facebook groups

Facebook comes 2nd in my list of top referrals and it’s all because of its groups.

There are plenty of huge Facebook groups that you could be a part of and post your link in there. But the best technique to leverage facebook groups is to build trust with the group admin.

If you are writing article about “Top 5 Shoes that will make you look your best in summer” you could join a fashion related group and ask the admin about his or her thought about the same.

If they share their personal tips with you, you could add them into your article and send it to the group admin. In return they will share your post in the group or even pin it to the top so that you could get more traffic.

Usually an article shared by the admin gets more attention than any other group member.

Meredith from Breaking the one Percent has already listed 62 amazing Facebook groups that will Explode your Blog or Business be sure to check that out.

5. Twitter

Twitter has over 336M monthly active users and it ranks in top 10 websites in the world so it would be a dumb move to leave twitter for business.

There are plenty of different ways you can use twitter to get traffic to your blog like Using #Hashtags, tweeting 10-15 times a day, tagging other people who you have mentioned in your post to get more exposure.

But the best is when people share your content from your website to their twitter following.

The best way to do this is to use a plugin called as click to tweet. It is an amazing twitter sharing plugin which will let you put your tweets in between your content so that if anyone wants to share your content on twitter they could do it with just one click.

6. YouTube

Youtube is no.2 on the list of both Social media and a search engine.

You could make a great video related to your topic and post it on youtube, but it is slightly hard to get into the top rankings of your keywords or tags.

However youtube might put your video in the suggested section below and if you manage to get more clicks there they would shoot you in the top of the search ranking.

Then you could easily drive traffic to your website or landing page whichever you like.

7. Ask Other Bloggers to Share your Content

Once you write a blog post and you start to see good amount of traffic coming to that blog post after just a few days then you know it’s a great piece of content.

You could ask other big bloggers or social media power users with massive following to share your content with their followers.

The best way to find other influencers in your niche is to go to buzzsumo and search topic similar to your niche. A list of most shared article will pop-up and you could find a link there named View shares.

If you click there every person who shared that article will be in front of you and then all you have to do is go through a bunch of them and see who has a good amount of following.

Once you found someone that satisfies your needs then just go ahead and ask them politely to share your content via email.

Don’t think that everyone will share your post. Out of all those emails you send only 10% – 20% might share if they like your content.

This strategy is very powerful because it benefits you in multiple ways.

It helps you get more shares, More shares means more traffic and google also starts to recognize you and the best is you get to know other bloggers and learn from them and setup a network of bloggers who could help you.

8. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an amazing way to generate traffic to your blog and also build a network of big influential bloggers.

It’s sort of like the previous method but a little more advanced. Here we don’t ask people to share our content instead we ask them to write for them on their blog.

You might be wondering why would anyone agree to let someone write on their blog, But the truth is most of the bloggers are too caught up in creating amazing content and it takes a lot of effort to create one (There are many more reasons).

So instead of them creating an awesome blog post we create one for them and add links that redirect to our website inside that article which generates great targeted traffic.

There is also some con to guest posting and i.e. once you post the article on their blog you cannot use it on your own blog so keep that in mind.

I have put together a free checklist and a detailed guide on how to reach out to big blogs and ask for a guest post. You can get that below.

9. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one best way to make sales and also to generate recurring traffic to your blog.

For email marketing to work you need to build a list of emails which are interested in your content and would love to read more of it.

To create a list you need an email marketing service provider and a lead magnet.

I have already written an article on how to start email marketing successfully from scratch you can check that out here.

10. Infographic Images

Many of you may know what infographics are for some of you who don’t infographic images are long images with tutorials or insights or something that gives you info designed on them for better understanding.

You could create infogrphics on you own with the help of tools like photoshop or canva.

After you have created your infographics the next thing you need to do is to put that inside your blog post and create a embed code.

You can follow this amazing tutorial by hubspot to know how to do that.

Once you got you code all you have to do is to put it below your infographic. This allows everyone to use your infographic and once it’s on their website you will generate backlinks and every time someone click the image it will redirect them to your website.

12 Point Viral Pin Checklist 
That I use to Get Over 20,000 Pageviews on a New Blog


11. Forum Posting

Forums are old yet powerful.

Forums have the potential to drive 1000s of visitors to your website all you need a strategy in place to do so.

When you are answering questions on forums you should link to your blog post so that if someone is on that particular thread would read it may click it.

While answering try to keep your answers short and to the point and don’t add any link many people prefer to look for short answers rather than a long one and if they see a link they would just over look it.

To get huge amount of traffic from forums you need to posting as many as you could per day 3-5 times are recommended but you could go more than that.

12. Reddit

Reddit is known to send crazy amount of traffic to websites if your post manage to get to the top.

But it’s very tough to get there in the first place because reditters don’t like marketers unless you are Neil Patel or something.

If you post your links on different sub reddits many people will still see it because it gets wide spread and people get annoyed by that and start to down vote your content.

Some people will also go ahead and checkout your profile out of suspicion for a spammy marketer and if they find that you are doing something like that they will report you to the moderator and get you banned.

The best way to generate traffic to your blog with reddit is to provide value to them and don’t spam them.

And also short form content doesn’t work on reddit so if your article isn’t over 2000 words don’t even think of posting it on reddit.

If people start to like your content it would start to climb up the ladder and get you more traffic.

13. Round Up Posts

Round up posts are a collection of different things such as tools, Strategies, Statistics and many more things.

Roundup posts look like something like this “20 Bloggers that are making over 10K/Month”

These types of posts work great because people get attracted with the good things in this example 10K a month is a attraction.

When they see people are already doing it then they become curious to know who they are.

Here we target 2 emotions of people attraction and curiosity which leads them to click on the article and read it.

Another way you will get traffic is through the people who participated in your round up post.

All you have to do is to shoot an email to all the people who you mentioned in your blog post and ask them to share it. Since you have mentioned them in they won’t hesitate to share it and you will start to get some of their traffic too.

Not only that, this will help you to get to know them and ask for help if you needed any.

14. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is considered spamy if you don’t do it right.

Many people go on any blog and comment thing like “Hey, Nice post” and then post their link in there.

This is why many people fail to get traffic from blog commenting because as soon as the blog owner get such comments they don’t approve it and delete it and may even blog the IP from commenting again.

While commenting, make sure you add value to both the blog and the readers and then add your link in the comment which should be related to your content.

Doing this will definitely get your comment approved in the first place and also click from their website.

15. LinkedIn Groups

Linkedin also have groups similar to Facebooks but a little less spamy. Over 81% of LinkedIn Users have joined atleast 1 group of their interest all you have to do is find what group suits your type of content.

To find groups on LinkedIn, click on your “Interests” tab, and then “Groups” in the drop down menu. Search for topics. LinkedIn will also offer you suggested groups based on your current activities, profiles and so on.

After you join a group you need to be genuine and not just be a marketer posting links here and there.

Read the guidelines of the group, check what people on that group are interested in the most, before posting link create a genuine engagement with the group members and try not to get banned.

16. SlideShare.net

Slide share is a Slide sharing website owned by LinkedIn which get over 130M visits per month and has a user base of 70M.

Slideshare has a lot of potential to get a ton of traffic to your blog.

The first thing you need to do is create highly informative Slides on important topics which gets searched frequently.

You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to find top searches for keywords and include them in your file too.

This is because people search the site to get relevant slides according their needs so you need to perform some SEO (Not as Crazy as Google) and your slide need to get in front of those people.

There also 3 other sections you need to be focusing on. 1. Today’s Top Slides 2. Featured Slides 3. Most shared.

The top 2 are really hard and also easy at the same time to get into. Why, because they are handpicked.

People at Slideshare read through your all your content and then determine which one should get in there. These 2 are really hard because you need to create something which is completely thorough and explains whatever topic in form of slides. And it’s easy because there is no algorithm that you need to understand inorder to get to the top.

You could use Microsoft’s Powerpoint or Keynote for mac to create beautiful slides. It doesn’t matter what software you use all that matters is content.

17. Mix.com

Well you might have never heard of it before because it’s totally new.

As we all know, sadly StumbleUpon shutdown on 30 JULY 2018 and they are redirecting their traffic to this new platform called mix.

I checked it out recently. It is similar to stumbleupon instead of just sending us to some unknown pages they give us the choice to click on what article we want similar to pinterest.

As its new I would highly suggest you to go ahead and give it a try.


  1. All information and all platforms given are really very good and very effective in both affiliate marketing and website traffic. I think the pinterest and fb groups are really helping me a lot. Thanks a lot for sharing such a good article.

    1. Author

      True, Pinterest and FB groups are helping me a lot too i am also experimenting with slideshare and i think i’ll score a home-run.

  2. Great post, Nayan. I’m wondering what kind of success you’ve had with Mix. I was receiving a lot of traffic from StumblUpon but not that Mix has taken them over I’m sort of at a loss.

    Thanks for any info you can provide.


  3. These are great tips and very timely. I have been looking for creative ways to drive traffic to my blog and this is full of ’em. And I’d completely forgotten about slideshare!

  4. Great list of tips, Nayan!

    If I can add on to #3 (Pinterest), I’d also suggest using the Pinterest automation tool Tailwind.

    There’s both a free and paid option. Getting your Pinterest pins in an automated scheduler frees up time from manual pinning and also drives traffic to your website. I’ve just started using Tailwind and am definitely seeing some traffic from that source.

    Anyway, just wanted to share that.

    Thanks again!

  5. I agree with your points on getting more traffic to this blog. People use different ways of getting more traffic but on this way they do silly mistakes and reduce their rankings also. I agree that commenting should also be done in a better way as just leaving your blog link can make it a spam.

  6. Hi,
    It’s been an informative post that showed how to attract more traffic to website. I started focussing on Pinterest, and Google plus (really helped me a lot) for traffic to my Website. Pinterest drives slow and steady traffic and Google plus drives instantaneous traffic for me.

    I have a suggestion to you.. Social sharing buttons in the mobile version of your blog is in the left side and they covers the content of the blog. It’s too hard to read the post. Could you consider moving them to a position where the visibility to the post will be more?

  7. This post is even more relevant now G+ is closing in April, I have gained quite a few followers through G+ so this is timely advice. Thank you for posting

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