How i Got Over 11,000 Pageviews in my first month of Blogging

There are Over 400 Million Blogs on the internet (2018) and more than 3 Million Blog posts are written every day.

In such a chaotic environment it is very hard for a new blogger to stand out of the rest and gain the attraction of the people to make them visit your blog.

So, you might be wondering how I did it and is it true. Here’s proof of that.

As you can see I started with nothing, it’s 0 at the beginning and then starts to Spike up and down.

Let me be very transparent with you here, I started to write content on my blog 1 month before this chart and was hoping for a miracle to happen like toping on Google pages or something like that.

For the whole month I had zero traffic, Literally Zero and was scratching my head, why am I not receiving any traffic.

I tried the SEO tactics like creating Backlinks but in vain. I knew Google takes Months or even years to rank a new blog post but as I said Hoping for a Miracle.

After 1 month of no success I thought it’s time to take matters in my own hand start to promote my blog myself and then Pinterest struck my mind.


I was using Pinterest but not as much as Instagram and Facebook.

I read an article where it was clearly mentioned that using facebook pages to drive traffic to your blog is just not possible because, Facebook has drastically decreased reach of pages to around 8%.

So even if I had 1000 followers my post would only reach to 80 people and may be 10% would click on it. So it’s not a great place to put your efforts into.

Then I thought of Pinterest and started to do some research on it and I found a winning platform for my blog.

People were crushing hard on Pinterest as it was the no.1 traffic refers to their blog and it blew away my mind.

I found an article on how one mom went from 0 to 200K pageviews in 3 months using pinterest and was hooked with pinterest.

I quickly got an business account, Verified my website and set up my rich pins.

I started to pin my articles on pinterest but wasn’t gaining any attraction for a week or so and then I decided to research some more.

And Stumbled upon an amazing eBook named Pinteresting Strategies from the same person who went from 0 to 200K pageviews in 3 months and bought it immediately.

It is jampacked with info on how pinterest works and an Amazing manual Pinning Strategy which I really loved. The book is very simple and easy to understand with at an unbelievable price. (It should cost much more)

I started to use the strategies from the book and within 2 days I was at 257 pageviews and bumped up to 456 the next day.

It was so hard to believe that my pageviews are growing so rapidly the next few days I wasn’t pinning because of some issues but still managed to get 100s of pageviews without actively promoting.

Group Boards

Group boards are like the treasure of pinterest it is so hard to find a good one and get in one.

I managed to get in several group boards (After sending 100s of emails) and started to pin manually there which resulted is constantly growing my traffic and also Pinterest Views & Followers.

You can use pingroupie to find group boards related to your niche and request them to add you in or look into other bloggers account who is in your niche and try in the same group boards they are in.

If you are a beginner with less than 100 followers I would suggest you to not try for the huge group boards with few peoples on it. It would be just a waste of time for you.

If you want to be successful on pinterest you have to get into as many group boards as possible.

There is a very clever way mentioned in Pinteresting strategies to join group boards which I would highly recommend you use it.

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After a lot of manual pinning I thought of experimenting with schedulers as so many people were suggesting using one.

So I signed up with tailwind’s free trial which allows you to publish only 100 pins and without wasting any time I started scheduling my pins.

But with a strategy, I was scheduling the pins by mixing the suggestions from Pinteresting Strategies to maximize my reach on pinterest and it really helped me a lot.

As you can see in the chart for a few days my traffic was off because I was just blindly scheduling pins, I was getting somewhere between 200-300 pageviews/day using just tailwind.

So I decided to take a clever approach to my scheduling strategy and started to apply the strategies from the book into my scheduler.

It resulted in giving me 603 pageviews and after that it was between 500-600 pageviews/day.

It’s so easy to pins 100s of pins at once and forget about it for weeks, it allows you to focus on things that you should be doing like Creating More Quality Content.

After my free trial with tailwind was finished I decided to also try another scheduler named Viraltag. It is more expensive that tailwind (Double the price) but it allows you to promote your content to various social medias like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumbler & Linkedin.

And it has given me same results as tailwind so the choice is upto you.

Tailwind Will give you 15$ credit for your First Month FREE if you CLICK HERE for a Limited Time.

Pinterest SEO

Pinterest SEO plays a very big role in getting targeted traffic from pinterest.

More than anything pinterest is search engine. People come here to search thing not to see what their friends are doing.

So it is very curtail for you to be seen in the top when people search something related to your topic.

Following the strategies from the book I have managed to get 4 of my pins in the top for 2 high volume keywords and have got 1000s of repins on them.

The first keyword is passive income ideas and the second one is Best Blog niches.

The one in the middle and another just below that Both are my pins and have managed to get 1000s of repins.

As you can see for the keyword best blog niches another 2 of pins are making to top 1 being in the middle and the next one in at the corner and both of them are getting 1000s of repins.

All this in just one month because of Carlies amazing Book Pinteresting Strategies, I just can’t thank her enough for sharing her amazing knowledge with us.

If you want to have a look at the book click below

P.S Carly often puts out Discount on this eBook for a Limited Amount of Time So Check if you are lucky

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