11 Companies Paying Serious Cash To Teach English Online

English is one of the most spoken languages all over the world and the numbers are growing really fast. 

This makes it mandatory for people to learn English as most of their corporate conversations are in English therefore many are looking to learn English but don’t have the time to go to coaching classes.

Due to this a lot of companies have started teaching English or any other language through the internet which makes it easier for both the student and the teacher as they don’t have to leave their house.

So if you are a native English speaker or a fluent English speaker whose English is not the first language can start teaching English to people and make money online.

Here are 11 most renowned companies paying teachers to teach English online.


VIPKID was founded back in 2013 and has won numerous awards since then.

They have one of the toughest interviews if compared with other teaching companies and getting a job is really tough. To apply for a job you will need to upload your degree certificate in their application form.

Once you got selected you will be mostly Teaching Chinese kids from ages 4 to 12.

Their pay ranges from 15$ to 20$ per hour. Some teachers even claim to make over a 100$ a day.

2. Education First

EF or education first is one of the oldest companies in teaching English and it not just limited to Asia but it also covers a lot of other countries where English is a second language.

It was founded in 1985 and has gained a lot of reputation since then and they are also termed the best.

With EF you are not just limited to small age group. EF also allows you to teach the older audience and you can even do a group session which is rare in other companies.

You can accept to get paid 15$ to 25$ per hour With EF 

3. Cambly

Cambly is not your regular English teaching company.

With cambly, you’ll be paid to make video calls with students and have a conversation with them in fluent English.

To work with them you will need to pass a simple test and also have a degree and you should be a native English Speaker.

You are also expected to have a computer with a webcam and a mic to have conversations with students.

Cambly had a unique way of paying, when you are attending a student they will record the amount of time you spend with the student talking and will pay you accordingly.

Their pay starts from 0.17$ per minute which converts to about 10$ per hour given that you are attending students without leaving a second.

4. QKids

Qkids was founded back in 2015 and has been really profitable since then.

They have a good and positive reputation and kids and teachers love it.

One of the main reasons for this is because they have a pre-made curriculum and you only need to follow that.

This makes the job of teachers much easier as they don’t have to do all the work.

To apply you will need to apply the simple application form and with for them to check it out.

To get in you should have a Degree and must be a native English speaker and the US or Canada residents.

You will need to perform some demo classes before teaching actual kids.

If you pass you will be making between 15$ to 20$ per hour.

5. Say ABC

To work with sayABC you need to have a bachelor’s degree and if you are still studying then you can start working after you have completed their demo test.

SayABC randomly chooses teachers without giving any option for people to choose from so that every teacher gets to work.

You can expect to make up to 20$ per 40 min session which is a really great amount.

After every 3 months, you are again interviewed and might increase your pay if your records are good enough.

6. English Hunt

It was founded back in 2000 and has come a long way since then and have become the biggest English lessons provider in South Korea.

Only US people are allowed to work with them and you don’t even need any type of degree to get in.

Most of your students will be from Korea since it is huge in Korea but you might find people from all over the world.

To get started you will need to fill a simple form and you should be over 18 years to work with them.

Their pay is not given but after reading some reviews the average pay is about 15$ to 20$ per one-hour session.

Once you have started to make money you will be able to withdraw it through PayPal after you accumulate a minimum of 20$.

7. GO FLuent

Go Fluent has over 2 Million learners actively learning Languages through their tutors which is a great achievement considering they started out in 2010.

To work with them you’ll need to have some experience of teaching either in Corporate or Business field and a degree is preferred.

You also need to have excellent English Communication skills like grammar and punctuation and you need to be a native English speaker.

The only drawback is that they only work with people who have American, Canadian and British Citizenship so if you are not from these countries then you can’t work with them.

8. Magic Ears

With Magic Ears, you can make 22$ per hour which is really great and very few companies offers such pay rates.

Their application process is very simple, Submit your application and be ready to do a demo if you are selected you’ll then need to complete a short 30 min training once that’s done you will be able to start teaching within 3-5 day.

The best part is that they provide you with all the study curriculum and each session is just 25 mins long and you’ll be teaching 4 kids per session.

When you are online you’ll get jobs automatically as their algorithm automatically connects teachers and students.

There are no threshold on withdrawing your payments and you can withdraw through Bank Transfer or PayPal.

9. Go Go Kid

Go Go Kid is a Chinese company but accepts teachers from all over the world. As it is a Chinese company, you’ll be mostly teaching Chinese kids.

They have their own curriculum setup so you don’t need to worry about creating your own study material.

As a teacher, you’ll be doing a one on one sessions with students which means you’ll be teaching one student at a time so you can completely focus on one person.

They pay around 14$ to 25$ per hour depending on your credit score.

10. Italki

Italki is a really huge company which was established in 2007 and has over 5 Million students who are learning different languages.

With italki, you can set your own pay rates and set your own timings. All your teaching sessions will be done through video calls like Skype, Hangouts, etc so make sure you have a good quality Webcam.

To start Teaching you should be a native English speaker and should be over 18 Years Old.

11. Verbal Planet

With verbal planet, you can apply from anywhere in the world as they have no restrictions.

You will need to create your own profile and set your own rates and timings. An average session with the verbal planet is 45 min long so you’ll need to consider that while setting your rates.

I have seen people charging up to 45$ per sessions with 5-star ratings and 1000s of completed sessions.

If you think you have the experience and are really good at it then you can make a lot of money with the verbal planet.  

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