10 Things To Do Before and After Starting Your Blog

Starting and maintaining a blog is never easy and if you are willing to start a blog then you should keep these thing in mind.

These things will ensure your blogs success and make your blog profitable.


Keep On Learning

When you are starting a new blog you need to keep this in mind that even if you are making 1000s of Dollars with it there is always something to learn to make it better.

Before starting I would highly recommend you to keep on reading blog posts after blog post about how to grow your blog and your income or maybe invest in an awesome course to get in depth knowledge in less time.

There are a lot of crapy bloggers out there who pretend to be “Online Money Making Guru” but chances of them being one is just 1% because there are over 173M blogs and not everyone is making money.

So if you decide to invest in any course make sure you read it’s review (if there is any).


It is very important to set your Goals for your blog before you start it.

You should determine how much time will I be spending on growing my blog per day or week, whether I’ll do it full time or Part time, How many pageviews should I be getting per month and etc.

Setting up goals will highly help you to beat them and grow your blog and your income both.

I would recommend you to maintain a spreadsheet where you will document your goals for the month and what you are planning to do inorder to fulfill them and Tick them if you crush your goals.

I Personally Maintain a spreadsheet where I do the same and if something didn’t work out I would also mention it there so that I would not repeat it.

Choose a Niche

Since we are building a profitable blog it is necessary for you to stick to a niche that you like and is also profitable.

I have already listed 7 most profitable blog niches which could make you millions, you can go ahead and check them out if your interest falls in any of them.

If it does Great if not you might have a hard time getting visitors on your website. If your sole purpose of blogging is to monetize it and make money with it then I would suggest you to pick a profitable niche.

Because if your niche isn’t profitable there will be very less people coming to your blog and you might start to lose interest and end up quitting.

There is a tool provided by Google which will help you to check whether your niche is profitable or not.

It’s called Keyword planner. Keyword planner is simply a tool which tells you how many people search the keyword you have entered per month on google.

There are a lot of tutorial on how to use it.

When you get there you first have to enter the keyword of your niche and see if the search volume is over 100K or not, if it is you are good to go.

Observe Big Players Thoroughly

There are always people who have hustled their way to the top and are now making money a ton of money.

They have already tried and failed on several things while they were building their blog and chances are they might have mentioned it somewhere. It might not be on their own blog but may be on someone else’s blog or podcast.

Look what how they use affiliate links, bring traffic to their blog, what they send to their email list and stuff like that.

Or the best way is to look if they are offering any course where they are teaching their exact process how they did it.

They have already done years the crash test on themselves and found out what works and what doesn’t you can also do it yourselves but it would take you a lot of time to figure out things or just buy their course and figure it out in a day or so.

Write At least 15-20 Quality content Beforehand

Before starting your blog you have to write at least 15-20 if not more good quality content which should be monetizable.

And before writing I would highly recommend you to do your research and see what type of articles in your niche get the most attraction and write about that.

You could simply use Google keyword planner and see what is the hot topic that people are searching on google or you could use tools like buzzsumo to thoroughly analyze your market.

Buzzsumo is a content researching tool which helps you in finding out the most shared article on social media for your niche.

You could either use the similar content which has got the most shares or use the skyscraper technique (By Brian Dean) which requires you to boost the post up a little bit by writing about the similar content.

For Ex. If someone is writing “20 tips to lose weight” using skyscraper technique you will write “35 tips to lose weight quickly”.

Think of a Name and Logo

Ofcourse you need a name but also a Logo. When you are brainstorming about the Names you could possibly use for your blog you will need to check them if they are available or not.

Many of the names you think could already be bought by someone so you need to think something out of the box.

To check whether your name is available or not you could go to any Domain provider Ex GoDaddy and type your domain name for example incomesprout.co (It’s me).

If your current extension isn’t available they will offer you a bunch of other extensions like .co, .us, .online, .life, .store and many more if .com isn’t available.

If you want the specific .com domain name you might have to pay a lot more money to whoever has the domain. It could be in 100s of dollars. My own domain but n .com was bought by someone and the offer he told me just blew away my mind so I ended up saying no.

It doesn’t matter what extension you use but what matters the most is what value you add to other people’s life with your content.

The Logo of your website is also as important as the content you put up because people will recognize your brand more on your logo than your name itself.

Think of it like your blog is a car and the logo is its identity. People recognize the cars more on logo than its name which is written behind.

Choose a Color Theme

A perfect color theme will make your blog look and feel beautiful. Nowadays people can’t stand a old or a ugly looking blog, as soon as they click on one they will just leave in a few moments.

To make you blog profitable you need people staying on your site and read what it is you are offering. And inorder to make them stay for long you need to make your blog look beautiful.

You could choose any color scheme you want. Color scheme is made of 3 or more colors which fits together very well.

Here is an article by Neil Patel which covers this topic in depth.

Create an Email List

I just can’t stop stressing on how important is an email list to any blog or business.

I have already 5 benefits of email list you may check out here.

But just an overview it helps to build your brand, Sends recurring traffic to your blog, has the highest ROI and very easy to create.

I would highly recommend you to use Convertkit as your email marketing service provider because of 2 reasons. No.1 its awesome and very beginner friendly and no.2 the founder of convertkit was initially a blogger so he knows what bloggers needs are and Convertkit is built by keeping especially bloggers in mind.

Create an Opt-in Incentive

Also Known as Lead Magnets, Opt-in incentives are like a free gift that you offer to your blog visitors in exchange of their name and email.

These days people hardly give their personal info to others so whatever you are offering it should be intimidating for the visitors.

I have created a list of 10 best opt-in incentives that has a high conversion which you can check out.

Write an Email Sequence Beforehand

One of the reasons I recommend Email marketing so much is because its automated.

Once your initial setup is done every new subscriber you get will receive a series of email created by you automatically in an interval of time without you manually sending each and every email.

Convertkit also has something is called as Tags and its amazing, It allows you to automate your list according to their behavior like if they clicked a link or they didn’t purchased the product, they will get another personalized email from you.

This helps is converting more people from your list which makes more revenue.

Network With Other Bloggers

The best way to grow you blog quickly is to network with other bloggers in your niche.

This will not only help your blog to grow but help you learn new things from the other bloggers.

You could start by starting an dialogue with them in their comment section and then taking it forward to their emails.

If you do it right you might get a mentor and may be a chance to guest post (I’ll explain it later) on their blog which will help get your blog a lot more exposure.


These were the 10 things which i think that every blogger should do before starting a blog.

Sure these were just before you start your blog but there is far more than just this which you need to do after starting your blog to ensure your blogs prosperity.

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  1. Great share. Writing few high-quality articles beforehand is a great advice and I think everyone should do it. It’ll help you focus on other parts like promotion and social media setup.

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